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Van Helsing, Will and Honey finally caught up with Frankensitne's monster back at the castle.

"Any luck finding Valencia?" Van Helsing asked as soon as he saw his friend.

"I'm sorry but I can not find her. But I did find something else." The monster said, "Come with me and I will show you."

"All right. Will, you and honey go look for Val. When we are done, we will find you and continue along with you."

"Got it." Will siad as he followed Van helsign's order and the couple began to search for Val.

"What did you find?" Van Helsing asked as he and the monster, stealthly walked down the hall.

"I found the key."

"The Key? Is it a woman like the vampire said?" Van Helsing asked.

"See for your self, Van Helsing." The monster said as he pointed to a window into a room.

Van Helsing looked and saw the same little monsters that had been working with dracula working around a table, which held a woman on it. Well pieces of women anyway. They were working on sowing the female monster together.

"They are doing the work of your father." Van helsign said

"No." The monster said, "My father meant no harm in creating me. These creatures, this daughter of Dracula, means all the harm in the world, Van Helsing. No, this is not the work of my father. Not at all."

"So Mayra believes the key is with in a woman." Van helsing siad, "We have to find Val and get her out of here."

"What is wrong Van Helsing? Suddenly you seem more worried than before."

"Your right. I am."


"I'm not sure yet. Just a feeling."

"You know Valencia," Mayra said as she picked up some tools that were on a near by table and set them back down again, "I did have a purpose for you but I believe that purpose has changed."

"How so?" Carl asked hoping to find out something that he could use to get them out of there.

"Carl," Val said with a hint of anger in her voice.


"shut up."

"sorry." Carl replied as he lowered his head a second and then as Mayra began to talk once more, he lifted his head and watched her every move.

"Well," Mayra said snapping her fingers and Tomas came in with a book, handed it to her and then left, "I was going to use you to bring my monster to life so I could bring my children to life and reack havoc on the world but I've changed my mind."

Mayra grabbed Valencia's chains, forcing her to stand to her feet and said, "I'm going to use you to resercet my father."

"What exactly does that mean?" Carl asked before Valencia could. He thought he had an idea but he hoped that he was wrong, "How exactly are you going to bring him back? He doesn't have a body to go back to."

"That's where you are wrong, dear Carl." Mayra said setting her eyes upon Valencia and smiling her evil smile as she ran a hand through Val's hair as Val's eyes grew wide for she knew what Mayra had in mind for her.

"Why me? Why not Carl?"

"Valencia!" Carl yelled. He knew that she was scared and trying to analyze things to find a way out of this mess but Carl didn't want to be used to bring Dracula back to life but he wouldn't wish that upon Valencia either.

"Sorry Carl," Valencia said, "Pardon me if I do not want to be host to the worst vampire ever."

"And you think I do?" Carl asked but he all ready knew the answer and so he closed his eyes and thought to him self, Come on Van Helsing. You have to save us before its too late.

"Well the good fryer is, well, not suited for such an honor as being the host to the devil's messenger. You on the other hand Valencia, you are perfect. You are the daughter of my enemy, whom I am wanting to make sure he suffers and what better way to make him suffer than to be fored to see his ow daughter committing the acts of the devil himself.:

At the sound of those words, Valencia's heart sank as she filled with fear. She knew what Mayra wanted to do to her and just the thought of such an act was nearly unbearable for Val and so she God would protect her and that her father would soon arrive.

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