Chapter One

A dark whisper went threw the ally. A scream was heard, then cut short, death lingered in the air. A wizard was walking by and heard the scream. He pulled out his wand and went in. A very noble wizard he was. Most would just walk by now days. But this wizard was none other then Albus Dumbledore. He walked into the dark ally, it was past midnight. The ally was filled with rubbish and junk. He cast Lumos and the ally lit up with light. Then a hiss was heard. In the back of the ally was a boy about the age of sixteen by the looks of it. He stood over a body of a woman, on her neck was two holes. Dumbledore knew at once his boy was a vampire. He quickly cast Locomotor Mortis on the boy, a spell he had learned while wandering the halls. The boy immediately fell to the ground, his legs bound by the curse. He let out a hiss of annoyance, and looked at Dumbledore. The Vampires eyes widened and tried to fight off the curse. Dumbledore walked up to him and took a good look at this vampire. He seemed different then others. He hunted alone. Most vampires now days hunted in groups, for the fear of getting caught by wizards. Albus then noticed the strange mark on the boys arm. He knew at once this boy didnt belong out here. He needed to get him to a safe place immediately. With that thought he Apparated him self and the boy to Hogwarts, School of witchcraft and wizdary.

'Where the hell am I?' that was my first thought when I woke. I remembered that I had been hunting in some baron part of the city, catching something to eat and then nothing. All that was left in my brain was a flash of light. Some curse or something. I opened my eyes. And then closed them, it was too bright. I had been sleeping for too long. I then noticed the heartbeat of something. It was close.
The voice was not mad or scared. It was calm. How odd. Most would run before me. I tried to move. My limbs felt of lead. I also felt something tied around my hands.
'Great. Whoever this person is, he's going to get a beating when I get free.'
The person spoke again.
"I know who you are child, but don't be afraid. I'll untie you now. Do not attack anyone"
There were more then one person there? I heard him get up and felt the bounds loosening. After they were off, he walked away again. I heard a clicking and the room I was in became suddenly darker. I opened my eyes and in front of me stood a old man. I sat up from where I was and looked around. There was no one but the old man and me. The room was more of an office. There was a desk and all that junk you would have in one. Even the funny pictures of other old people. I looked back at the man. Long beard, glasses, stout nose... oh shit, this old man was none other then Albus Dumbledore! The most strongest wizard besides Voldey.

'This cannot be good! He's going to kill me'

"I am aware of your position and situation." I looked at him, my eyes widened.

"What do you know about me." I growled out.

"Well for one, you're the son of the Vampire King."
I looked away. It was true my bastared of a father was the one and only Vampire King. I hated him. Making me do all kinds of useless things. Trying to get me married off and away. I'll show him, I told him when I left. Ever since Ive been on the run from fellow vampires and the wizarding comminute. The wizards wanted to use me against my father. Just because we kill humans doesn't mean we don't care for kin.

"So are you going to turn me in to your fellow wizards? I'm sure they'll throw a party for me." I hissed at him. He just stood there like I hadn't said a thing.

'What is with this guy.'

He walked to the desk in the middle of the room, pulling out some kind of parchment from it. He walked back over and handed it to me.

"What's this?" I snapped and took the paper. On it was the symbol of Hogwarts. I remembered it from when father tried to get me to go to that school when I was younger. It was a boarding magic school so I would be far away from him. I read it,

You are hear by accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy.

I stopped reading.
"So, what of it? Why would I need this?" I looked up back at Dumbledore.
"If you attended this school you wouldn't need to worry about you fathers minions. You would be safe in the school walls"
I thought for a second. If I did go to this school I wouldn't have to worry about father! He wouldn't be able to get to me. Neither would his little followers.

"But wouldnt you have to feed me? Also I don't think most of the students parents would appreciate their children being around a Vampire."

"That you wont have to worry about"

"But still I'm to smart to be going to school. Do you have any idea how old I really am"

My eyebrow raised, this man was making a good point, for me. But what on earth would he need me around for?

"I know what your age is, and for your grade level you wont really be going to classes"

"What do you mean?"

"Its quite simple really..."

Classes had finally ended and everyone was going to the Great Hall for dinner. I walked side by side with Hermione and Ron. As we walked into the hall things went as it always did. Dinner showed up and everyone ate. But when everyone was done the headmaster spoke.

"Students, before you all leave I would like to introduce a new teacher." He looked at the side door, all eyes went there and saw what no one would believe. A boy no older then a fifth year stood proudly. His hair pitch black, his eyes black as night as well. He wore the robes of a teacher too. He walked over to Dumbledore, talking out a black wand.

He must favor black.

As he was walking he flicked it and a chair appeared out of no where. It was one of the chairs the other teachers were sitting on. The students started whispering to each other. He sat in the chair he had made and scanned the room. I watched as he looked at the other students, then his eyes stopped on me. Our eyes locked, for a second I felt as if the energy left me. But then he looked away on towards the Slytherin table. I saw as his eyes landed on another. I looked and found his eyes were locked with Draco's. The Slytherin looked annoyed. The new teacher then stood and walked over too Dumbledore. Standing next to him and talking into his ear. The headmaster then stood and addressed the students again.

"Students this new teacher also is only be going to teach two students. The two will stay with him in a privet chamber in the school. Do not be fooled by his looks. He is much older then you think."

Dumbledore took a glance at the teacher and continued.

"He will teach the two all they need to know to pass Hogwarts. Also one service will be needed from the two students... You see, this teacher is a vampire."

The students suddenly started talking to each other, taking in the information they had just heard. Ron told the others around him.

"I'd like to see the faces of the two who gets picked."

He and the others laughed. Hermione glared at him.

"Ron! What are you thinking? Its dangerous to have a Vampire at school! For one I don't even know what the Headmaster is thinking."

He ignored them looking back at the new teacher. He thought.

'He never gave a name'

When he looked at him the teachers eyes turned to him. His eyes looking closely were those of a wolf. He sat watching the new teacher. He saw his gaze go down to his own neck.

Harry flinched. Could the vampire be thinking of feeding off of him?

Harry looked back at the headmaster as he rose to speak, after the students had calmed down.

"As you all know, Vampires drink the blood of humans. So the two students will provide him with his life source. And at the same time, the students will also be getting something in return. Since he has traveled the world, he has many knowledge of things you would never even heard of. He will be teaching the two students many things. Including Defense Against the Dark Arts."

The students looked at him with wide eyes.

"Do not be surprised since he is a Dark creature him self, he knows how to defend against him self, and his brethrenl"
He paused for a moment. He gave the new teacher a look. The vampire stood from where he had sat. Looking over the student with one last glance, he spoke. His voice was clear and smooth.

"I am known as Kurokiba. But please referee to me as Professor Kiba. My name, in the Japanese language means BlackFang. So I'd rather be called just Fang."

Harry being raised in a non-magical home, had known what it meant from the classes his adopted family made him take.

"And I will also be the one who picks the two lucky students."

He smiled showing his fangs. Dumbledore stood and dismissed the students.

'That black haired boy was very cute.' I thought. I was sitting in my new room. It was dark. Not much was really there. I could just put everything where I wanted it. I was daydreaming on my bed.

'So that was blond. He had a really aggressive look to him. Must be a pure blood I wonder how he tastes...'

While I was daydreaming I ended up on my back looking at my ceiling. When a knock came, and Dumbledore walked into my room.

He and only some of the teachers were able to come in contact with me still yet. I guess Dumbledore was still worried I was going to attack someone. He sat at one of the tables that were in the room.

I looked at him still flat on my back, waiting for him to say something.

"You gave a wonderful speech" He told me.

"Thanks" I looked back up again.

"Did you choose your students yet"

"Yea, I did"

"Do you want me to tell the students"

"I'll do it myself"

"You will have to tell me which ones"

"I know"

"Are you going to tell me? I know you already know their names"

"Yea. Its Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy."