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'Damn, my head is killing me.' I had just woken up. The room was dark. I guess the lord remembered to kill the lights before he slept. I sat up rubbing my head. Looking to the side I saw the Lord curled up on his side. Our clothes were flung all across the room in different directions. My long hair was messy. I felt, and was sticky.

'I need a bath.' I got up making sure not to disturb the Lord. Making my way to the bathroom I thought.

'Too bad he'll only let me call him Lord.' If I was a different vampire I would have too call him Master or Sire. The Lord would only let me call him Lord because, well I guess I am his favorite vampire. Ever since I was younger the Lord was most of the time by my side when he could be. My father always told him I wasn't worth his time. Being a half breed and all. He was the kindest person in my life then. All the other vampires ignored me even hated me. The only real reason I wasn't already dead was because of him. I don't even know the reason why he took a liking to me till I was around thirty eight. But that was a different story for different time.

I took a quick shower washing the doziness off my body. Quickly wrapping a towel around my body I went to clothe myself. I walked out of the closet wearing a skin tight midnight blue shirt, loose board shorts the Locomotion brand(if you want to know what this is message me. I'm not sure if they have a worldwide company), and my usual slippers. Looking back at the bed I saw the Lord was still sleeping. Smiling softly I walked up to the bed taking in the sight before me.

He really was an angel, decedents of god. Well, I don't even believe in god. But who else is there to relate him to. His dark hair fell around his head in dark puddles of black. His small frame was sadly covered in small scares in some places. He refused to tell me where he had gotten them from. I brushed a stray strand from his face. He was still in a deep sleep. A good two hours left.

I walked out from my room after making sure he would be comfortable when he woke. Everyone was still asleep. I went to check on my two students. Opening the door quietly I poked my head in. What I saw was something I could use to torture them for years to come. They were both still sleeping but Harry was curled in a ball with his body pressed against Draco. Who in turn was holding him around his waist, his head was buried deep in Harry's hair. Thank god I kept a camera in my side bag. It was in the living room. I rushed making sure not to make a sound to wake the two angels. Grabbing my mini camera I rushed back. As I crept up I saw that my small noise had made Draco tighten his hold on Harry.

'Their never going to live this down.' I snapped almost eighty pictures before thinking that it was enough. Thankfully I finished right on time. For they woke just as I left the room…

"WHAT THE HELL POTTER?!" Well that's what I think I heard. The shouting from their room woke Okuri and Kozure. Kozure showed up at his door with nothing but an over sized white button up shirt with long sleeves. Okuri came and leaned on his back wearing long black silk pj pants and no shirt.

"What's going on Koi?" Okuri was asking Kozure while look at the boys door. I was sitting at the kitchen counter sipping what I think was water. They both looked half asleep, they must have had a long night also.

"Okuri come look at this." I was looking over my pictures. I had just realized that Draco had his hand under Harry's shirt. He came over, well drifted over. As soon as he saw the picture he went from sleepy to crazy. He started cracking up so bad his face was turning a bit red. I hid the camera as Kozure came over. He was a saint most of the time. I have no doubt that he would take my precious pictures away to save the boys from humility. I handed Kozure a cup of black coffee. Hoping Okuri could get over his laughter to eat with the others. I got up and went back to my Lord. I had to make sure that he had something to wear when he woke. I could hear angry suppressed shouts as I passed Potter's room.

'The Lord should still be sleeping. I wonder if he's fed recently?' I thought as I went though the many ceremonial gowns I had. The Lord usually wore only those types of clothes around others. Only because he was the Lord. I would have to if my father cared more about how I showed myself around others. The Lord just grew used to wearing those long robes though the years.

If the Lord hasn't fed I'll have to feed him. Its been long since I've had the fangs of another vampire on my neck. I just hope the Lord wont see the scars. I think their still fading away. I'll need to check.

"Kuro. You there?" The Lord was up. I pulled out a long sleeved robe and headed to the bed.

"I'm here. Fully awake?" I helped him sit up.

"A little." He rubbed his head. I passed him the robes. He held them and stood slowly. I addressed him as he was dressing.

"My Lord, just so you know. I've taken on two students, who in turn are my claimed. I've also made a deal with Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts. I'm to teach these two students in exchange for protection from the clan and the Ministry of Magic." He was fully dressed by the time I finished speaking.

"Tell me, who are these two boys. From the glance I got at them last night, they seem to both be beautiful boys." The Lord asked me, a beautiful smile graced his lips. He went over and sat on a couch that was in front of the fire.

"They are Draco Malfoy, and the famous Harry Potter. The Malfoy is the only heir to his family. Who are wealthy, their also a pureblood family. Considered almost Royalty in the Wizdering world. I'm not sure if you heard. But Harry Potter is the only living human to live through Killing Curse. I've also heard about his family. The males are able to bear children. Interesting isn't it?" The Lord chuckled.

"You sure have a taste for rare things little one." I walked over to sit on the arm chair across from him.

"Before I forget. Lord did you feed recently?" The Lord shook his head.

"You know I can't take from you Kuro." I nodded.

"But still. If you haven't fed, I'll be happy to volunteer." He nodded.

"Fine. I'll take from you. But after this, I'm not taking for another ten years you hear me?" I nodded happily. If he fed from me it made us both happy. See, wolf demon blood is delicious and hard to come across. Also since I am part vampire it also gives my blood a different exotic taste. The Lord likes it though. Others think its disgusting, but if someone drank it to often then they could become an addict. For me, it gave me pleasure when he drank from me.

I went over and sat next to him. Tilting my head carefully he slowly sank his fangs into my neck. As soon as he pecked the vein I felt waves of pure pleasure take over. My body trembled. Just as soon as it began it was gone. Leaving me a bit breathless. I saw the Lord lean back licking his lips.

"Delicious as always." He gave me a peck on the lips before standing up. I gave myself a mental slap to wake up from the waves I was ridding.

"Thank you My Lord." He hit me softly over the head.

"I've told you a million times not to call me that!" He said faking mock anger. He started walking towards the door. I stood up to follow.

"I'm sorry, Chihaya. But like I say, old habits die hard." He chuckled lightly at me as he strode out the door gracefully. I followed him out. When we reached the kitchen it was pretty calm. Harry was sitting on one side of the counter while Draco sat on the other trying to be as far away from each other as possible. Okuri was chuckling to himself while taking glances back between the two. Kozure, I could tell, was about fives seconds from killing his mate if he didn't tell him what was going on. All three had nothing but drinks in their hands. Guess it was time to start cracking, as they say.

I rolled the sleeves of my shirt up and walked to the kitchen. Turning my head to them as I spoke while at the same time searching for a pan.

"What do you guys want for breakfast?" Okuri opened his mouth.

"I wont make anything fancy so you know." I glared at Okuri, he quickly closed it. Chihaya(as he told me to call him) laughed at us.

"Anything is fine for me." He said sitting next to Draco. The younger boy stiffened for a second, but Chihaya's calming aura made him relax. Kozure elbowed Okuri since he knew that he was going to say something stupid.

"Same goes for us." Harry raised his head from where he had tried to fall asleep.

"Can you make an omelet? They never have them at the feasts. I've never had one before." The others looked at him, as he said the last part quite softly.

"Really now? Then we'll just have to give you the first taste. I'll make it extra flavorful since I am a good cook anyways." I said smirking at them, Harry ducked and put his head back down, a blush creeping up to his face. Okuri stuck his tongue at me.

"Really now Okuri, is that anyway to behave towards the maker of your food?" I raised an eyebrow at him. Kozure saw and whacked his head. The Lo- Chihaya, giggled at us. I pulled out a pan and the food. Watching the others out of the corner of my eye. They got along well. As long as the Lor-, Chihaya, stayed safe, everything would be ok.

"Harry, Draco? Can you find the plates and forks?" Harry got up immediately, but Draco lagged behind. Guess it goes with being a rich boy. Harry found the plates and passed them out, on the other hand Draco was having trouble finding the forks. I think it was because he was looking where the pots were. He really had no idea where anything was located in a kitchen.

I flipped one omelet over and went to the next. I had three different pans going. I used my enhanced abilities to do it all. Being a vampire has its ups and downs. When there was six ready I brought them over and placed each one on their plates. Each omelet had pieces of meat, green onions, and lots of cheese.

"Dig in guys!" I told them and started eating myself. I looked at Harry from the corner of my eye. He was eating with a smiled plastered on his face. Such a cutie. Oh, and just because I'm a vampire doesn't mean I wont need food. Remember? Half wolf demon. Chihaya needs food, well, because he likes it. He told me that a long time ago, he had a friend that would cook all kinds of foods for him. That the person was the most wonderful cook he'd ever knew. That eating now kept him happy and kept that person in his heart.

"Professor?" Harry was looking at me timidly. His hair was still a bit messy from sleep. His glasses were barely hanging from his nose. Adorable.

"Yes?" He fidgeted a bit.

"About the lesson-" I interrupted him.

"Oh, yes. Sorry about that. We'll continue after you two wash up." I turned to face Chihaya.

"That is, if you don't mind? I was going to teach them about dragons yesterday. Till Okuri here managed to butt in." I heard an "Oi", but ignored it. Chihaya smiled.

"No, not at all. It'll be wonderful too see you pass your knowledge on to others." I'm sure my cheeks turned a bit pink right then. I then turned to Okuri and his mate.

"You two don't mind right? I kinda have to teach them. Its in the contract." Kozure smiled like Chihaya and covered Okuri's mouth before two words could be spoken.

"No, we don't mind. I'm sure me and Okuri can wait til- Okuri!!" Kozure pulled his hand back from his mouth, cradling it in his lap as his face turned red. Okuri was smirking mercilessly at him while licking his lips.

"Mmm, wolfy." I saw Draco turn his head down and Harry started leaving his seat.

"I-I'm going to get ready." Draco stood too, both going towards the rooms in a fast pace.

"Me too!" Okuri smirked again.

"Don't play for too long you two!" He shouted after him. I saw their ears turn red as the dashed around the corner. I sent a glare his way.

"Okuri. Leave my students alone." I said firmly leaving no room for augments. Instead he just smirked even more.

"Oh, taking a liking Kiba?" I felt my cheeks heat up again. I tried glaring knowing I wasn't making a dent.

"Stay out of it Okuri." He just laughed and pulled his mate up with him.

"Lets go find the dragons again. I want to see how their faring." He rushed of before I could snap at him again, Kozure still trying to fight down his blush. Chihaya was giggling lightly.

"You two act just like brothers. Its nice to see you have someone close." I smiled sheepishly.

"Yea, the whole pack accepts me though. Even if I do have vampire blood. Mother made sure that anyone who didn't accept me could challenge me and see that I'm worthy of being the Chief's son." Chihaya's face was bright when he looked back up.

"As long as someone accepts you. I'll be happy." He smiled again letting his eyes close in happiness. I blushed brightly and bowed my head.

"Thank you." He stood and gathered the plates.

"We might as well clean up. They don't seem like they'll be coming back anytime soon." I rushed over and helped.

"You shouldn't. I can take care of it Lor-Chihaya." He shook his head and went about picking up everyone's empty plates.

"No, I'm used to helping. You can't make me not." He said firmly. Not going to argue with the Lord. So I started helping and washed the plates.

"Kiba!!!" Okuri's worried voice came from down the hall. I quickly dropped what I was doing quickly glancing at Chihaya only to see him by my side already. We ran to where the voice was coming from. Harry's room. As we walked in I noticed at once that there was a cold breeze from the window. What I saw was most amusing. Kuro stood over Harry's limp form. I knew he was alive since I could still hear his speedy heartbeat. Kuro was just sniffing him. But the look on Harry's face was hilarious, well for me. I took my camera out again. Snapping a quick picture of his face close up, before quickly hiding the little muggle device.

My dragons had managed to all fit in the room. Tsuyoi stood next to Kuro just looking at Harry with a bored look that said "You're a boring human you know?" Tsuyoi liked it when the pray squirmed and tried to get away. Koi and Shizuka were curled up at the back of the room peering at us. Ochitsuku stood in front of the pair like a guard.

I chuckled at the scene again before walking into the room. I walked over to Kuro and placed a hand on his large crimson shoulder.

"Kuro, Tsuyoi, what on earth are you two doing?" Kuro turned his large head to me letting his dark eyes tell what he wanted to say. Ok, what they said I didn't want to say out loud. Instead I blushed my entire face turning red.

"Uh. Its ok. He's a good human Kuro. He wont hurt me." The dragon stepped back with a sound that sounded suspiciously like a huff. Tsuyoi backed off as well to let his tail curl around Koi and Shizuka. I held out a hand for Harry, which he took while still looking warily at the dragons in the corner.

"What just happened?" He asked shakily. I spared a glance at the dragons.

"Lets just say they were assessing you." I heard Okuri break out in laughter. I quickly took off my slipper and threw it straight at his head.

Smack! Bulls eye! I heard him curse.

"That's what you get." I said a temper mark was burning red on my head(rhymes…). I turned to my dragons and wondered how they even got into the room. Sighing I directed the dragons into a different room.

"We'll do the lesson in the onsen. It's the biggest room anyway." Once they were all in Kuro curled himself up around Shizuka, who happily returned the gesture by twirling his tail with his brothers. You would think their mates or something. Tsuyoi went over to the water and placed the tip of his tail in before jumping in and getting his brothers all wet. Ochitsuku hissed a bit at him before calmly slipping in himself. Koi followed and went into a corner.

Their all such spoiled dragons.

"Now you five stay here. I'll be back in a second." I noted to myself quickly to make sure to feed soon. I could feel their hunger climbing slowly. Harry came out of his room wearing his school robes, and his hair as usual, his hair was completely messy. I liked it though. Made him look more innocent then he really was. Draco was coming out of his room with his hair dripping a bit and his cheeks a bit pink. Guess he took a shower. A book was tucked under his arm. His usual school robes on. Okuri came out of Harry's room pulling Kozure by the hand after Harry. Chihaya stood at the archway leading to the living room. Just watching with his hands folded neatly in front of him.

I herded them all into the room, except Chihaya who calmly came in behind me. Harry and Draco still looked wary of the five large dragons.

"Don't worry about the dragons. They wont hurt you. I've told you." Okuri ran to Kuro and Shizuka and promptly sat down and started petting Shizuka on the head. Who seemed to like it since a purring/growling sound soon filled the room. Kozure followed his mate at a more moderate pace and proceeded to scold him for running towards a dragon. Why wouldn't he? Dragons react to sudden movements anyways so he had a right to.

I saw Harry glance at Draco and his eyes widened and he ran out of the room. Everyone stared at the door for a bit and he came back within a minute, carrying a book, ink, and a quill. He smiled sheepishly before walked back to Draco's side.

"Ok. First do you know anything about the use of Dragon's blood?" I pulled out my wand from my pocket and flicked it, a long desk and two chairs appeared. I turned again to face the wall opposite of it and flicked my wand again, this time a black chalk board appeared.

"Sit." I told the two who were just staring at the furniture dumbly. They fell into the seats and set up their books and ink.

"So?" Draco looked like he was thinking and then something went off and he answered.

"Dragon's Blood can be used for a lot of things, its most popular use is in potions." I nodded as I saw Harry start writing.

"In what kind of potions?" He thought again tapping the end of his quill on his chin.

'Cute…' I shook my head mentally. No time to think of stuff like that now.

"There's the potion Blenden, which cures blindness. Also I think there's another version of the potion that'll help you learn how to talk to birds." I nodded yet again.

"Good. That's true. What house are you in?" He smirked proudly.

"Slytherin." House of the Snakes, no surprise there.

"Then ten points to Slytherin." I saw him smirk at Harry, who glared back. I already knew what house Harry was in, Dumbdoor was telling me all about how Gryffindor was always the biggest and best house. Tch, liar. But they have little Harry, so they must be good for something.

"But those are only a few things Dragon's blood can be used for. Dragon's blood is a very dangerous blood if coming from a certain dragon. For example." I flicked my wand at the chalk board. Three names popped onto the board.

Chinese Fireball

Antipodean Opaleye

Hungarian Horntail

"Can either of you tell me with dragon has the most poisonous blood?" Draco looked confused but Harry raised his hand slowly, almost unsure.

"Harry, you do know you don't have to raise your hand right?" His cheeks turned a bit pink but still answered nonetheless.

"I think it was the Antipodean Opaleye has the most poisonous blood(I made that up…)." I was quite surprised, not a lot of people knew that. Most believed that it was the Hungarian Horntail because of its fiery attitude.

"That's correct. Can you tell me what potion their blood is most commonly used in?" I saw him scrunch his brow in thought.

"The Scorching potion?" I nodded again and tapped the board with my wand. The potions name popped onto the board along with its ingredients

"I want you two to brew this potion by Friday. I'll get the ingredients by Wednesday so you can get started. You'll find the recipe on page 217 in your potions book." I tapped the board again when I was sure they had copied the information.

"By the way Harry." He looked up from his notes his glasses were hanging dangerously at the bridge of his nose.

"Where did you learn so much on dragons? I'm sure they don't teach about dragons until your seventh year." He smiled sheepishly at me before answering.

"I was in the Triwizard Tournament last year, the first task was to pass a dragon to get a golden egg it was guarding. I had learned about it before hand and looked up as much on dragons I could." I grinned at him, the fact that he had survived was enough for me to believe he was very skilled in the combat area.

"Then ten points to Gryffindor for Harry's excellent knowledge on dragons." I saw him turn and smirk at Draco who glared in return. I turned to the board again clearing it with a stroke of my wand.

"Now. Do you know anything about the uses of Chinese Fireball scales?" Draco answered instantly.

"Their scales are mostly used as armor plates to rebound spells." I smirked at the blond.

"I'm guessing your family has some around the house?" He smirked back and answered.

"Of course, Malfoy's only have the best of everything you know." I waved him off and pulled a small brown bag from my robes. It was tied with a draw string which I pulled and took out a single item. A large blood red shield like scale that was decorated in different marks and designs.

"This is a piece of armor from my family. Passed down from father to first son. Made from the scale of a King Chinese Fireball. Which one of our forefathers had killed and made himself." I pointedly looked at Chihaya who was petting Kuro in the corner paying no attention to what I was saying.

"As you can see, it looks very strong, and your right, it is. Chinese Fireball scales have the ability to rebound spells and are very hard to penetrate. Even as a vampire and wolf demon I cant even dent it. Watch." I placed the shield on the ground below me. The boys both stood from their seats to watch. I raised my fist high into the air and sent magic and demon chakra into it, it even glowed with all the power. The two boys watched as I brought it down hard. The power burst as it touched the plate and sent small waves of pure power though the small room. Clouds of dust flew around the room creating a slight fog. I wiped out my wand and whispered a quick Scourgify. The room cleared and the shield laid upon the ground not even a mark was seen on it. Though a small crater formed under it from the power I had put into the punch.

"Wow." Draco said seeming at lost for words. On the other hand, Harry was just gapping at the size of the hole I made which was about two feet in depth and four feet in circumference. The charms on the shield kept protected most of the floor, or it would have been a lot more bigger. Or at least I think that's what he was looking at. Okuri in the corner was glaring at me, I had a feeling I knew what he was thinking: "Show off…" Chihaya was just smiling at the shield proudly. He made it anyways, so he has a right to be. Kozure was leaning on Okuri who had an arm wrapped around his waist seeming a bit bored since he already knew what I could do.

I picked the shield and held it carefully in my hands. Dusting off ruble and dust from it. Tracing the design of a dragon with my finger.

"As you can see. Its quite indestructible. The person who made it also put a lot of magic into making it. Also, my forefather wasn't a vampire then. He was still full angel, a descendent of the gods. So, he also held powers no other could and he used them in the making of this." Chihaya looked at me questioningly, I smiled back. I didn't plan to tell them that he had created it, just how much I admired it; and him.

"Usually, dragon scales are easier to crack. If I had done that to a regular dragon, it would have probably just slide back a couple feet and a few scales would crack a little. This shield has over six rebounding charms, five shielding charms, two strengthening charms, and a few others I'm still working on. I plan to teach you three of the rebounding spells later. I'm sure you both will find them quite useful in the halls some day." I looked straight at Harry, knowing that he was the "Golden Boy" Savior of the world. He would need them considering the job he might want later. I had read one of his essays from Professor McGonagall. Said he wanted to become an Auror one day. So he was really going to need what I was going to teach him.

"But we'll go over that later. I think I'll stop here for today. Tomorrow we'll go over more on the charms. I'll also teach I think a new spell I picked up while living alone in Japan. I think you'll find it quite useful." With that said I turned to the black board and with a flick of my wand it was gone. The two boys were staring at me with disbelief.

"What?" Draco looked at me and spoke, amazement in his voice.

"That's all for today? We usually get piles more of work." I held my hands up.

"Hey, I'm not the best teacher in the world and I'm pretty lazy when it comes to work. But the things they give you now are mostly useless things. I'm working on things you'll actually need one day. If you really want to get more work I'm sure Professor McGonagall will be happy to assign some other things for you." Draco looked at me in surprise but shook his head.

"NO, no. We can take this." I smirked.

"Good, cuz I wasn't about to go all the way to her office just to get work for you." I walked out of the room after ordering my dragons to stay in there. I saw Chihaya follow me out his clock flowing behind him like a curtain of darkness, a bright smile covered his face. I took the silent order and led us back to my room. Deciding to lock the door not wanting unexpected visitors again. He flowed in taking a seat in front of the fire again. I followed slowly wondering what could have made him this happy.

"That boy. Harry Potter was it not?" I nodded realizing he couldn't see me I spoke.

"Yes, he's according to some records I found on him, a half blood with no relatives besides a couple muggles. Which he currently lives with." The Lord stood a grin firmly placed on his face.

"I'm going to drink from him. There's something I want to confirm." I stared at him with shook. It wasn't every day the Lord Chihaya drank from anyone. Plus he also drank from me earlier. I nodded stupidly going to the door to fetch the boy.

"Bring him too me. I'll be waiting here. Don't tell the others just yet. I want to make sure I'm correct." I bowed on my way out.

"Yes, my Lord." He waved his hand dismissing me. He must really be thinking since he usually orders me to call him "Chihaya" if I called him that. I drifted out the door still thinking how on earth that boy managed to make the Lord that happy and serious. I knocked on the boys door, a small "come in" was heard and I pulled the door open. Harry sat on his bed a book opened in front of him. While Draco sat at a desk I guessed he transfigured himself since it wasn't there before. Both heads turned towards me as I walked into the room.

"Potter. Come with me." I saw Draco raise an eyebrow but he didn't say anything. Harry stood his face covered in confusion. I turned and walked out of the room signaling for him to follow. The young Potter heir followed his curious glint hidden by his glasses and confusion but he couldn't hide it from me. We walked back into my rooms and the Lord sat in the chair next to the fire. His gaze fixed on its tumbling flames. He looked up as we came up and smiled.

"Harry, please come." He extended a hand to the young boy and I saw him glance at me quickly before moving forward to meet him. I could just smell the confusion and fear mingling around him. Harry slowly placed his hand in the Lord's, then his emotion turned to surprise. My guess is that he didn't know that Vampires are usually cold because of the lack of blood.

"There is no need to worry. But I must request for a bit of your blood." The boy stuttered in reply his jaw hanging open uselessly.

"B-blood?" The Lord smiled and simply nodded. "Why mine?" The Lord pulled Harry closer to him probably thinking of taking it even if Harry didn't want him too.

"I must test to see whether you are a descendent of someone I once knew." But before Harry made any comment back the Lord pulled him forward and sunk his fangs into his slim neck.