ThunderBirds 2
Hood's Revenge

Chapter One :

A news Special Update appeared on televison .

"Welcome, I am Lisa Lowe"

This just in, The Hood has escaped from the Penetentary Prison along with his side kicks, Mullion and Transom. if you have

any information please call one eight Hundred Tips".

Part One:

Wharton Academy

All Boys School

The B ell rang as Alan Tracy made his way out of the Classroom as he saw the Headmaster heading towards him.

"well, Mr Tracy I hear you are doing better in your studies, I am impressed with you," said the Headmaster.

"Thank you Headmaster," said Alan as he gave him an assured Smile.

"Well you better be on your way to dinner,. today is Pot Roast on when bread yum" smiled the headmaster.

"yum" repeated Alan . "Good day headmaster" he added as he walked away."Hey ALAN!" yelled out a familiar voice.

Alan looked back seeing his best friend Fermat as he stop and waited for him to catch up.

"Hey Fermat, how's your new classes?" asked Alan."T...They are G...Great, I never knew there was so much about Science and Technology " said Fermat.

Alan smiled at his best Friend."Well , now you know" .

They both smiled as they walked. " So you going to dinner?" asked Fermat.

"Uhm no, I'm not that hungry, im just tired I hardly had enough sleep when I was home if you can recall" smiled Alan.

"uh, I remeber,alright , I'll wake you up when I get there with your dinner," said Fermat.

"Thanks Fermat" said Alana as they walked their seperate ways.

Two men noticed the boys as Mullion reconized Alan Tracy as he gave an evil grin. He looked over to the man as he gave a wave to follow Alan to the room. there he yawned as he now placed his back pack onto the ground as he now removed his blazer and his broach as he now placed them onto the desk and chair. he now dropped his tired body on the bed as he slowly dozed off to sleep. Mullion and his companion slowly opened the door to Alan's room as they now entered. their he crept as he now removed the chloriform from his pocket as he opened and placed some of it onto a piece of cloth.. there slowly he walked over to the bed where Alan slept.

Alan tried to open his eyes as all he saw was a white cloth now covering his face. Alan now struggled as he fought his captor, but it was useless. he moved his hands and his body hysterically as he now tossed his broach and his blazer slipped off the chair. along with his clock. now his body was lifted off from his bed as he was now unconcious.

"Okay Alan its time..."Began fermat as he entered and looked around as he noticed that Alan was now missing.

"Uhm Alan?" he called out as he looked around as he ntoiced his clock, blazer and his IR Broach was now on the floor. "Something isn't right" whispered Fermat..

The two henchmen dressed in a service suits carried out a rich decoarted carpet rolled up with Alan inside it as he now laid unconcious,