A/N: Placing my own insomnia on Sam. Please forgive any atrocious errors, it's 3:59 am and I haven't managed a proper nights sleep in the last five days. This is also vaguely stream-of-consciousness, so I have no idea if it makes any sense at all. Tell me if it does. I'd like to understand it myself.

Brief reference to something that happens in season 3 (twice actually). Nothing important or spoiler-ish.

Sam knew that there was something pretty idiotic about what she was doing right now. Who in their right mind would stay up into the wee hours of the morning for no real reason? She was certainly tired enough, having had the same problem the last three nights. And it wasn't like something was wrong. The town was ghost clear for the time being, and her life was going well. In fact her life was going great.

So why didn't she want to sleep?

Annoyed, Sam adjusted her position again and hit her pillow for good measure. Sleep. You need to sleep. You will be useless for both school and ghost hunting if you don't sleep.

This time she managed to lay still for a grand three minutes before twisting to adjust the nightgown she was wearing. Nightgowns. I hate nightgowns. They can't just stay in one place. No. They have to move and twist all around you so you're left tied up. Why couldn't something else have been clean?

For a moment she considered ridding herself of the offending garment entirely and sleeping in just her underwear. Or nude. Nude could work. But Danny had a tendency to drop by at odd times, especially if something ghost related came up. And it might be a bit problematic if she was nude when that happened.

Of course if she didn't do something about the blasted nightgown soon she was going to use it to strangle the first person she talked to the next day. Getting arrested was probably a bad thing.

Not that the nightgown was really the source of her sleep deprivation, it just wasn't helping matters. Plus the room was boiling. And what was that sound coming from her walls? "Sounds like TV static from a mutant TV," she muttered to herself.

Normally none of these things would have bothered her (with the exception of the nightgown, Sam could swear those things were the root of all evil), it was just that the lack of sleep would make anyone irritable, and since this was Sam she went right past irritable and into cantankerous.

"Gah!" Giving up Sam threw off her blankets with a disgusted gesture, flicked on a lamp and stalked over to the thermostat. Without even bothering to look at the setting the teenager turned the heat off altogether.

She couldn't do anything about the noise, but she'd had just about all she could take of the damn nightgown.

Trudging over to yet another part of her room, Sam pulled open a drawer and began shifting through its contents in hopes of finding something to replace the nightgown with.

After a moment she found one of Danny's t-shirts that she had yet to give back to him. It'll do.

Victoriously Sam ditched the nightgown and slipped Danny's t-shirt over her head in its place. Don't have anything for the bottom half. Ah well, t-shirt and underwear it is then. If Danny shows up, he'll just have to wait for me to put on some pants.

Then again if Danny showed up she'd have quite the time explaining why she was wearing his t-shirt to bed anyway.

Chuckling to herself Sam slipped back under the covers and found a comfortable spot.

As she began to drift towards sleep a last thought flittered through her head.

Maybe it really was the nightgown.