Title : Love After Love

Author : ElaineDex
Date : 07.05.07

Part : 15 of 15
Characters : Ronon, Ellie, People of Atlantis and the SGC, Lyssa Hunter.
Archiving : None

Warnings : Some sexual content.

Spoilers : This part of the storey has bits in it that follow on from Kazavid's 'Reunions' explaining what happened to Lyssa
afterwards (my version of events). Also a small reference to a part from Behind The Mask (in Part 13).

Disclaimers : Only Ellie is mine, Stargate/Atlantis and all their characters are not. Lyssa Hunter is kindly on loan from Kazavid.

Feedback : Yes

Summery : Will Ellie and Ronon's love stand the test of time and all that fate has to throw at them?

Chapter 15

Ronon knocked on Ellie's quarters' doors feeling nervous as hell for some strange reason.

When she opened the doors he stood there looking at her for a moment or two before she smiled and said,

"Hi...are you ok?".

"Yeah, sorry...I made this for Hope", and he moved to the side of the door and picked up a beautifully carved cradle and held it up for her to see.

Ellie's eyes immediately pricked with tears as she ran a hand over the smooth wood.

"Ronon, it lovely. Bring it inside", and she stepped back and let him enter the room they had once shared.

He placed it by the bed and Ellie knelt down to examine it closer.

"This must have taken you quite a while", she said, looking up at him and it struck Ronon how different she looked.

She had lost all of the baby weight and he'd heard she'd been exercising regularly with Teyla and Dr. Heightmeyer.

He looked away as he wondered whether it was for Emerson's benefit.

He grimaced and Ellie frowned as she watched his expression suddenly change.

"Ronon?", she asked, standing back up.

"It took a couple of weeks, in my spare time", he replied and Ellie was heartened to know that he mustn't have been spending that much time with Lyssa if he had to time to make the cradle.

"Has Beckett said when Hope can leave the infirmary yet?", he asked but Ellie shook her head.

"I asked him when I had my final check up the other day but he said he'd like to keep her there for a couple of more weeks yet, just to be certain".

Ronon nodded then said, "Are you alright? What was the final check up for?".

Ellie found herself blushing. Something she hadn't done since she and Ronon had first gotten together and she looked back at the cradle as she said,

"It was to check everything had healed ok... down there... y'know".

Ronon nodded as he understood.

"And is it ok?" he asked and Ellie felt herself grow hotter.

"Yes. All systems go...so to speak", she replied and Ronon felt himself harden at the knowledge that if they so wished, they could make love right there and then.

Just then though he spotted the pushchair and the carry seat and the other things that Emerson had brought her.

"What the hell are they?", he asked any ardour he'd felt leaving his body as he guessed exactly where they'd come from.

Ellie turned and groaned inwardly as she saw what he was referring to.

"It's just some things Paul brought from ho...I mean earth", she replied, closing her eyes as she realised she'd almost referred to earth as home.

Ronon was angry. He stooped to pick up the cradle.

"You won't be needing this then?", he said but Ellie grabbed his arm, stopping him reaching for the cradle.

"Of course I want it. Leave it where it is. Hope will be sleeping in that the moment I get her here".

Ronon's eyes met hers and he was about to say something when a knock came on her doors.

Slowly releasing his arm, Ellie went to open it, her stomach lurching when she saw it was Emerson.

"Hey, I thought I'd call by, see if you wanted to go for a walk before we eat this evening?", Emerson asked, not realising Ronon was in the room.

Ellie glanced from Emerson to Ronon,

"Ah...well...Ronon and..", she began but Ronon cut her off as he strode to the door.

"She's all yours", he said as he passed Emerson and Ellie watched him leave, her heart beating so hard it was painful.

"Did I just mess things up for you?", Emerson asked seeing the look upon her face and Ellie forced a smile.

"No. Of course not. Let's go", and she stepped out into the hallway and closed her doors behind her.


Ronon headed for the mess hall to get a drink. He thought he'd go now to avoid seeing Ellie with Emerson later. He got what he wanted and was heading for the door when a voice called out to him from one of the last tables.

"Ronon", Lyssa called, watching as he stopped and turned, half-smiling when he saw her.

He was angry. She could tell.

"I haven't seen you for a while", Ronon said as he slid his tall frame into the seat opposite her.

"I know. I've been off-world with Major Lorne's team a lot lately".

Ronon nodded and they sat in an uneasy silence before they both said at the same time,

"About that kiss...".

They laughed and then Ronon said,

"You go first".

"No you", Lyssa replied and Ronon took a swig of his drink.

"You know I'll always care about you don't you?", he said and Lyssa nodded, a lump forming in her throat as she realised, as any woman would, where this was heading.

"Lyssa...I...I love Ellie".

Lyssa waited a moment or two before she said,

"I will always care about you too but I...I've met someone else too".

Ronon stared at her. He was surprised.

"Here...on Atlantis?" he asked and Lyssa nodded almost reluctantly.

"Who? Do I know him?", Ronon asked and Lyssa reddened.

"I'd rather not say. We're still in the early stages you know how it is", she replied and as Ronon nodded she sighed with relief.

"I'm happy for you", Ronon said, reaching across the table and taking her hands in his just as Ellie and Emerson walked in.

Ellie saw Ronon and Lyssa holding hands and her stomach lurched. She stopped in her tracks, momentarily distracted and Emerson crashed into the back of her and had to grab her waist to stop her falling.

"You ok?", he asked as he guided her into the mess hall. She nodded, feeling numb.

Had she truly lost him after all then?

Ronon saw Ellie and Emerson walk past the table he was on with Lyssa and his jaw clenched at the sight of Emerson's hands around Ellie's waist.

Lyssa saw his expression and her eyes widened.

"You still haven't sorted things with Ellie?", she asked incredulously and he shook his head.

"I think maybe she'd be better off with him. He's more her type", he said and Lyssa heard the sadness in his tone.

"Why is he? Ronon, you didn't see the look on her face when she saw us holding hands, she was upset, I could see".

Ronon shook his head and stood abruptly.

"I have to go. I'll see you soon", he said leaving the mess hall without waiting for a response.

No sooner had he gone than Sheppard slid into the chair by Lyssa's side.


Emerson walked Ellie back to her room and they stood for a moment, Ellie with her back against the door, Emerson leaning, facing her at her side.

"So...", he said and Ellie turned her head to look at him.

She saw the question clear in his eyes but before she had time to answer him he leaned forward and kissed her.

She had of course kissed Emerson before. They had been engaged for heavens sake but this felt so wrong that she could hardly believe they had been intimate in the past.

She turned so she faced him but when he went to pull her closer she gently raised her hands and flattened them to his chest, effectively stopping him getting any nearer.

Emerson pulled his mouth away from hers and looked down at her.

"You want Ronon still don't you?", he said and Ellie closed her eyes.

"Paul...I'm sorry. If circumstances were different...It's just I...I can't let him go...at least not yet".

Emerson nodded.

"I hope it all works out for you", he said and Ellie moved her hands around his sides and hugged him close.

"Me too".


A few days later Ellie and Rodney got their schedules through from Elizabeth with regard to implanting the tracking devices into all members of staff on a rota basis.

Ellie groaned when she saw that Lyssa and Ronon were on the very bottom of her list with a note saying they were last as they were still making up their minds as to whether they wanted the trackers inserted. Understandable, she thought as she recalled Ronon's tales from when he was a runner, even though these were to help save him not to track him to kill him, or worse.

"Rodney, swap lists with me?", she asked but Rodney shook his head looking quite pleased with himself.

"No way", he said excitedly and Ellie frowned.

"Why not?", she asked trying to catch a look at his list.

"There are some very luscious members of staff on my list and I intend to get quite close to each and every one of them", Rodney replied and Ellie grimaced at the thought.

And so the long process began over a two day period and eventually everyone was done apart from Lyssa and Ronon.

Rodney had gone off for something to eat leaving Ellie tidying up as usual when Lyssa walked into the lab.

"Hi", she said and Ellie looked up.

"Oh...hi", she replied.

"I decided to get the device implanted. Or rather I was persuaded to", Lyssa said thinking just how much persuasion Sheppard had, had to use.

"Ok, take a seat", Ellie said as she wondered whether it had been Ronon who had persuaded her.

She readied the injector gun and Lyssa watched her, marvelling as she had when she'd first met Ellie about how Ronon could be attracted to two women so completely different.

"Roll up your sleeve for me please", Ellie said and when Lyssa complied she moved the gun to her arm.

"It may sting for a second or two", she said and when Lyssa nodded she pressed the trigger and delivered the tracker into position.

As Ellie finalised the procedure on her lap top, Lyssa realised Ellie was in fact shaking and her heart went out to her.

"Ellie", she said quietly and Ellie turned to look at her.

"Ronon does not want me. He's in love with you".

Ellie looked at her for a moment then turned away and Lyssa sighed.

"You two need your heads banging together. Trust me, Ronon doesn't want me any more that I want him".

When Ellie still looked at her dubiously though Lyssa cursed.

"Look. Can you keep a secret?".


Ronon entered the lab to find Ellie just about to leave.

"Am I too late to have the tracking device put in?", he asked gruffly and Ellie shook her head.

"No, sit down", Ellie said, her stomach fluttering at the sight of him.

Ronon did as she asked and she set up the gun once again. He watched her through hooded eyes as she prepared things, bending low as she retrieved something from a cupboard in front of him.

Ronon groaned inwardly as her tight skirt rode higher as she bent forward and the back of her thighs were revealed to him as well as a good view of her pert behind.

Suddenly she straightened and turned to face him and he didn't wipe the look from his face fast enough for Ellie not to catch it and she hid a smile as she approached him.

She moved in between his open legs, a move that wasn't really necessary but that she felt like doing anyway, and reached for his arm.

"This may sting momentarily", she said, trying not to look at him and she felt, rather than saw him nod his head.

When it was done she placed the gun on the side but stayed in between his legs, reluctant to move.

Slowly Ronon lifted a hand and placed it on her hip, then gradually let it slide around and down toward her bottom.

Ellie bit her lip as she felt herself grow moist from his touch.

She was just about to reach for his shoulders when both their ear pieces crackled to life. It was Weir.

"Michael has attacked the guards that were accompanying him back to his cell after having his tracking device fitted. Ellie can you track him?" Weir asked and Ellie moved away from Ronon and to her lap top.

"Yes, no problem, he's heading for jumper bay 2", she replied and Ronon was just about to take off when Weir said,

"There's one more thing".

Ellie and Ronon looked at one another, a cold dread filling their hearts as Elizabeth continued,

"He's taken Hope from the infirmary".

Ronon moved first and Ellie followed after disconnecting her lap top so that she could see exactly where Michael was headed. She tried to keep up with Ronon but he ran too fast for her and so she was glad when she bumped into Sheppard and Lyssa.

"We heard", Sheppard said touching Ellie's shoulder as she handed him the lap top.

"We'll get her back", he said as he and Lyssa took off.

Ellie watched them go, wrapping her arms around herself.


Michael was livid. He had spent all this time planning his escape and now they had implanted a tracking device in him so that they would always be able to find him.

"Your mother is going to rue the day she did this to me", he muttered to Hope who was, for now, unharmed.

He was about to open the jumper door when he heard Ronon's voice.

"Freeze you piece of sh..".

"Ronon, how did I know you'd follow me?", Michael cut him off and he turned to see the Satedan aiming his gun at him.

"I suppose that's set to kill?", he asked and just as Ronon was about to answer, Sheppard said from behind him,

"No it's on stun, as long as you hand the baby over to Lyssa now, nice and easy".

"I'm afraid I can't do that", Michael replied.

Just then though he felt a gun at his temple and Ellie said,

"Is this a good time for you Michael?".

Michael smiled and held Hope closer to his chest.

"Not now Dr Harrison. Could we make alternative arrangements?", he replied.

"I don't think so", Ellie said, and with that she pulled the trigger and as he began to fall she snatched Hope from his lifeless fingers.

Ronon raced to her side and embraced both her and the baby whilst Sheppard and Lyssa watched on.


When Hope was settled back into the incubator and was given the all clear by Beckett, whom Michael had knocked out to get to the baby, Ellie and Ronon left and walked along the corridor together.

"I hope you're not angry with me", Ellie said and Ronon looked at her.

"For what?" he asked.

"For killing Michael. I know you've always wanted to do it but I...", she trailed off, unable to explain the fierce bout of protectiveness that had overcome her at the thought of their baby being harmed.

"I'm not angry with you. I'm just glad he's finally dead", Ronon replied and Ellie nodded.

They stood for a moment before Ellie said,

"I'll see you then".

Ronon nodded, his fingers clenching at his sides as she began to walk away.

Suddenly he could stand it no longer and he caught her arm and pushed her back against the wall, his lips capturing hers hungrily.

Ellie melted against him, her hands sliding up his muscular arms to his shoulders.

Ronon wrapped an arm around her waist and lifted her against him as he moved into the level changer. Ellie wrapped her legs around his waist, her skirt riding high along her thighs as she did so.

Ronon tore his mouth from hers and pressed kisses to her neck, one hand freeing the buttons on her shirt and Ellie moaned in delight as she felt his hand shove her bra out of the way so that he could rub his thumb across one pebbled nipple.

Ellie reached down and managed to free Ronon from the confines of his leather trousers, smiling against his neck as she heard a low groan escape when her fingers brushed his erection.

Ronon knew he wanted her, hard and fast. But he had to make sure she was ready. He didn't want to hurt her.

He reached in between their bodies and moved her panties to one side. Slowly he slid a finger inside of her, his erection jerking when he realised how wet she was. How ready for him.

Ellie closed her eyes as Ronon slid one of his fingers inside of her. She felt herself go hot and then cold all at once.

"Ronon", she breathed his name, never wanting him inside of her so badly as she did at this moment.

Ronon removed his finger and kissed her, the head of his shaft poised at her tight entrance.

Ellie tore her mouth from his as he began to push inside of her, inch by slow, delicious inch.

She whimpered as he filled her, her face flaming as she realised she was all but ready to come.

"Let it go", Ronon whispered in her ear, sensing she was near and he had to grit his teeth as she writhed and pressed herself against him, crying out as she came.

When he realised she was alright he began to move in and out of her, faster and faster, harder and harder and just when he thought he could hold on no longer, Ellie cried out again and so he joined her as stars seemed to burst all around them.

When their breathing calmed, Ronon gently eased Ellie off of him and set her on the floor, smiling when her saw her legs were wobbly. His didn't feel too steady either.

They exited the level changer on Ellie's quarters' floor and headed for her room, Ronon's arm tight around her and she clung to his waist.

Once inside they looked at one another and Ronon cupped her face in his hands as he saw the uncertain look she'd worn for so long return to her face.

"I love you", he said and slowly, she smiled.

"I love you too", she replied.

Ronon kissed her then said,

"Whatever happens in our lives from this moment on, I want you to know one thing".

"What?" Ellie asked, her heart aching with love for him.

"You and Hope are my life. If you're not there, nothing else matters", he replied.

Ellie looked at him for a moment before she launched herself into his arms, sending them both sprawling onto the bed.

As she adjusted herself on top of him, Ellie said,

"In that case I have one thing to ask you".

"What's that?", Ronon asked, his hands reaching for her breasts.

"Ronon Dex, will you marry me?".

The End