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The green flames died away leaving nothing behind. For a moment Cedric stood completely still, shock keeping him frozen to the spot but a snickering behind him pulled him back to reality and he turned on the laughing blonde with a snarl.

"What the hell did you do that for?!"

"I thought the boy needed teaching a lesson. Leave relationships to grownups. Now he can run off and play with people his own age. And you can go out with me."

Cedric was so angry he thought he would explode.

"I don't want to go out with you! I don't fancy you. You're a creep and a slime-ball. You're not even one millionth of the man Harry is. I don't care that you're a good kisser. Harry could be the worst kisser in the world and I would still rather be with him than you!" Cedric knew he was yelling but he couldn't stop himself "I hate you."

He pulled out his wand, apparating away before Burn could do anything else. He popped back into existence on the middle of the kitchen.

"Mum? Have you seen Harry?"

His mum looked up from her washing up to see Cedric stood in the middle of the room, hands twisting together nervously, looking as though he were about to cry.

"What's happened sweetheart?"

"We were going shopping... and Burn... and Harry got upset and ran off and now I can't find him!" Cedric babbled, ending his half explanation in tears.

"Why..." his mother seemed to be trying to delicate but was unsure how to phrase her question "why was Harry upset? What happened?"

"Burn kissed me and Harry saw and he heard me tell Burn that he's a better kisser than Harry."

Silvia seemed to take the implied confession of her son's homosexuality rather well and simply reached out to wrap her son in a tight hug.

"Where do you think he could have gone? Home?"

"No. He hates his family... but he likes the Weasleys."

"Then we'll go round there and look for him."

Cedric looked sceptical for a moment before he nodded.

"Would you like me to come with you, or do you want to go on your own?"

"I think I'd better go by myself. Harry won't want to talk about stuff if we're not alone."

Silvia smiled softly, giving Cedric's hand a squeeze.

"Ok. And I just want you to know, I don't care who you fall in love with, just as long as they make you happy, alright?"

"Thanks mum. I'd better go."


Harry flopped down onto the dust, not noticing the way the stones scraped against his skin. He had flooed over to the Weasleys but they were all out and the house seemed to recognise him as an intruder rather than a visitor and had promptly ejected him, dropping him down on his backside in the middle of the yard. He hadn't bothered to stand up again, instead laying down in the dirt and letting the tears roll down his cheeks.

He knew he should have stayed and let Cedric explain. In his heart of hearts he knew that it didn't really matter and he'd seen with his own eyes that Cedric hadn't wanted to be kissed, but he couldn't stop it hurting. Every time he closed his eyes he could see Cedric being pressed into the wall by that pathetic excuse of a human being.

He closed his eyes, digging his heels into his eyes and groaning. This was all so messed up. All he really wanted was to see Cedric and let the other boy make him feel better but the Gryffindor side of him wouldn't let him let go of his pride and go back to Cedric's house. And besides, he didn't really have any way to get there.

"You'll get filthy if you lie on the ground like that."

Harry sat up instantly, looking over to where Cedric was stood, hands twisting together nervously, waiting for Harry to say something.

"You found me."

Cedric nodded and moved to stand beside Harry, offering him a hand to help him stand. Harry took it, allowing cedric to pull him up. For a moment they stood close together, Harry's hand still clasped in Cedric's, before he stepped away. Cedric's face fell but he nodded in understanding.

"We need to talk," he said.

"Yeah. We do. Can we go home?"


"Yeah, back to yours. Home."

Cedric was grinning, despite the fact that they were sort of arguing. Harry was calling his house home! Harry couldn't suppress the blush that spread across his face at Cedric's happiness. He hadn't meant to do it but it had happened and he found that, despite the burning pain in his chest when he thought of Cedric and Burn, he couldn't help feel delighted at making him happy.

"Right. Home. Come here," Cedric said, reaching out an arm and wrapping it round Harry's waist "hold on."

He twisted away pulling Harry with him. There was a full body squeezing sensation that made Harry feel ill and then he was popping back into existence in the middle of Cedric's front hall.

"What the hell was that?"

"Sorry, apparating. You've never been apparated before?"


They stood in silence for a few moments.

"Cedric? Is that you? What's going on? Is Harry with you?"

The kitchen door swung open and Silvia peered out at them.

"Ah, Harry. How lovely to see you. Are things... alright?"

Cedric sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Mother! We're going upstairs. We'll see you later."

He grabbed Harry's arm and steered him upstairs. Harry sat down onto Cedric's bed with a flump. There was silence as Cedric hovered by the door, clearly unsure what to say, twitching slightly. Harry sighed and patted the bed beside himself.


Cedric sat.

"Look, Harry, I-"

He was cut off when Harry grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled him into a bruising kiss. Cedric moaned and pulled Harry close. They groaned together as Harry pushed his hands into Cedric's hair, sliding forward to settle himself in Cedric's lap. Cedric slowly lowered himself back until he was lying flat on his back, Harry settle against his chest as their kissing grew hotter. Cedric's fingers were digging into the skin on his hips but Harry couldn't care that he would more than likely have bruises. They broke apart, gasping for breath.

"Do you still think Burn's a better kisser than me?"

Cedric frowned at him blearily, clearly confused from the kiss.

"Burn who?"

"Good enough," Harry grinned, leaning forward again for another kiss but Cedric held him back, his expression losing its dazed quality.

"Why aren't you mad? Why aren't we arguing?"

"Because it doesn't matter. I realised, it doesn't matter. You love me, not him. I know that."

"But... but I said..."

"Look, I once told Ron that you were a puffed up idiot with bad hair. I didn't mean it, but I still said it."

Harry leant forward, this time for a gentle kiss, just lips brushing together, innocent.

"I love you, Harry."

"I love you too."

They stayed silent for a while, barely kissing, foreheads pressed together, just relaxing against each other. Eventually Cedric broke the moment, leaning back and pouting at Harry.

"You said I have bad hair."

Harry laughed.

"Don't push it. I can un-forgive you if I want."

"Don't you dare," Cedric murmured, leaning forward for another kiss.

There was a light tap on the door and they sprang apart.

"Boys? Do you think you'll be coming down in the near future? Your father's going to be home soon and I thought you could help me cook. If you're not too busy."

Cedric raised his eyebrows at Harry. His mother, always a meddler.

"We'll be right down," he called back and they heard her head back downstairs.

"So you forgive me?" he murmured , his lips ghosting against Harry's.

"Always," Harry half whispered back, pecking Cedric on the lips and they shared another short kiss before Harry climbed from the bed and made to move over to the door.

He looked back to see Cedric watching petulantly from the bed.

"You said we'd help. And besides, now she knows I'm your boyfriend, I'm going to have to try and make a good impression."

"You've already made a good impression," Cedric moaned "Stay with me for a bit."

Harry moved back to join him, kneeling on the floor beside the bed and kissing him again.

"I'll stay with you forever. "


"Promise. If you do one thing."

"What? Anything."

"Good. Come down and help with the cooking."


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