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Author's note: I tried to make this a I never knew, but it didn't work.

She never knew

She sits there on the porch wearing a blue blouse, jeans and tennis shoes. The house is a pale blue one-story house. The house and the shirt match her mood. She sits there watching the families play together in their own yards on grass that is a beautiful shade of green because it had rained a couple days ago. Some of the children were playing on the street.

She never knew that when she and her husband went to NuGenesis that she would be carrying a genius and after he was born carry another one.

She never knew that in the middle of the night that her firstborn would be taken away from them when he was four years old. Still yet a baby in her eyes. Never to be seen until years and years later.

She never knew that her other son would be taken away either never to be seen again. She had gotten a message from her daughter that Kyle had died.

She never knew that she and her husband would have to run and hide from a place called the Centre to make sure what happened to her boys wouldn't happen to their sister.

She never knew that her husband would be separated trying to find their boys leaving her and their small daughter behind.

She never knew that her daughter would want to go her own way and leave her.

She cried for the things that she never knew because if she did she could of stopped it. Then she would have her family around, but she didn't know and now she was alone.

The End.