It was a week later. Tim woke up early. He laughed at himself, at how excited he was to finally be returning to work, but he'd been bored out of his mind sitting around his apartment. Oh, he'd done some work on his book and Abby had come over a few times, but he desperately wanted to be getting on with his life. Dr. Bills had given him clearance yesterday (his bruise was starting to fade although he still looked like a rainbow had thrown up on his face), and the shrink he had to see had also cleared him to return to work. He had occasional dreams about Randall, but that was to be expected after what had happened. Still, he shook away those thoughts. Tony had already called and threatened to make him regret coming back early. He smiled. He was going back to work!

"You're late, McGee!" Gibbs barked as Tim walked in. Tony and Ziva smiled wordlessly in welcome; neither had a chance to do more.

"Sorry, boss!"

"Let's move!" Gibbs grabbed his gear and Ziva and Tony followed suit.

Tim quickly deposited his backpack and ran for the elevator.

The scene was a soccer field. A man in dress whites was splayed out in the center.

"McGee, photos. DiNozzo, David canvas the area."

"Right boss." Tony and Ziva moved off.

"Oh, and McGee?" Gibbs said almost as an afterthought.

"Yes, boss?"

"Welcome back."

Tim paused in the midst of getting out the camera. He grinned. "Thanks, boss." He was back.