I know, I know, what on earth am I doing writing yet another oneshot when I have so much more to do? Well, this was written some time ago, but I decided to wait until today to publish it. Why? Well, just read on and see, 'k?

Summery: There's a special surprise in store for Vlad today!

Disclaimer: Not mine. Oh, well.

In Honor of the third year anniversary of "Bitter Reunions."


"Your mail, Monsieur," said the butler.

"Thank you, Pietro," said Vlad Masters. The French butler ghost bowed and floated away. Vlad started the tedious process of sorting through his mail.

Junk, junk, junk, ooh, how to win the love of your life in 10 days, guaranteed, I'll look at that later, now what's this?

He picked up the garishly colored envelope. Turning it over, he opened it up. Inside was a letter.

Dear Vlad Masters,

Please come to the following address. We wish to talk to you about promoting one of our products.


Jim Mathews

P.S. This is not a trick. We are serious.

Taking note of the address, Vlad chose to fly rather have his limo driver take him there. Even he was starting to feel the squeeze of gas prices.

Note to self: Make a car that runs totally on ectoplasm.

He landed outside a giant factory. Changing back to human form, he straightened his tie and walked in. A short, slightly pudgy man greeted him as he walked in the door.

"Ah, you must be Vlad Masters. I'm Jim Mathews. We heard you might be interested in one of our products."

Vlad was confused. He had never made a motion towards this company because of its giant reputation. Now they were saying he was interested in it? What was going on?

Playing along, Vlad said, "Show the way."

For a short man, he walked faster than Vlad. "When we received your letter, we were all curious. Vlad Masters, a billionaire, interested in us? It caused quite a stir around here."

They walked through a set of double doors. Mathews walked over to a pedestal, where a sheet covered a small rectangular object.

"We were told you wanted your picture on it, Mr. Masters, and I must say, it came out better than expected." He removed the sheet from the object.

Vlad, expecting to see a giant painting of him or even for him to sign the painting, was shocked when the sheet was removed.

Instead of the Toucan Sam©, it featured him with a spoon in one hand and the bowl of Frootloops© in the other, grinning madly. At the bottom, it read "For the fruitloop in all of us!"

Vlad's face turned white, then red with anger as he realized the only other person who could have pulled off something like this.

"Daniel!" he yelled, his eyes flashing red. He stomped out of the room, furious.

He was so mad he didn't hear Mathews yell, "What's wrong with it? Didn't we get it right?"

As soon as he was outside the factory and away from prying eyes, he transformed and few to Amity Park where said boy resided and as currently watching the skies for any sign of activity.

"Do you think he's realized what's going on already?" asked Danny.

"Oh, yeah," said Sam, looking at her watch. "He should be here in 5…4…3…"

Huffing and puffing, Vlad landed in front of Danny.

"Daniel!" he yelled.

"Hey, he was three seconds early!" Tucker complained.

Vlad growled as he powered up a pink energy ball. "Daniel, I am going to kill you!" He was surprised when the three of them started laughing. "What?" he asked, allowing the energy ball to dissipate. "Did I miss a punch line?"

"Happy birthday, Fruitloop!" choked out Danny, and he dissolved back into laughter.

Vlad actually joined in the laughter as he realized that today was, in fact, his birthday.


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