Digimon: Tamer's begin

Chapter One: A day at the Takaishi's.

Takeru Takashi sighed as he looked out of the window.

Today was the anniversery of Malo Myotismon's defeat, 30 years after the digi-gates closed up, and in that time Takeru or Tk as he had been called back then had become a father, to a girl called Rika Takaishi, the resident digimon card game champion.

Tk had written the original digimon books but had sold the rights to a toy company, then he sold the movie rights, then he sold the rights for an anime and finall he had money pouring in from left right and centre because of his popular "Creation".

The reason why Tk sighed was because today was also the anniversery of his wife's death and his daughter's birthday.

Recently Tk had been getting more distante with his daughter, every time he tried to talk to her she just shut him out and mumbled some curse words at him, of course he retaliated by calling the digimon empress just to get on her nerves.

Rika's mother, Kari, had died of cancer when Rika was just five years old, to have a mother taken away from her at such an early age had been traumatising for her and had left Tk broken hearted, so much so that Tk went into a slump and dated tons of women and just as many men, until the slump was over and he stopped dating completely.

Tk had been very close to his daughter and had been the only one to get through to her whenever she was depressed, angry, sad, or just plain pissed off.

Rika had dark orangey-brown hair tied up into a spikey topnot-ponytail at the back of her head and beautiful amythest eyes, sometimes people even wondered if Rika was even Tk's child, but Tk knew that was a lie because he and Rika had taken a blood test and their DNA matched perfectly.

The golden rayes of sunlight illuminated his face as the great fire ball rose from the east.

The Takaishi's had a very strange house it was on top of a sky scrapper and was an Edo style japanese house, garden, ponds and waterfall and all, an outdoor pool was always accessable and the fence that surrounded the edges of the skyscrapper and at least five feat away from the wooden wall and gate that kept things out.

Tk owed the entire building and since he virtually lived here he had a house built on top of it. I did say that Digimon was popular.

Tk looked at the calander, in a few short weeks it would be his 42nd birthday and today Rika was Fifteen years old which ment soon she would be aloud to move out of school and get a job, ofcourse she didn't need one since her dad was rich.

Tk gave a longing stare towards the city.

He hadn't spoken to Tai in years, not since Kari died, both he and Davis blamed him for what happened, but everyone else just gave them the cold shoulder since there had been nothing that Tk could have done to save her. Last he heared from Tai he had become a professional soccor player living his dream. Whilst his son stayed home in Japan with his chef of a mother.

Davis owed his own noodle empire whilst being married to Noriko who did become a school teacher i might add. His son is a practical joker.

Ken and Yolie had gotten married two decades ago and whilst Yolie was a computer enginier Ken had become a universitiy professor. They have four children, one of which was adopted.

Cody had been in a terrible accident and had been frozen due to new technology, he hadn't aged a day over 15, but the machines didn't freeze cancer cells.

Joe had become a doctor whilst being married to a nurse who he really loved, she also happened to be Yolie's sister. Their son was so unlike either of them though.

Sora and Matt had gotten married but were on the brink of divorce, when Matt, a famous rockstar, had discovered Sora, a top tennis player, had been sleeping with Tai. Their daugher had been very distraut.

Izzy was a genetics scientist and had recently discovered a way to create clones, the only problem was he needed a sample of data from the digital world which was off limits to everyone. His wife Mina was an indian digidestend who now lived with him and worked as his assistant. His children had become a handfull recently.

Mimi had become a chef and had fallen for Tai, her only regret was that after her first born she was unable to have anymore children.

In all life had it's ups and downs but the worst part was that most of the digidestend had dropped out of contact.

The front door opened to reveal Rika dressed in a white with blue sleeves t-shirt with a blue broken heart in the middle of the white, a pair of blue jeans folded at the bottom clung to her tightly, while a seried of belts tied themselves around them, Rika looked like a punk girl, which Tk was proud of.

He wanted to to scare bullies away but her attitude had scared friends away, and everyday Tk saw more of her mother in her, a trait he adored.

"Morning old guy" she said blaitently.

"Morning Ice Queen" he replied keeping his unwavering eyes on the window,

every morning was like this, they said morning gave an insult chat a bit then go their seperate ways, it was kind of saying "i love you daddy/my special little girl" except they got a bigger kick out of fighting and had more fun insulting eachother, it was all for fun.

"oh how original, Ice Queen? how many times have you used that one?"

"depends on the amount of times you've called me "old Guy", little monster"

"shut up"

"stuff it Kaijuu"

Rika smirked sincirely at him

"Rika no Kaijuu, Gaki!"

This was a typical day for the Takaishi's.

Half an hour later Rika announced she was leaving

"not today Kaijuu"

"why not?"

"we've got plans for today"

"which would be?"

"uh the words birthday girls day out spring to mind"

"your a birthday girl?" she asked sarcastically

"oh yeah didn't i tell you i was a birthday girl right after i invented a new planet?" he replied with his own sarcasim

"oh what you call it?"

"Rika Takaishi is a pain in the arse"

"oh wow what an interesting name"

Tk smilled

Rika was in a good mood.

"Anyway i've got the day off so its just you and me to spend the day together"

"oh joy i can hardly wait"

"oh i have tickets to the new Ritchie Mars concert tonight and i was thinking..."

Rika had hugged him like she was squeezing a spot of her face only with a lot more love

"have i ever told you your the best dad in the world and that i love you"

"Rika you just said something nice are you sick or something sweetheart?"

Just a typical Takaishi day.

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