Chapter 5:

Guilmon Comes alive!

Takato now stood in the centre of his large room with the digivice and Guilmon hard in both hands.

Takato was just fooling around with the idea

But it would soon start something up again that had ment to be finished 30 years ago.

"what do i say digi-modify? no thats to corny, digi-slash? no, Card Slash? yes i like it" he announced to his room finally glad that he had come up with a good card slash phrase to use.

"Card slash: Guilmon Activate" He yelled

He moved the card through the slot at the side of the digivice and saw that the device was scaning it.

A burst of light was emitted through the lense of the screen and burst through the room.

Binary code was hologrammed on to the wall from the digivice itself.

As the light faded Takato felt drowsy and fainted on his bed with no sound except from the bleeping noise that came from the digivice.

Takato woke up the later on with a severe pounding head ache "ow" he said as he woke up.

He noticed that a wet towel was on his bedside table with a set of tablets.


the room was deadly silent his digivice was on the side of the pillow and his digimon cards safely put back inside his "secret" box under the desk

"mom?" no sooner were those words out of his mouth that Mimi Kamiya hit down the door to the floor (ignore the rhyme) and ran to her son with a bone crushing hug.

"oh Takato are you okay? how are you? do you need a drink? would you like something to eat honey?"

"uh no thanks mom"

" you scared the living hell out of me your father will be arriving shortly to see you"

"mom why are you acting like this i've only been unconsious for a couple of hours right?"



Takato yelled just as much as his mother when he had heard that

Two weeks?

His school work

His History Project

His Homework

His Art Exam

His Perfect Attendance

All ruined just because he fell asleep?

Holy Heck!!!!!!!

"mom what about my cards?" he asked if his father had come home he would have burnt them

"don't worry you're fathers flight home was delayed another week and i managed to hide all of the in the 'Digi-Box'".

"thanks mom"

She gave her son another heart-wrenching, and bone crushing hug

"mom...need-AIR" he said whilst he was suffocating.

When Tai Kamiya had gotten home he had kissed his wife hello and visited Takato in bed.

"hey kid"

"hi dad"

"so you remember how you fainted?"


this was a lie.

his digimon cards and digivice were all safely packed into the digi-box and Hidden under the loose floor boared unde his bed.

Takato knew that his dad hated anything to do with Takeru Takaishi,

he admitted that he liked digimon for a few months until he saw the digimon creator.

Then whilst Tai was home anything with the slightest relation to digimon was forbidden unless Tai didn't know about the connection.

"well then get well soon" he finished and left.

sometimes Takato thought that maybe his dad didn't love or even like him.

He acted as though Takato was the family pet.

Takato could never get anything from his empathy when he tried it on his dad, just a lot of bottled up pain.

Takato looked out the window with saddness on his face.

But what he saw shocked him.

The girl from his dream was standing right there by his window, in his room smirking.

except now she wore blue cargo pants and a white shirt supporting a blue fox head

"woah, nice diggs goggle-boy" she said

"who...who are you?" he asked stuttering

"name's Rika dino-boy"


"no thats my name whats yours?"


Rika raised and eyebrow at the boy

"what?" he asked defensingly


"no what?"

" have a goofy name"

Takato smirked at this

"yeah your right"



"you saw Renamon fight Lynxmon a few weeks ago"

"um yeah"

suddenly something caught his attention

"hey how'd you get in her?"

"that would be because of me" said a disembodied voice

"what?" Takato asked freaked

Suddenly this "Renamon" fazed into his room


"yeah gave me the same reaction to" Rika said sarcastically under her breath

"but how"

"Renamon is a ninja, a shinobi, a kitsune, a fire, a moon and a spirit type digimon, she can phase in and out of reality and move at a tremendous speeds" Rika announced in a matter-of-fact tone

"thank you oh queen of digi-facts and the digi-dex" Takato replied with his own sarcasim.

"oh thats a new one i haven't heared before" she said her tone of voice getting angrier

"Rika if i could..."

"no Renamon"

"why do you treat her like that?" Takato demanded

"Digimon are data"

"but they probably have feelings to"

"no they don't"

"yes they do"

"how'd you know?"

"because im an empath and i can feel Renamon's feelings"

Rika froze at the word empath



"see Rika you aren't alone"

"alone as in like what?"


"no Renamon"


"i said no"

"just tell me already"

"Rika has visions of the future by using a medium such as a leaf, an ofuda, staring into fire or by loking at the moon"

"thanks alot Renamon"

"Takato is someone up there with you"

Takato paniced

"uh no mom you were probably just hearing things" he called down

"okay" was the reply

"so" Takato said as he closed the door

"what do you want Rika?"

Rika scoffed at this

"its obvoius"

"what is?"

"that your a tamer"

"a wha?"

"A digimon Tamer, someone who tames a digimon partner to either fight or act as a pet" she told him whilst sitting on his bed.

"you fainted because your digi-soul levels dropped critically" Renamon said folding her arms when she leaned against the wall

"When i scanned guilmon"


"listen goggle-head our powers come from our digi-soul and..."

"what's a digi-soul"

"it allows a digimon and Tamer to find eachother and helps the digimon digivolve, digivolution is easy enough with a human but a digimon without one must fight and load the excess data of their opponants whilst they are reborn"

"It also gives the human partner certain psychic powers, advanced agility and extra strength when it is needed"

"so when i scanned guilmon i used up most of my digi-soul?"

"yeah but you that shouldn't have happened"

"Takato, i have never heard of guilmon before by any chance how does he exist"

"well i created him and well..."

"that explains it"

"huh?" both humans asked

"when you created guilmon you used your digi-soul to create him, subconciously i might add"

"wait you mean to say that goggle-boy has his own customised digimon?" Rika said

"i have a name you know"

"yes Rika, only one digimon is sutable for a human partner except in a few cases, Takato is NOT one of them"

"so i created my own digimon because i don't have an already existing partner?"


"by why didn't i wake up until today?"

"becaus your digi-soul has been recharging, slowly because guilmon needs that power to stay alive in this world, and once he was stable, your digisoul was able to recharge faster you should only have been asleep a few days but because you made guilmon so powerful it took longer to keep guilmon here"

"under normal circumstances you would just feel a bit drowzy like i did"

"how long have you been a tamer?"

"over a month now"

"wait" Takato finally realised something

"what is it?" Renamon asked

"Guilmon he's still out there"

"don't worry Takato" Renamon tried to reasure him

"how do i not worry?"

"Guilmon would come straight here once he was stable enough to travel"

"so where could he be?"

"heading here i suppose"

"why here?"

"your digi-soul calls him"

"the energy that is emitted off you is linked to guilmon causing him to come here because of the pull of the correct digi-soul"

Suddenly Renamon's eyes widdened as she finished


"Rika a wild one is here"

"we gotta go"

As Rika got up she turned to Takato

"you coming?"

"but what if my parents come in and find me gone?"

Rika turned to Renamon and nodded

Renamon made a difficult hand gesture and soon a sleeping clone of Takato was lying in the bed snoring quietly

"nice trick"

"why thank you"

As Takato went into his closet he pulled out his black jeans and red and white t-shirt that supported the hazard sign on it

while Rika and Renamon turned around Takato changed and as soon as he was done...

They were off.

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