She sat in the living room, watching the rain falling outside the window. She loved watching the rain, the thunder and lightning flashing and crashing around her.

The only thing she loved more than the rain was her husband- Horatio Cain. He looked after her, cared for her and that made her feel special. He had been there through her cancer, her treatment and remission, her recovery. He had been her pillar.

A pair of long arms snaked around her waist, drawing her into his lap, softly nuzzling her chocolate coloured neck with gentle kisses.

"I missed you," came a quiet whisper by her ear, making her shiver, even though it wasn't very cold.

Horatio smiled as she sank into his arms, making herself comfortable in his lap.

She was beautiful in the moonlight, stunningly beautiful.

"What are you looking at?" he asked, playfully scooping back her dark brown hair so he could kiss more of her neck. She just chuckled slightly, tilting her head so as to expose more skin to his lips.

"I was watching the rain. There is something very relaxing about it." Her eyes remained on the window as the drops of water continued to fall against it in a steady pattern, the constant sound reassuring her somehow.

He just smiled, following his wife's line of sight, continuing to trace small circles on the base of her back.

"You know what else is relaxing?" Marisol shock her head, looking into Horatio's light blue eyes and the playful smile that was just behind them.

"Coming back to bed." She smiled back at him, leaning closer so she could touch her forehead with his, brushing her lips against his.

"You got me there Lieutenant." Horatio grinned at her, carefully lifting her up into his arms; carrying her back to their bedroom, thinking that maybe they could open the curtain just a little bit, so she could still see the rain before falling asleep in his arms.