Look at them all.

Look at him.

All whispering and frightened

All silent and 'frightening',



I wish someone would meet my eyes…

Hah! Look! Trying to catch their eye…

Acknowledge me as a human….

God, he's only human

Accept what I have been,

who made some bad choices,

what I want to be.

Albus trusts him.

Instead of spending my life frightening first years,

Pity he has to frighten the pupils,

that's not how I want to teach,

a gifted teacher, shame really.

like some 'giant bat', blasted Weasleys.

What was it Weasleys? 'Giant bat'?!?

Look at them, practically cowering,

Why don't they stand up to him?

even the staff,

Even the staff!!

except for…

Here we go…

Good Lord… maybe… an allie?

Ah ha! Not all scared of you are we!!

It's been years! He looks older. Worn.

It's been years! He hasn't changed, eyes are colder. Maybe.

A spare chair…

The only chair…

Don't leave…

Please, sit…

"Professor Lupin. It's been a long time."

"Too long Professor Snape, too long."