Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist, nor any of its characters. If I did, there wouldn't be any grounds for a Roy/Riza following, because Roy would be with Ed.


Snow covered the ground at Eastern Headquarters. It was late and a lone street lamp lit a small patch a few yards from the building. Roy Mustang was still there, working on papers he had not signed and were due by eight the next morning. He looked longingly out at the snow. He would never admit it, but he loved the snow: the crisp sound it made under his heavy boots; the way the individual snowflakes caught in his eyelashes, providing a stark contrast to the sable; and above all else, making snow angels. He would never be caught dead making snow angels, but he loved it. A shadowy figure stepped close to the edge of the dim light from the street lamp. He wondered who could be here at this time of night, instinctively slipping his gloves over his hands. Then the figure fell. The Colonel's heart skipped a beat as feathery, blond hair spread over the ground, and a bright, red jacket came into focus. What was he doing here at this time of night? Then Roy saw the tell-tale signs of arms and legs scissoring in the snow. There was just no way that Edward was making snow angels, but it couldn't be denied. Roy looked at the paperwork. He would get there in the morning before Hawkeye and finish. He draped his coat over his shoulders and walked out to where Edward making the snow angel, noting the crunch of the snow under his boots and the way the snowflakes caught in his eyelashes. Edward gasped and sat up when Roy approached.


"Umm…Colonel…I was just…"

Roy fell to the ground beside and started making his own snow angel. As he did, he laughed, not the smug chuckle that Edward was accustomed to, but a real, heartfelt laugh. Edward watched in admiration for a few minutes before returning to his own snow angel. Sometime amidst the laughs and smiles, their fingers touched. They both stopped and sat up, fingers still touching. They both had felt it. A shiver ran down their spines that no amount of cold could reproduce. Roy moved his hand up and entwined his fingers with Edward's. Then he took a fistful of Edward's golden hair and pulled him close, crashing their lips together. Despite the cold, both men felt warm.

The next day, all that Hawkeye found at Eastern Headquarters was a snow-covered ground with two snow angels: one short, the other slightly taller, and an impression of entwined hands connecting the two.

Yes, Roy loved the snow.