Living Lies

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Summary: AU Shuichi Shindou's life can't get worse, he's flunking school, his home life sucks, and his singing career isn't exactly where he would like it to be. Can a new stranger save him for everything, even himself?

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Shuichi slammed his head on the desk as he looked over his newest test grade, an F. And if that wasn't the worst part, there was also a note that he had to see the teacher after class. Groaning he tried to imagine how he was going to tell his father.

"So I know I fucked up again, how about I go and pick out my coffin so you can kill me and burry me six feet under in something nice," he muttered to himself wondering if that would work.

"Oh come on Shu, it can't have been that bad," Shuichi's best friend said looking over his friends shoulder. When Hiro saw the grade, he winced. "Okay, so maybe it is pretty bad, but you can get through it. Did you study for this?"

"A little, but then I almost had a break through with the lyrics but I was… interrupted," Shuichi said with a goofy smile, he really had wanted to do better, but it just wouldn't work out.

"Ah Shuichi, what am I going to do with you? Maybe you can tell your dad the test was really hard, I mean even I didn't get a perfect score," Hiro said. Shuichi wanted to hit his friend on the head, yeah like he could really compare his A- to Shuichi's F. "Actually, I only got these few wrong, I'm going to ask Suguru if he got them right, I'm curious."

As Hiro turned around to ask Suguru, Shuichi glanced at the numbers Hiro had gotten wrong. 'Silly Hiro, 7 was obviously juxtaposition and 12 was the vocabulary word Diatribe' Shuichi thought to himself easily identifying the correct answer.

When class ended, Shuichi made his way to the teacher's desk, not too excited about the meeting. Iruka-sensei did not smile when he placed his F on the teacher's desk.

"Why Shuichi? You answer all the questions I ask you in class correctly, you breeze through all the assignments in class, but your grades are constantly D's and lower. Is something going on at home maybe?" Iruka asked, he was concerned, though most of it was covered with Shuichi's bright pink hair, he could see the outline of a dark and painful bruise on the boys head.

"Nope, nothing. Just didn't study enough I guess. Are you going to call home?" Shuichi asked, easily brushing off the teacher's questions about home.

"I don't think I will this time. But next test I expect improvement or there is no way you are going to pass this class for the year. Also, mind explaining that bruise on your head," Iruka asked hoping to catch Shuichi off guard and get some information that could lead him to believe abuse, if he just had a little proof he could try and help.

Shuichi just lifted his hands to the bruise and felt it, yeah it hurt a lot more today then it had yesterday. The movement of his arms caused his shirt to ride up a bit and it gave Iruka a good view of yet another bruise, this one clearly older then the one on his head.

"Bullies, I'm a prime target." Shuichi said shrugging his shoulders. "Hiro protects me as much as possible but he can't always be there you know?" Shuichi said logically.

"Alright, you might want to consider going to the nurse. Other then that your off to lunch, enjoy," Iruka said letting it slide, he had a feeling Shuichi was lying.

As he walked out of the classroom, Shuichi felt a little bad about lying. He had to do it since Iruka-sensei was so nice to him but he knew he had to. Sometimes he wished he could just tell someone, but he knew he could never do that. He had lied about more then one thing, yeah he was picked on my bullied but Hiro was ALWAYS there to stop them. To date Hiro had protected his smaller friend fiercely and no one had laid a hand on Shuichi, or at least no one Hiro could have humanly stopped.

"Oh well," Shuichi said making his way to lunch, he was really hungry; he had woken late and couldn't get breakfast before he had to be out of the house. Shuichi grabbed a tray and filled it before sitting down next to Hiro at their normal table.

"I got such stupid answers wrong on the test," Hiro automatically started up, "I mean I shouldn't have gotten 7 or 12 wrong, it was so simple it was…"

But before he could say the answers, Shuichi, who didn't really want to talk about the test mumbled out the answers hoping he would let it go.

"Yeah, how did you know?" Hiro asked, after all Shuichi got all the questions wrong on the test.

"Iruka-sensei told me," Shuichi said tiredly.

"Oh, how did things go with him, you failing the class?" Hiro asked.

"No, not yet. I need a good grade on the next test though or else," Shuichi said smiling. "Don't worry about me; I got an ace up my sleeve!"

"By that I hope you mean you are going to study your ass off, not that you are going to cheat. I mean I can help you study; we can pull an all night study session before the test if you want. My parents wouldn't mind if we did it at my house," Hiro suggested.

"NO," Shuichi exclaimed immediately.

"What's with that?" Hiro asked.

"Nothing, just that I have stuff I got to do each night, you know, like chores and stuff, I can't be out all night," he covered up. Hiro wasn't stupid, he knew something went on at home with Shuichi, but there was nothing he could do, after all with no proof who was going to believe a 17 year old kid?

"Alright, how about your house?" Hiro suggested, he already know that Shuichi would say no but he might as well ask.

"No, you know my father doesn't let me have friends over," Shuichi said, he wished Hiro would just drop it.

"Don't worry Shuichi we will work something out, I'll make sure you do well next test," Hiro said flashing a smile.

"Yeah, I'm not worried," Shuichi lied flashing a smile of his own and digging into his lunch.

When the last bell rang Shuichi couldn't have been more relieved, he was tired and he wanted to actually get some homework done before three AM. Dragging his feet he made his way over to his locker and got his books out. Just then his sister Maiko came running up with a slightly distressed look on her face. "What's wrong?" Shuichi asked slightly panicked.

"I didn't mean to, but I couldn't be helped, I really did study but that night had been one of the worst nights, and well I was busy with you, but I did study, don't be mad Shu-chan," Maiko said fast.

"What was the grade?" Shuichi asked knowing that if she had gotten an F then there was trouble. Imagine his relief when she pulled out a C-. "Don't worry Maiko, I got an F today, he will have his hands busy."

"Shu-chan, are you sure, another F? Are you going to be able to pass this year with your grades?" Maiko asked concerned.

"Don't worry about that remember? Let your big brother take care of everything. Now weren't you going to Kara's house today?" Shuichi asked, Maiko nodded, "Alright then off with you, don't worry about the grade, I'll slip it in with mine, if anything it will look just like an A to him when it's compared to my F. Be good and I'll come get you at 5:30 or as close as possible to that time, don't leave without me," Shuichi instructed. Maiko smiled and gave her brother a hug before running off.

Shuichi sighed, so much for getting some work done; he had one hell of an afternoon ahead of himself. With another sigh Shuichi pocketed his test and Maiko's test and left the school with a sinking feeling in his stomach.


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