Living Lies

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Summary: AU Shuichi Shindou's life can't get worse, he's flunking school, his home life sucks, and his singing career isn't exactly where he would like it to be. Can a new stranger save him for everything, even himself?

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"What do you mean Yuki kissed you, are you alright?" Maiko automatically asked, in slight panic mode.

"I'm fine, a little confused, but fine," Shuichi said scratching his head. "Why do you ask?" Shuichi asked.

"No reason, I'm just overly worried about you recently Shu-chan. But that tends to happen when you have an older brother that refuses to listen to the doctor and run around when he's bedridden," Maiko said.

"That reminds me, what were you thinking going home today! What if dad was there, he would have hurt you! You could have gotten seriously hurt. I would rather die then see you hurt, I know what it's like, and I don't ever want you to know," Shuichi said seriously and Maiko just nodded, she knew Shuichi was all in his parenting mode and she knew better then to talk back.

"Sorry big brother," was all she said before noticing that it was almost six thirty and they had to be at the table for dinner. "Alright, dinner time," she said hoping to get Shuichi off the subject before the real rant began, she knew that the little yelling before was truly a warm up round.

Shuichi threw his legs over the bed but stopped with a hiss of pain. It seemed that his muscles had tightened after all the exertion he had put on them. Maiko turned at his noise and looked at him oddly.

"It's going to be slow going to the table, moving bad, moving makes me hurt," Shuichi commented keeping a smile on his face, Maiko laughed and went to help him, allowing him to lean his weight on her using her like a crutch.

As they slowly made their way to the table they saw that Yuki had already started making dinner. He almost dropped the knife on the floor as he jumped to help Shuichi to his seat after seeing the trouble Maiko was having holding her brother up.

The three ate in silence and when they were finished Maiko cleared the table. Yuki was a little amazed but not amazed enough to thank her; he realized that Shuichi must have really raised her well despite all that had happened to them in their short life.

"Can I take a shower Eiri-san?" Maiko asked after the kitchen was clean. Yuki nodded wondering why she asked but not bothering to ask. Then he realized that he had been left alone with the pink haired brat, what was he going to do now?

"Thank you again for letting us stay with you," Shuichi said looking at Yuki unable to hold back the blush that spread across his face. Yuki just nodded and tried not to look at the boy's lips, he saw how well that worked out that morning and he was not going to let it happen again if he could help it.

Yuki and Shuichi just sat in uncomfortable silence for a half hour watching the moon and stars in the sky. When Maiko got out of the shower, comfortable in her own clothes, she noticed Yuki and Shuichi sitting on the couch together in silence.

"Okay, I am going to do some homework and then get some sleep so I'm all refreshed for school tomorrow, goodnight Shu-chan, Eiri-san," Maiko said nodding at Yuki and kissing Shuichi on the cheek.

Yuki nodded back and Shuichi said, "Goodnight," back to her as he watched her disappear behind the guest door. Shuichi looked at Yuki; it was obvious he didn't like to make conversation so Shuichi decided to give him a break.

"I'm going to shower as well," Shuichi said and Yuki nodded still thinking about Shuichi's lips and how he longed to meet with them again soon. Shuichi flashed him a smile and went to go into the bathroom. Yuki heard the water start up and decided it was time for a cigarette and a beer.

Going to the refrigerator he grabbed a beer slowly passing the bathroom door before making his way out onto the balcony for his cigarette. He had decided to smoke outside tonight due to the obvious distain both brats had to him smoking.

Just as he took one last inhalation he heard a door opening. He figured it was Shuichi getting out of the shower, it was actually Maiko on her way to the kitchen, he raised an eyebrow at the fact that she was out of her room.

"Thirsty," she said grabbing a glass and filling it with water. As she passed the bathroom and paused and closed her eyes.

"What are you doing?" Yuki asked interested by her weird behavior.

"Shhh, just listen," she said leaning on the wall and listening. Yuki came close, this time he heard the soft melodic voice flowing from the bathroom. Yuki had to admit that the kid could sing, to him it almost made up for the crappy lyrics the boy was singing. "He's good isn't he?" Maiko asked assessing Yuki's reaction to her brothers singing.

"Hmmm," Yuki said masking the fact that he was impressed with the voice.

"He used to sing to me to help me to go to sleep some nights. He could have been in tremendous amounts of pain but he would hold it in until I got to sleep. No matter what had happened that night all he had to do was talk to me or sing to me and I would fall right asleep. He's good, and you know it," Maiko said defending her brother.

"Whatever," Yuki said, just when he said that the door opened and Shuichi was standing in front of them in only a towel. Yuki took this time to fully appreciate the boy's body, whereas there was still a lot of bruises on his chest Yuki had to admit he was healing nicely.

"Um…hi…Maiko…where are my clothes?" Shuichi asked obviously embarrassed by the way Yuki's eyes were taking in his body. He had always felt ashamed by is body because he knew the bruises made it look ugly and deformed.

"Oh, there in the bag in my room. You want your bunny bottoms?" Maiko said with a smile.

"YES!" Shuichi said obviously excited about the pajamas. Yuki just shook his head; these kids surprised him with every motion. Shuichi went to pump his fist in the air as a sign of victory but as his arms got above his shoulders he yelped in pain and lowered them. "Okay, note to self, don't do that again," Shuichi said wrapping his arms around his torso.

Maiko came back with his clothes in one hand. Shuichi moved to grab them wincing slightly at the motion and took the clothes into the bedroom. Unlike Yuki, Shuichi was not comfortable stripping in front of people.

When he re-emerged Maiko made no move to hide her laughter, even Yuki had to admit that a 17 year old boy in bunny pajama bottoms and a bright pink t-shirt was a funny sight.

"Don't laugh Maiko, you know these are my favorite," Shuichi said trying to defend himself.

"I can't help it, you look silly Shu," she said giggling.

"Fine, laugh it up. Why don't you finish your homework and get some of that sleep you were talking about," Shuichi said. Maiko stopped laughing and smiled at her brother who smiled back to show no hard feelings. Then she left the room, a few giggles emerging every once and a while. "You can laugh, I must look ridiculous. I don't even care, I think I'm going to sleep, I'm tired," Shuichi said going back into Yuki's bedroom.

"In my bed!" Yuki grumbled, if the kid was well enough to save his sister from the world, why couldn't he sleep on the couch?


Shuichi closed the door behind him and the smile fell from his face. The mask he wore every day faded and if anyone was looking they would see a scared and frightened little boy.

Shuichi sat on the bed and curled up his knees at his chest and tears slid down his face. Being in that house freaked him out; the smell triggered the memories of everything that had happened there. He could smell the blood and…the sex. Just the thought of it brought more tears and a sob erupted from his throat.

"I'm fine, I'm safe, I'm fine, I'm safe," Shuichi kept the mantra going over and over again as he began to rock. With a whimper he got out of bed and grabbed his lyric book. Singing was the only thing that made him happy and now that his voice was back he would need it more then ever.

Book in hand he made his way back to the bed, sitting with his back against the headboard he looked out the window at the gloomy sky. 'Please don't thunder tonight,' Shuichi said as a silent prayer to whatever god had the time to listen.

Shuichi sighed and whipped his tears as he opened to a fresh page and slowly wrote out Please don't believe me. With a faint smile he began to write rapid fire as the song appeared.


Sitting on the couch Yuki was at a loss. He knew their time was running out. Soon the man would want his children back or more importantly his toy back. Now that they had gone back into the house the man knew they were near by. He would notice things out of place, and things missing.

Yuki had wanted to hit her so bad when he learned that she was gone back to the house but then they had uncovered something that needed attention a lot more. Taking the pictures out of his pocket Yuki couldn't bear to look at them, he already knew what was shown in the pictures, and he knew the pain that came along with it.

As much as he hated to admit it the pink haired brat and himself were not all that different. Finally Yuki could answer his question; finally he had an idea of what he had gotten himself into.


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