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Chapter 1

It was an absolutely beautiful day out and all of the Titans were at the park. It was just too nice of a day to pass up a day at the park. It seemed like everyone in the entire city was there. It was just the right temperature, not too hot, but warm enough to not need a jacket. There were a few scattered clouds that gave the park goers shade just when they needed it. Yes, it was an ideal day.

Beast Boy was having fun playing with his new friend, Teresa, who preferred to be called Resa. She was the girl Beast Boy had mistaken for Terra a few months back. After he finally accepted that she wasn't Terra, he asked if they could be friends. It took a while, but he finally won her over and now the two were inseparable. They were currently playing tag and chasing each other all over the park.

Robin and Cyborg were playing a little one on one football and getting very rough. Starfire was in charge of making their lunch, so she was sitting on their picnic blanket putting various sandwiches together. She was given a list of what to put on each Titans sandwich and she was to, under no circumstances, take any creative liberties. Raven was sitting beneath the shade of a large, looming tree with a book.

"Friends! I have prepared our lunch, please come and consume," she called to them.

Slowly all of the Titans and Resa made their way over to the picnic blanket. Beast Boy and Resa were out of breath and Robin and Cyborg were hot, sweaty, and filthy. They each took their sandwich, checked its contents, then began to eat.

"Man, Beast Boy, you sure are fast," said Resa, making Beast Boy smile. "Especially for someone with such short legs."

"Hey!" said Beast Boy. "They're not that short. I'm as tall as you!"

"And I'm short!" said Resa, laughing just like all the others. Well, all accept the ever quiet Raven.

"Friends, what shall we do after we finish our luncheon feast?" asked Starfire as she downed a large gulp of mustard. "Perhaps we shall go to the playground!"

"Uh, I think we're a little too old for the playground, Star," said Robin.

"I've got a soccer ball in the T-car," said Cyborg. "We don't have to play soccer, but we could play kickball."

"Ooh! Let's do that," said Beast Boy, practically jumping up and down.

"I'm in," said Resa.

"Kick-ball?" asked Starfire. "How is it played?"

"It's really easy," said Robin. "You'll get it quick. I'll play."

"Oh, then I shall play as well," said Starfire.

"What about you, Raven?" asked Cyborg.

"No thanks," Raven said simply.

"But you gotta!" said Beast Boy. "If you don't play then we'll have an odd number of players and that's not fair."

"You know I don't play sports," said Raven plainly.

"But even kindergarteners play kickball!" said Beast Boy.

"Do I look like I'm five?" asked Raven.

"No, but you're acting like it," said Resa, causing the other Titans to giggle softly.

Raven frowned and stood up with her book. "When you're all done chuckling to yourselves, you can go play your silly game by yourselves. One of you will just have to be the referee so you can have an even amount of players."

And with that she walked back to her reading tree, which was only a few yards away from the playing field. She sat down and opened her book back up. All of them watched her and then shook their heads sadly. Raven had never been allowed to play when she was young, therefore she didn't know how to simply have fun. This was her excuse and, unfortunately, the Titans had to accept it. For it was the truth.

"Alright, who wants to be ref?" asked Cyborg.

"Not me," they all said together, except Starfire.

"Well, I'm not being the ref, cuz it was my idea to play kickball," said Cyborg.

"Starfire doesn't even know how to play, so she can't be ref," said Robin. "And I'm going to teach her, so I have to play."

"That just leaves you two to decide," said Cyborg.

Beast Boy and Resa looked at each other and sighed. Neither wanted to be ref, they just wanted to play. But, Resa gave Beast Boy a nice pouting look that made him go weak in the knees and he volunteered. Resa knew just how to get people to do what she wanted.

Raven was glad when they didn't pursue her to try to get her to play with them. She really didn't like playing silly games like kickball; that was why she always offered to be the referee. At least then she got to use her brain to keep track of the score and calculate whether something was fair or out of bounds. But ever since Resa had joined every little outing they went on she had very little to do with the team.

Resa rubbed Raven the wrong way just as Terra had. And it wasn't just the fact that they looked identical. Beast Boy now spent all of his attention on her. Very rarely did he tell Raven a joke or try to pull a prank on her anymore. Now whenever he opened his mouth he was talking about Resa this and Resa that. Raven couldn't stand it. He may have annoyed her, but he was the only one who spent any damn attention on her. Now he could really care less and Raven couldn't help but feel a tinge of jealously.

"Ra-!" a voice started, but it was too late. Raven just had enough time to look up as she saw a black and white checkered ball fly into her face. The next thing she saw was stars, and then darkness.

The game had been getting intense and the teams were tied. It was Robin and Starfire against Cyborg and Resa. Robin was running around the bases and Resa had the ball. She chucked it has hard as she could, but missed him completely and pelted the nearby Raven. Beast Boy had called out as fast as he could, but it made no difference.

Ravens head was spinning and her face felt hot from the impact of the ball. Her nose ached horribly and she felt something dripping down her throat. She began to choke and was slowly brought back to consciousness.

"Raven, are you alright?" asked Starfire as all five made their way over to her.

Slowly Raven, still a bit dazed, sat up and felt something drip from her nose. She touched it with her fingers and then inspected the liquid. It was a crimson red and that meant only one thing; it was blood. She felt a horrible pressure between the bridge of her nose running up to right between her eyes.

"Oh, man, you got hit bad," said Cyborg.

"Star, go get something cold from the cooler," said Robin. Starfire nodded and quickly flew off. "Beast Boy, grab the paper towels before she bleeds all over herself." He nodded as well and ran back to the picnic blanket.

"I'm sorry about that, Raven," said Resa. "I guess my aiming's a little off."

"Just a little," said Raven with stubborn tears in her eyes. Her eyes were watering from the impact her face had taken and she wasn't happy about it.

"But, boy, you should've seen your face!" said Resa, trying not to laugh.

Raven was furious that this beautiful blond girl was laughing at her pain and the tree she had been sitting against split right in two. All of the Titans took cover before the tree pieces could fall on them. Oh yeah, Raven was mad.

"Here you are," said Starfire, placing an ice pack from the cooler upon her nose.

"OW!" screamed Raven in pain.

"Oh, I am so sorry," said Starfire.

Raven snatched the ice pack away and gingerly placed it to her ever bleeding nose. Beast Boy quickly returned with the paper towels and she plugged it up.

"Let me see it," said Cyborg. Raven took the ice pack away and revealed her nose. All of the Titans had the same reaction, and it wasn't good.

"What do you think?" Robin asked Cyborg.

"Looks broken to me," said Cyborg.

"Brogen?" asked Raven, who could no longer breath out of her nose. "Id was jusd a sogger ball!"

"I've always had a good arm," said Resa proudly.

Raven growled at her and said, "Helb be ub." Cyborg and Robin each took a hand and pulled her to her feet. This action made her feel quite dizzy and she nearly fell over.

"Come on, I better get an x-ray so we can be sure," said Cyborg. Raven nodded and they headed for the T-car.

"Can Resa come to the tower, too?" asked Beast Boy. Raven shot him a death glare and he, as well as the rest of the Titans, cowered.

"Uh, that's alright," said Resa. "I had better be getting home anyway. I'll see you guys later. Again, sorry about the nose, Raven." And with that she waved goodbye and began walking home.

Raven sat in the med bay and was gagging on the taste of blood. She kept choking and threw up a couple times. Her whole face felt compressed and now she had a splitting headache. She was certain that she didn't like Resa now.

"Please, why are Ravens eyes so dark?" asked Starfire innocently.

"She's got two black eyes, Star," said Robin. "They're just bruises, don't worry."

"Thags for delling be," said Raven, who had not known that she had black eyes as well. "Cyborg! Are dose x-rays done yed?"

"Just about," said Cyborg, working as quickly as he could. He looked them over and shook his head. "Yeah, it's broke."

Raven let out a moan and grabbed another bunch of gauze for her nose. "And whed will the bleedig stop?" she asked.

"Hopefully pretty soon," said Cyborg. "I'm going to have to reset your nose. And that's really gonna hurt."

"Well dis day just geeps gedding bedder and bedder," said Raven, sarcastically.

"Sheesh, who knew Resa was that strong?" said Robin.

"Well… maybe Raven just has a weak nose," said Beast Boy.

"WHAD?" screamed Raven, causing everything in the room to jump around.

"Nothing!" said Beast Boy quickly and he backed away before her powers could attack him.

"Y'all better leave," said Cyborg. "This isn't gonna be pretty."

After they had left Cyborg numbed Raven's nose and began to set it back to where it should be. He reset her nose and then put the proper bandaging upon it, as well as a stiff board to keep the nose straight until the swelling went down. It was very swollen as well as black and blue, just like her eyes. Once that was done he stuffed some gauze high up into her nose and told her not to touch them. He gave her a few aspirin and then she went to lie down.

"You don't think her nose is gonna have a crick in it, do you?" asked Beast Boy.

"Hopefully not, but it probably won't be perfect," said Cyborg. "She'll have to have cosmetic surgery if she wants it back to the way it was."

"Poor Raven," said Starfire. "Shall I go see if she is well?"

"I wouldn't, Star, she's got a splitting headache and is still pretty upset," said Cyborg.

"I'm going to have to tell her she's off duty until she can breathe and see again," said Robin. "Her whole face looked pretty swollen."

"Yeah, that soccer ball sure did a number on her," said Cyborg.

"Why does she not simply heal her nose?" asked Starfire.

"I asked her that," said Cyborg. "She said that healing herself usually takes a lot out of her and if she has a headache she can't concentrate. She said she'd rather just let it heal on its own, or until her brain settles down."

"Well, I guess she'll never like Resa now," said Beast Boy, sadly.

"I would think it'd be hard for Raven to forgive someone who broke her nose," said Robin.

"But it was an accident!" said Beast Boy.

"Just, for her own safety, don't bring her around for a day or two," said Robin.

Beast Boy sighed and nodded. He would just have to see Resa outside of the tower. He knew that he should feel bad about what had happened to Raven, but in a way he wasn't. 'Well, if she had just played kickball with us she wouldn't have gotten hit,' he thought to himself. 'And it's not like Resa did it on purpose. She wouldn't hurt a fly! And I should know.'