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Chapter 16

It was an absolutely beautiful day out and all of the Titans were at the park. It was just too nice of a day to pass up a day at the park. It seemed like everyone in the entire city was there. It was just the right temperature, not too hot, but warm enough to not need a jacket. There were a few scattered clouds that gave the park goers shade just when they needed it. Yes, it was an ideal day.

Robin and Cyborg were playing a little one on one football and getting very rough. Starfire was in charge of making their lunch, again, so she was sitting on their picnic blanket putting various sandwiches together. She had gotten quite good at it and her friends trusted her with the task. And Silkie lay fast asleep in his own personal picnic basket, ready to catch any scraps from the upcoming lunch.

Raven sat on a blanket beneath the shade of a tree, reading. Her feet rested on Beast Boy's back, who was lying on his stomach playing a handheld videogame. Her shoes were off and she kneaded his back with her toes and heels, causing him to let out the occasional pleasurable groan.

It had been a month since Raven had been revived and all had gone back to normal. Her powers still pulsed through Beast Boy, as they would for the rest of his life. He was lucky to not have to be as careful with them as Raven had to be, but he still had to calm himself regularly or something would explode or melt. But he didn't mind, it was a small price to pay to have Raven with him. And the others like the now slightly watered down Beast Boy.

"Friends, please come and partake in the lunch I have prepared!" Starfire called out to all of them.

Cyborg and Robin quickly abandoned their game and ran over to the picnic blanket. Beast Boy abandoned his game as well and jumped up to get his lunch. Raven calmly saved her place in her book, laid it down, and went over to the group. Starfire gladly passed out the sandwiches and all began to eat.

"Please, they taste good?" asked Starfire.

"Tastes great, Star," said Robin with a smile.

"Yeah, nobody makes a sandwich like you, Star," said Cyborg. "And I mean it, nobody."

"Very tasty," said Raven.

"Uh, Star, mine just has lettuce in it," said Beast Boy, looking through his sandwich.

"Yes, do you not like it?" asked Starfire.

"Well, I mean, I like lettuce as much as the next vegetarian," said Beast Boy. "But you coulda thrown in some tofu."

"Oh, I was going to," said Starfire. "But Cyborg said that when you combine tofu and lettuce together it would create an explosive reaction. So, for your safety, I chose to make you a salad sandwich."

Cyborg did his best to stifle his laughing and Beast Boy just glared at him. He then let his eye twitch and the bowl of potato salad in front of Cyborg exploded, covering him. Beast Boy then smiled and continued to eat his salad sandwich.

"Awe, man, it's gonna take me forever to clean this outta my parts!" said Cyborg, trying to clean the potato salad off of him.

"Well, you do deserve it, Cyborg," said Robin. "Don't ever lie to Starfire again."

"Especially just to annoy Beast Boy," Raven added.

"Sorry," said Cyborg, rolling his eyes. "I forgot they got bodyguards."

"Hey, Raven's not my 'bodyguard'," said Beast Boy. "She's my totally awesome, superpowered, brilliant bodyguard."

"What do you want?" asked Raven, who already figured out that when he overly flattered her he wanted something.

"What? I don't want anything," he said innocently.

"Tell me now or I'm going to say no, no matter what it is," said Raven, calmly eating another bite of her sandwich.

"You better talk, Beast Boy," Robin suggested.

"Well, I was wondering if I could go to the arcade tonight," said Beast Boy.

"Beast Boy, you don't need my permission," said Raven. "I'm your girlfriend, not your mother."

"I know, but wanted you to come with me," said Beast Boy.

"You want to take me on a date to the arcade?" asked Raven, raising an eyebrow.

"Well… yeah," he said, nervously.

Raven stared at him for a few seconds then shrugged. "Sure, why not," she said a sip of her drink. Everyone at the picnic blanket choked on their lunch.

"Awe, you're the best!" said Beast Boy, hugging an arm around her shoulders.

"Whoa, are you serious?" asked Cyborg.

"Raven, you are going to go to the arcade of games?" asked Starfire.

"On a date, no less?" asked Robin.

"Not that it's any of your business," said Raven, casually. "But we've agreed to share in each others' interests. Last week we spent the evening at the bookstore, to Beast Boy's boredom, and this week we'll go to the arcade, to my annoyance."

"See? It's all about compromise, dudes," said Beast Boy with a smile.

"Huh, who'd a thought BB and Rae would be the ones to have a healthy relationship," said Cyborg.

"They've only been together for a month," said Robin. "Give it time."

"Hey!" said Beast Boy.

"Robin, since it appears that compromise is very important in a romantic relationship like we have," said Starfire. "Would you please accompany me to the mustard convention next month? They have free samples! And a mustard tasting contest!"

"Oh, uh, sure, Star," said Robin, gagging at the very thought of having to taste mustard all day.

"Wonderful!" said Starfire. "And what shall we do together that you like and I do not?"

"Uh, I don't think there's anything I like to do that you don't," said Robin.

"Oh, I know!" said Starfire. "I shall assist you on finding Slade!"

"Oh no!" said Cyborg. "That name is not allowed to be said, ever!"

"Uh, why don't we just wait and see, Star," said Robin.

"Alright," Starfire sighed. "But you will still accompany me to the mustard convection, yes?"

"…yes," he said, less than happy, but trying to hide it.

After lunch Cyborg and Robin got back to their football game and Starfire decided to take Silkie for a walk. Beast Boy and Raven decided to take a walk of their own, away from the others. It seemed like they were under constant surveillance by their friends and they longed for a little privacy.

They walked down the nice path, hands joined affectionately. Even though they'd been together for a month they still blushed when they did something as simple as holding hands, hugging, or especially kissing, which they hadn't really done a lot of. They passed an ice cream vendor and Beast Boy's eyes lit up.

"Ooh! Come on, let's get something," he said, pulling her over there.

"I thought you only ate soy ice cream," said Raven.

"Yeah, but I'd really like a lemon flavored shark popsicle," said Beast Boy excitedly.

"How can you be a vegetarian and eat animal shaped foods?" asked Raven.

"I dunno," said Beast Boy, shrugging.

Raven rolled her eyes and smiled, "Alright."

They went over to the vendor and each bought something. Beast Boy got his popsicle and Raven got a small vanilla cone. They linked hands again and continued with their walk, each licking their treat.

"You know something, Raven?" said Beast Boy.

"What?" asked Raven.

"I don't think I've ever been this… happy before," said Beast Boy. "I mean, I've been ultra super happy before, but this is… different. It's like, I feel at peace or something."

Raven smiled and said, "I know what you mean. And I feel the same. It's like, for the first time in our lives, everything's…"

"Beast Boy? Raven?" said a voice behind them.

They both turned and watched as Terra ran over to them. Unconsciously, both held the others' hand tighter. She stopped once she reached them and the three just looked at each other for a few silent seconds. Finally, Raven spoke up.

"Hello, Terra," she said with a kind smile. "How are you?"

"Oh, alright I guess," said Terra. "How are you? I mean, last time I saw you, you were a statue."

"I'm fine," said Raven. "Beast Boy saved me."

"Oh," said Terra. "Well, I'm glad you're alright now. Um… I hope you forgive me for… everything."

"I do," said Raven. "I'm just glad I was able to help you."

The two turned their attention to Beast Boy, who hadn't said anything yet. Terra was nervous and Raven was could feel the conflict he was exuding. Finally, Terra decided to address him.

"Beast Boy, do… do you forgive me?" she asked.

Beast Boy sighed and said, "I'm not really one to hold a grudge, you know? And, I mean, it really wasn't your fault that everything happened. So, yeah, I forgive you."

Terra smiled and said, "Thanks."

"So, what's it like to be normal?" asked Beast Boy.

"It's okay," said Terra. "Having to go to school again sucks, but I think I'd rather go to school than fight Plasmus."

"I don't know, school is pretty tough," said Beast Boy. The three shared a chuckle at this.

"Well, it was really nice to see you guys again," said Terra. "I hope we can still be friends."

"Of course we can," said Raven. "One can never have too many friends."

"Cool, so, like, if you guys ever wanna hang out give me a call," said Terra with a smile.

"You got it," said Beast Boy.

"'kay, see you guys later," she said and with a wave was off again.

Both Beast Boy and Raven seemed to let out a breath they'd, evidently, been holding in, and relaxed. By now their frozen treats had melted all over their hands and they had to throw them away. Once that was done they took a seat on a nearby bench, away from the crowd around them.

"Well, she seemed happy," said Beast Boy thinking about their encounter with Terra.

"Good," said Raven. "I'm glad she's happy. After all that's happened, she deserves to be happy."

Beast Boy smiled and said, "You know what, Raven? You're one of a kind."

Raven smiled in returned and blushed. "Thanks, Beast Boy," said Raven, giving him a soft kiss on the cheek.

"Uh, you know, after seeing Terra again I'm kinda feeling a little weak," he said with a sly look in his eye. "I could really use an energy boost."

"Oh, really?" said Raven, returning the look. "Well, maybe this will help." She took his face in her hands and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips.

"Eh, I don't know," said Beast Boy. "I'm still feeling a little weak." He pulled her in again and kissed her a little longer and a little stronger. They pulled apart and Raven was full on blushing, not to mention smiling.

"Well… now I feel like I'm lacking in energy," said Raven.

"Maybe we should just keep energizing each other then," said Beast Boy, wiggling his eyebrows. Raven gave a very soft chuckle and they two leaned in again.

"Heads up!" a voice called.

The two turned just in time for a soccer ball to smash into Ravens face, knocking her right off of the bench and onto the ground.

"Raven!" Beast Boy cried and got down next to her.

Once the stars had faded, she slowly, still a bit dazed, sat up and felt something drip from her nose. She touched it with her fingers and then inspected the liquid. It was a crimson red and that meant only one thing; it was blood. She felt a horrible pressure between the bridge of her nose running up to right between her eyes.

"Rae, you okay?" asked Beast Boy.

"You've god do be gidding be," she said, looking at the blood on her hand.

The End


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