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Operation: Tame the Mustang

Phase 1: The Plan

Nina's death still weighed heavily on the young, blonde alchemist at times and occasionally he could be found in the library with a tear rolling down his cheek. This was how a certain alchemist found Edward Elric.

"Don't want to rust your automail, Fullmetal."

"Leave me the hell alone, Mustang."

"That's no way to talk your superior officer."

"Forgive me if you're such a cold-hearted bastard…"

Roy grabbed Edward's chin and lifted his head to look him square in the eye. "You're a dog of the military. Dogs don't have feelings." He let go of Edward's chin and turned his back to the young alchemist. "I want your report on my desk first thing tomorrow morning." Roy walked away, his heavy strides echoing through the library.

"Bastard," Edward sniffled and wiped away the tears that involuntarily spilled down his cheeks. "He doesn't even realize that it wasn't Nina this time."

"Hey, Chief." An unlit cigarette preceded the First Lieutenant. "What's bugging you?"


"The Colonel? Don't worry. He's stolen another one of my girls."

"Lieutenant, do you think those girls get to see the real him?"

Havoc shrugged his shoulders and sat down in a chair next to Ed. "Well, he's sure not the bastard he is at work. Otherwise, he wouldn't get the girls."

"What do you suppose he's like? You know…with the girls?"

"Probably smooth, sweet-talking…hell, I don't know."

As soon as Roy walked out of the library, he banged his head against the wall. "Moron."

Riza was walking past the hall, but stopped when she saw Roy. "Colonel?"

"Lieutenant," Roy gasped and straightened up.

"Umm…the wall…"

"Helps me think."


"Don't you have work to do, Lieutenant?"

"So do you."

"Enough…I'm the superior officer. As you were, Lieutenant."

"Yes, sir…as you were."

Roy opened his mouth to say something, but shook his head and decided not to reply. She had beaten him.

Riza flashed a half-smile as she continued on her way.

"Damn her," he said flatly. "Ok, Roy, you can do this." He turned and opened the library door. He walked briskly to where he left Edward. Edward was talking and laughing with Havoc when he arrived.

"Do you think it'll work?" Ed asked hopefully.

"I'm positive."

Roy cleared his throat.