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Secretary (200 words)

Fujioka Haruhi was the worst secretary that Ohtori Kyouya could have.

It wasn't that she didn't do her work well though. She worked diligently, and always got the work done perfectly.

She didn't complain about work either – didn't complain for a bigger check, didn't complain for about her workload... She didn't complain in general.

She always worked quickly and efficiently, and got more work done then his previous fulltime secretaries in her part-time hours. She flew through all the work at an amazing pace, driven forward by the fact that the more work she got done, the money she would make. (And she got a whole lot of work done too, even with her fulltime job of being a lawyer.)

She wasn't like his previous female secretaries, who would giggle girlishly every time he walked by. She wouldn't gossip about the latest scandals, or read tabloids. She didn't ask to be let off of work early to go on dates. (She didn't seem to go on dates at all, actually.)

The bad thing about Haruhi the secretary was that Kyouya couldn't get any work done because he kept on staring at her during work hours.

But Kyouya kept Haruhi anyway. x owari