Ahhh yes. Songfics. My one true love. Don't worry, there's one more chap. Don't Make Me – Blake Shelton

We haven't actually said it yet. Those three words that mean so much to me, and though she may never admit it, mean even more to her. I want to say them, don't get me wrong, but she's not ready to hear them yet and I don't want to scare her away. But I'm beginning to wonder…

Girl when I look at you
You look through me
Like I'm not even there

She's not cold, no. Many people would say she is, but she's not. She has the ability to be detached, distant. She does it so she can survive the horrendous things we see every day. I get that. But lately…

I'm trying not to give up
To be strong but I'm afraid to say I'm scared
I can't find the place your heart is hiding

She doesn't close her eyes when I kiss her anymore. If I call her in the middle of the day 'just because' she acts like she can't wait to get off the phone. When I try to talk to her about it she dismisses me.

I'm sure she doesn't mean it. She may not even realize she's doing it. After everything she's been through in her life it's probably just her defense mechanism kicking in to make sure she doesn't get hurt. To keep me away. But she's not the only one getting hurt...

I'm no quitter but I'm tired of fighting

And I thought I'd gotten past all those walls. I thought…

Baby I love you
Don't wanna lose you
Don't make me let you go

"Hey Bones, wanna go to lunch?"

She glances up at me from the paperwork in front of her and I try to hold her gaze, wishing she would pause for just a second and see how much I love her. But almost immediately those blue eyes are turned back on something considerably more interesting there on her desk.

"No Booth I can't. There's about a billion things around here I need to finish before everyone leaves tonight. Just go on without me."

Took such a long time
For me to find you
Don't make me let you go

I try not to let on how much it breaks my heart to hear her brush me off.

"C'mon Bones, you need to eat." I raise my eyebrows at her but she's not looking at me so it doesn't really matter.

"I have a banana in my desk drawer." She mutters.

Baby I'm begging please
and I'm down here on my knees
I don't wanna have to set you free
Don't make me

She gets up to leave her office. And I can feel something start to burn in my chest. I can't let her go. I won't, not like this.

"Zack I…" She starts to say something I'm sure is very important and very squinty. But I don't care.

I grab her elbow as she walks by and spin her back toward me.


If she won't let me tell her how much I want her, I'll have to show her.

I pull her head to mine and press my lips to hers, my tongue running along her bottom lip begging her to let me in. She does and I put my hands in her hair, her scent surrounds me and for a moment she relaxes and returns my kiss. My heart thumps inside my chest and I think there may be hope.

But then she suddenly pulls away, giving me a glare that could melt ice.

"Booth. I'm at work."

Then she turns away to go and find Zack.

What if when I'm long gone
It dawns on you
You just might want me back

After a few deep breaths I go back out into the lab and find she is bent over a set of remains with Zack. I feel my heart sink.

"Maybe if I was a set of bones on the exam table she would give me a second glance." I say softly, knowing it sounds self pitying and pathetic. Again, I don't care. My pride hit the road a long time ago and now I'm trying hard not to wish I'd followed it on the way out.

Let me make myself clear
If I leave here
Its done I'm gone that's that

"What's up G-man?"

I turn around and see Angela heading toward me, that cocky little smile on her lips.

Angela. Without her I wouldn't be in this mess. But it wasn't always a mess. The first few months together were amazing, mind blowing even. But now…

"Nothing Angela." I shrug and turn back to look at my girl and her boys. One she is bent over, gaving at with an intensity I've seldom seen matched. The other she is muttering to and he happily nods and points to their skeleton with wide excited eyes, looking like a lost puppy searching for approval.

You carry my love around
Like it's a heavy burden

"It doesn't look like nothing Booth." She comes to stand next to me and I can tell by the tone of her voice that she is concerned.

I only wonder about whom.

"With her it never is, is it?" I gesture toward the platform with my right hand, the other tucked safely into my pocket gripping my poker chip as if it can anchor me to this world of mine that is spinning out of control.

"Brennan? No, I'm sure it never is." I feel her looking at me. "Why do you look like your whole world is about to crumble? Is something going on between you and Bren?"

No, nothing's going on between me and Bren. That's the problem. I can feel her slipping through my fingers and the harder I try to hold on the harder she pulls away.

Finally I tear my eyes off the gorgeous scientist in front of me and look at her friend beside me.

"There was once a time, Angela, when I thought my world would end if Bones wasn't a part of it. Now…I wonder if maybe that would have been easier."

Well I'm about to take it back
Are you sure its worth it

Her eyes widen in shock and she doesn't know what to say, so I turn and look back at the platform one more time before leaving.

Baby I love you

She tucks a piece of that stunning auburn hair behind her ear.

Don't wanna lose you

She bites her lower lip in concentration and I bite mine, the taste of her still on it. There to drive me crazy.

Don't make me let you go

She taps her left foot pensively before writing a note in her pad and I wonder if I'll ever break through all the walls past betrayals have forced her to erect.

Took such a long time

She sighs heavily and I wonder if I'll ever have the strength to try.

For me to find you

Zack says something extremely squinty and she smiles. She finds intelligence soothing.

Don't make me let you go

And she glances over at me…

Baby I'm begging please

I smile all the smile I can muster.

and I'm down here on my knees

The look I get in return isn't cold by any means.

I don't wanna have to set you free

But it's not laced with the pure desire it used to be and I'm haunted by the thought that the shadow in it is dismissal. While I can still see there is a war raging inside her, I wonder if I have the strength to wait until peace is declared.

"I've got to go Angela." I say quietly, turning to leave.

Don't make me

"She knows Booth."

I stop and glance up at the platform but Bones has returned to her bones.

"Knows what?" I ask, turning my ear, but not my body, back toward her.

Stop loving you

"She knows you love her. She just has a hard time showing it sometimes."

I hang my head and continue toward the doors.

"Now that, Angela, I know."

Stop needing you

I won't go back to work today. I've got some serious thinking to do and everything else will just have to wait.

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