The Zoo

By redandblack 4eva

Rating: K

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"It's such a great day for the zoo, Will!" Elizabeth Swann tells her boyfriend.

"Oh, alright. I guess we could spend the day there," William Turner sighs in defeat.

Once they arrive there and Will pays for entrance, Elizabeth gets them each maps of the Bronx Zoo. She sits down and proceeds to tell Will her plans for their little adventure.

"I think we should go on the safari ride first, and then maybe we could visit Tiger Mountain. We also just have to visit the gift shop! I saw the cutest stuffed animal while we walked in," Elizabeth rambles on.

"Oh no, I'm in for a long day," Will mutters.

"Alright Will, ready?" Elizabeth asks bouncing up and down, reminding Will of when they were younger. He cracks a grin and takes her hand, letting her lead him through the park.

A while later they decide to go on the Skyfari ride. Elizabeth leaned into Will and he wrapped his arms around her. "Thanks for a wonderful day Will," she murmurs while enjoying the view. Will wraps his arms around her and lets out a contented sigh, "Your welcome Liz." He then begins to realize that the Zoo isn't really that bad.


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