Love Poem
by crystallicrain

Notes: Written for a poetry fan fiction contest. Enjoy!

I could watch you forever,
Until the stars turned to dust,
And still, I would never tire of it.

The way you carelessly coil scarlet strands of hair
Around your elegant fingers,
The way your painted lips move
With such beautiful determination,
The way you make even the most pernicious, venomous words
Sound like a beautiful melody, sung only for me...
It's all done with such maddening perfection,
It's all I can do to keep myself from losing my head.

There is so much I wish I could do for you;
I would give you anything--everything.
I would give you the sun,
But then what could so beautifully reflect gold on your crimson hair?
Or perhaps the stars,
But your brilliant emerald orbs so desperately put them to shame...

All I can give you is my love,
And that's not enough.
That's not what you want.

Instead, I'm forced to longingly watch from afar,
Hopelessly waiting for you to pass by,
Breathing in the delicate scent of flowers from your hair,
Dancing down your back,
Perhaps feeling the soft brush of smooth skin against mine,
If fate fancied me today.

And though every time you attack me
With your vicious, slanderous words,
It feels as though my heart has been shattered into a thousand pieces,
I can't help but love you for all that you are: