His eyes gleamed beautifully at night,

Like the full moon, they're just as bright.

His irresistible voice overcomes us all,

One look at him and into his eyes, I fall.

We stood there, eyes locked,

A tower clock chimed and proceeded to tick-tock.

From the moonlight, his pallid skin was too much to bear,

This sudden urge I have to touch his hair.

Reluctantly forcing myself from this trance,

I ran without a glance.

But suddenly he was there with an amused smile.

A shiver went down my spine as I knew this smile was vile.

His hands deftly grabbed me,

Please, I cried, let me be.

Unexpectantly, he fangs appeared from their sheaths and tore me apart,

My life slips by, part by part.

As I lay there, in awe of him,

His eyes were excited, but dimmed.

Moments pass and he leaves me there,

Injured in the heart with no one to care.