Author's Note: Yes. I just finished a Teen Titans story. Yes. I'm starting another one. Yes, Zephyr, you will get some Xgent in here, but mostly it's Flinx!

Title: One Wild Night

Rating: PG-13

Pairings: Jinx/Kid Flash UST, Red X/Argent (hearsay), Cheshire/Speedy UST

Summary: During a flash-mission, three Titan Boys find themselves behind enemy lines doing reconnaissance. While there, they find that all is now how they thought on the other side of mirror. (Takes place approximately a month before Lightspeed)

Hour One

Robin read the email one more time before reaching for his communicator. The message, sent from one of his informants inside the underworld infrastructure, contained some time-specific information that had to acted upon. That meant that within minutes, Robin would have to plan out the mission and put it into motion, or let the opportunity go.

It wasn't really a tough decision for the teen sleuth.

"Speedy, report to Titans Tower immediately."

He likewise sent a message to Kid Flash. It wasn't a conscious choice to leave out his regular team members, but was decided that way because of necessity. They needed to arrive inconspicuously and leave the same way. Unfortunately, a six-foot-tall half-robot, a green teen, an orange-skinned alien, and an other-worldly sorceress didn't go by un-noticed, and really wouldn't where he was going.

With the other members of this impromptu mission coming quickly, Robin left his quarters and headed down to the locker-room. It was silent inside, mostly because the Teen Titans had already completed morning and afternoon training hours ago.

Since many of the Titans around the World stopped through Titans Tower periodically, a room on the bottom floor had been redone to act as storage space, with lockers assigned to every Titan, and with a lot of spares for future ones. There was a set of showers off one side of the main room; on the opposite side another room contained several bunk-beds for over-night stays.

He gave a passing thought to informing his team-mates of this new mission, but knew that if he did they'd insist on going as well. This mission would be best performed without a large number of people.

Even as Robin started to remove his uniform, there was a knock at the door and both Speedy and Kid Flash walked in. Despite their names, it was Kid Flash who was the faster of the two, though Speedy had attributes all his own. "Get undressed," Robin ordered, reaching for some of his civilian clothing he kept on hand for incognito missions.

Kid Flash pressed his hand to his head mock-romantic-style. "Not without dinner and a movie first, Robin!"

Robin could only glare. "Now."

Speedy smirked and crossed his arms, refusing to budge. "Why?"

"We've got a mission."

"We're not on your team," Kid Flash noted, using the seconds between his remark and Robin's reply to strip and change into some black cargo pants and a wife-beater he found in his locker.

"You are tonight," Robin said, reaching for the jeans he'd pulled from his own locker. "We're going undercover."

Speedy remained standing there, not actively changing, but he did pull out his spare clothes from his locker. "Where?"

"A place called Hell."

Kid grinned. "Isn't that Raven's area of expertise?" Suddenly a thought occurred to him. "Is she around here changing too? Maybe she needs help..." Kid Flash looked ready to search for the dark-haired half-demon, but Robin grabbed his arm before he could flee.

"No," Robin shook his head, releasing his flaky friend. "Just us three are going."

"Why just us?" Speedy was struggling to get into his own jeans, though he looked quite good out of them (noted the many fangirls reading this).

"Honestly? We look the most normal."

"Since when is that a factor?"

"When we're going to be mingling with our enemies and need to not be noticed."

Kid Flash froze in the act of eating a bologna sandwich (he'd stolen it from Cyborg in the kitchen two seconds ago). "Needs mustard...wait, what? Enemies? As in...Brotherhood?"

Robin nodded, sliding on a button-up jersey over a white wife beater. He looked...normal, if one ignored the black mask he still wore. "Specifically, I just got clued into the fact that the Brotherhood is coming to Jump City to recruit some of the former H.I.V.E. students."

"Okay, but why are we going?" Speedy asked as he pulled on a t-shirt that loudly proclaimed "I slept in the Watchtower and all I took home was this stupid t-shirt."

Robin eyed Speedy's shirt. "I want to see who gets picked, and you might want to change your shirt."

Speedy looked down. "Now there's an idea I like." Removing the Justice League shirt, he replaced it with a Gotham Knights jersey he stole from Robin's locker. "Better?"

"Much," Robin noted, pulling off his black mask and standing bare-faced before them both for the first time. "We need to not look like heroes. We go in there smelling like Good, they're gonna take us out with the garbage, no matter how skilled we are. This place will be crawling with villains."

Both Speedy and Kid Flash nodded, removing their own masks. With a grin, Kid wrapped his arm around Robin's shoulders. "Geez, boss, you're cute."

Robin blushed. "Shut up and be serious for a moment."

Kid froze in place, frowning deeply. When two seconds had passed, he grinned again. "Okay, did that."

Robin stepped away, pulling some keys out from his locker. "We leave now. We've got no time to waste. We get there too early or too late and it's conspicuous. The fact that none of them have seen us before makes this dangerous enough."

The trio left the locker room and headed for the garage. "What's our explanation for being there?"

"We'll say the Brotherhood invited us," Robin explained, "we won't be the only ones there that haven't been seen before, but there's not going to be many. Try to blend in and don't talk to anyone."

Kid sped ahead and climbed into the backseat of one of the new Titan vehicles, one not seen before in public. It was a Burgundy Jeep with leather seats. From the outside, it seemed like a run of the mill street car. With a small twist of several knobs hidden in the dash, Nos-fueled rockets would lower from the undercarriage, net-shooting guns would rise from the hood, not to mention several tracking radars would appear inside the car. There were more features yet to be installed, but for now the truck would do what Robin wanted it to do; it would deliver them to Hell.

"So," Kid Flash asked as he leaned back in his seat and watched his friends get into the front seat, "on a scale of one to ten, just how dangerous is what we're doing?"

Robin grinned. "Considering that no one knows where we're going or what we're doing, that we have no information on the workings and layout inside, and that we're going in without solid background information to utilize with eight."

Kid nodded. "That's not so bad."



"When I went undercover working for Slade?"


"That was about a five."


"This is gonna be pretty bad."

Kid Flash grinned. "I'm excited."

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