A Different World

By Silent Slayer 2000

An:…I need time off of my Journal story for a while I hope you enjoy this! My first Zelda fan-fic on Fanfiction. Thank you!


I'm making this up, ok? So please no comments about what never happened in the game or book. The beginning is little bit about Twilight Princess, and after that, it should have OoT in it. Then, it's mostly made up.

"Cool! This game is awesome!" A 12 year-old girl shouted to the TV screen, "I love my new Twilight Princess game! Take that Ganon!"

A few minutes later, she cried out in success, "YES! I BEAT GANON! OH YEAH!"

She danced around for a while, then her TV screen didn't show the usual ending credits, instead it said, "Please push A for something fun. Thank you very much."

Obviously, she pushed A, I mean, who wouldn't? Then the screen went hazy, there was a white light, then…nothing.

Her eyebrows knitted together as she shouted in anger, "What? That was it? That was NOT fun. What a rip-off!"

After that said, she was about to push "off" on her Wii, but suddenly the screen came up, it showed Link.

"Cool! Maybe I can have fun!" She sat back down on her couch and started to watch the cut-scene that was happening…

"Hey wait! This looks like Ocarina of Time! COOL!"

As I was saying, the cut-scene that was happening…

It was a bright and sunny day in Hyrule…or at least that's what I would like to say.

"Link! Ganon is about to hit you!" Cried the Princess.

Link pulled out his sword and attacked. He did the helm splitter, the back slice, and the great spin. After a few minutes, which felt like hours, Ganon fell to Link's feet.

"The Triforce of Power was misused by Ganon, it fell to the wrong hands…" Zelda said.

'You know, I feel as though I heard this a million times…' thought Link, but he continued to listen to the Princess.

After the long explanation of why Ganon misused the Triforce and yeah, you probably get it if you played the game.

"Link, I must send you back to your time." Zelda said.

"B-but why?" Link asked.

"You should live your other seven years Link." With that said, she put the ocarina to her mouth and started to play a song. Then, the unimagined happened. Zelda played the wrong song! Uh-oh, this is NOT going to go well…

Link was teleported through a white light; his vision became foggy, then black. After a few seconds later, he could see again, it looked like Hyrule field! Was he back to his own time? He checked and saw that he was still tall; he looked around for a lake or stream so he could see if he really got turned back to a kid.

He walked through a passage and found a small lake, he looked at his reflection. Believe it or not…he was still the same thing. What had happened?

'Maybe I should go ask Princess Zelda. She should know!' He thought.

He headed towards the large castle seen behind the mountains. What had happened? Could Zelda help? Were the thoughts in his head as he walked…


"Hmm, how come this game won't let me move Link? Is this cut-scene that long? I'M SOOO BORED…." The girl cried, "I'm going to play later, but there's no "save" option! Maybe I can just turn it off?" She pushed the "off" button, stored her wii, and went off.


To be continued…

AN: Why couldn't he call Epona? If that's what you're asking, it's because he doesn't really have the Ocarina anymore and that (in the Twilight game) there weren't any horse grass. (I'm aware that he gets a horse charm at the almost end of the game, which is pretty useless if you ask me, but let's pretend he didn't get it because he returned it before the battle or something. Ok?)