A Different World

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"Link? Is that you?" Lila asked; she peered into the basement.

Swiftly, Wolf Link "grabbed" Hero Link by the tunic and pulled him into the shadows.

"Link? I guess you aren't here. What was that noise I heard then? Hmm, maybe there are animals here? Nothing Link can't handle! Well, better put these here!"

The Links heard the door close. Twilight closed his eyes and tried to sense for anything. He opened his eyes again, coast clear. He head butted Hero out of the shadows.

Hero tried to straighten his tunic, "Sheesh! What was that all about?" He stared at Twilight. Twilight stared back. "What?…oh! You're a wolf! You can't speak, how silly of me."

"The human is pretty stupid." The beast part of Twilight said.

"That's not nice…" He answered his beast self. "But I have to change back." Twilight went deeper into the basement shadows. He thought up the spell and he transformed back.

Hero stared at awe. "I wish I could do that…" He mumbled to himself.

"Trust me, you really don't want this power. Everyone would run away from you." Twilight, now human, said. He brushed the imaginary dust off of his tunic.

"Well, I was a little surprised to see a wolf in here."

Twilight looked sad, "Sorry I didn't tell you earlier. I just don't want you to hate me and think I'm a monster."

Hero smiled, "Being a hero is tough, eh?"

Twilight smiled back, "Totally."

"So… are we going to stay here forever?" Hero questioned.

"Oh, right." The two made their way upstairs. Hero looked at the table, "Hey Twilight! You got a package thing on your desk!"

Twilight looked at the package, "Perhaps Lila wanted to give this to me?" He opened it.

"What is that?" Hero asked.

Twilight was speechless.


The other Link snapped out of the trans. He carefully picked up the item. It was a helmet like object. It was broken a bit, but he could make it out as a helmet. One side covered the eye, the other didn't. The top was empty.

"W…where did Lila get this?" Twilight muttered.

"What do you mean? It's just a helmet!"

Twilight faced Hero, "Just wait a moment, stay here, ok?" He ran out the door.

"What's his problem?" Hero asked to no one in particular. He peered out the window, "…Maybe I can play with Epona for a while. I'm sure Twilight doesn't mind."

"Lila! Lila!" Twilight called out.

Said girl turned her head, "Link?"

"Lila!" Twilight panted, he was running hard.

"Link, it's good to see you! I didn't see you this morning so I thought you left town today or something!"

"I need to ask you something." Twilight said slowly.

Lila frowned, "What? Is something the matter?"

"Yes. Where did you get that helmet?" Link asked. (Since Hero isn't here, he is referred to as Link for now)

"Oh, a knight gave it to me when I was in the springs. He said that I should give it to you!" Lila replied.

Link looked bewildered, why on earth would Zelda give back that helmet?

"I'm bored." Talo said.

"You don't think we are?" Beth said.

"Let's ask Link if we can play with him then." Malo suggested.

"Alright then! Let's go!" Talo cried.

"But… But guys! Link might be busy!" Colin said.

The others ignored him.

"Ok… I'll go too!" Colin followed the other kids.

"There there, Epona. I know I'm not like Twilight, but we can be friends too, right?" Hero said to the horse.

Epona whinnied.

"Ah! There you are Link!" A childish voice shouted.

Hero turned around to see four kids. "Hello." He greeted. "These must be Twilight's friends…"

"Link! Can you play with us?" Talo shouted.

Hero smiled, "Um… sure why not? What do you want to play?"

"Oh! Show us your sword moves again!" Beth cried. "Please Link?"

"Oh, ok…" Hero said. "Wow, so people from here enjoy sword playing than games? Wow, the world sure has changed!" He thought.

"Show us the jump attack!" Talo said excitedly.

"That one is pretty hard, Talo. Do you think Link can do it?" Malo asked his brother.

Talo grinned, "Of course he can! He's Link! Come on! Show us!"

Hero looked uneasy, "Ok." He concentrated on the scarecrow. He jumped and hit the scarecrow; the pumpkin of top smashed into little pieces.

The kids cheered.

Colin watched from behind a tree. "Link's so strong and brave. I hope to be like him someday too!"

Meanwhile, Twilight was running home. He was hoping that he'll leave with Hero for a while to see Zelda again. "Hero!" He shouted. Then he realized that the kids were there. "Darn… if they see me then…." He had an idea. He took out the stone that he had kept in his pocket. "Let's hope they don't panic…" Twilight transformed himself.

Hero was still uncomfortable, "Ok… spin attack… you guys should step away."

Just then, a wolf howl was heard. "Twilight…" Hero thought.

"Gah! Was that a wolf howl just now?" Talo cried.

"I'm scared…" Beth said.

"Now, now, since wolves are coming out, why don't you guys go home? I'm sure it is nothing I can't handle!" Hero lied with ease.

"Thanks Link!" The three kids ran back to town.

Colin looked around, "Is Link really going to kill a wolf? Maybe I should tell dad… wait!" He saw a wolf and Link. "What is Link doing?"

Twilight, still in wolf form, stood in front of Hero. "What? We're going to leave?"

Colin watched with amazement, "Link's friend is a wolf?" He ran off to tell the others.

Twilight spoke to Epona. Epona whinnied and "nodded".

"What?" Hero asked.

Epona got to Hero and nudged him. Hero realized, "Oh! You want me to ride you!" He got on. Twilight barked and ran. Epona followed. "Wahh! Hey! Hey! Wait! I don't think I'm on the seat correctly! Wait!"

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