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Chapter 87-B: "Do you wanna come in?"

- Do you wanna come in?

There, she'd put the proposition on the table. She had thought about it more than once throughout the evening. Sookie had offered to take William for the night, and as it simply hadn't made sense to disrupt his sleep by picking him up after the wedding, Lorelai had accepted. Right then and there the thought of what this made possible hadn't crossed her mind, but as the evening had progressed; the dancing, the kissing, the gazing into those intense blue orbs of his, the stronger the urge to exploit this rare opportunity got. Right now, just feeling his hands in hers, his fingers gently caressing her skin was enough to send shivers down her spine as she anticipated his answer.

- You sure, he asked in a throaty voice.

It came as a comfort to her that he sounded as nervous as she felt, because his eyes were so dark with arousal it was impossible for her to read anything else in them. She leaned up, brushing her lips against his, wrapping her arms around his neck as she felt him pull her towards him pressing their bodies together in somewhat of an intimate hug, one hand starting out at the small of her back, slowly sliding upwards, the fabric of the dress partly following, the other cupping her bottom, almost lifting her body off the ground. For a moment Lorelai forgot they were still standing on her porch and let out a soft moan as Luke's tongue entered her mouth. But as they both broke off the kiss to catch their breath, it all came back to her.

- We should probably get inside, she suggested with a coy grin. - Otherwise we should consider billing Babette for the show.

- Geez, Luke muttered, but let her go, so she could unlock the door and followed her in.

Once inside, Luke spun her around, reclaiming her lips. Feeling the need for some leverage, Lorelai slowly retreated, pulling Luke with her until her back hit the closet door. She brushed her hands over his two-day stubble and ran her fingers through his hair. Luke responded by running his hands down her back over her thighs, up her stomach, until gently brushing the underside of her breasts. She spread her lips, inviting him to slide his tongue into her mouth. As he accepted her invitation, his right hand moved upwards, cupping her breast, rubbing it through her dress. With months of nursing leaving her nipples sensitive, Lorelai let a moan escape her lips at the sensation. She arched her back, urging him to continue, but Luke had other ideas. He slid his arms back around her waist, backing into the livingroom, pulling her with him.

Although they had learned their lesson that kissing while dancing was not the best of ideas, they still needed to learn that this applied to all forms of vertical movement, not just dancing. Despite Luke pretty much having the entire interior layout of her house committed to his memory, he still managed to miscalculate the distance between the foyer and the couch and hit the right armrest a little sooner than he had anticipated and ended up tripping backwards over it. Lorelai, who had failed to pay attention to where they'd been going yelped as she in return fell on top of him. Managing to prevent herself from conking heads with Luke, by putting her hands in front of her, she failed to get a grip on the end of the couch pillow, ending up falling sideways off him and onto the floor.

- Ow, she laughed, hysterically, rubbing the back of her head, as the shock of the initial impact had passed.

- You okay, Luke asked, sitting himself up.

- Yeah, she answered as she got back control over her laughter. - Just learning that maybe it's not such a good idea to move around while kissing someone.

Luke offered her a hand and pulled her back to her feet, then onto his lap, his hands untying the wreath, gently removing it, examining the back of her head.

- You sure you're okay, he asked, genuinely concerned.

She turned around to face him.

- I'll probably get a bump, she told him, touched by his concern. - But the skull's intact.

Spotting relief in his eyes, she leaned down and kissed his lips, feeling his fingers playing idly with her hair. Sitting had its perks; one of them was being in total control over their bodies. Or, almost total. She giggled inwardly as she felt his hardening erection against her thigh, soon realizing they were wearing far too many clothes. Luke, especially, as he had yet to even take his jacket off. Lorelai decided they had to do a little something about that and moved her hands up his chest, sliding the button-less jacket over his shoulders. Luke took the hint and let go of her hair to take his jacket off completely. Lorelai grabbed the opportunity to remove her pink pumps. Wriggling her newly liberated toes in the air, she decided nothing beat the feeling of being barefoot. Luke, having tossed his jacket to the side, kissed her again. Except that.

As he moved to kiss the edge of her mouth, then trailed kisses down her neck, she began loosening his tie, sliding it out of the collar of his shirt, unbuttoning the first three buttons while she was at it. After that he'd found that sweet spot that made her weak in the knees and she lost all motor functions for a couple of seconds. Regaining it, she tilted her head to the side, shifting around in his lap to give him better access, feeling his erection press harder into her thigh.

- Maybe, ah, he groaned, as she reached down and cupped him through his pants. - We should take this upstairs?

Walking up the stairs not kissing proved to be as difficult as if they had done it while kissing, as neither of them were keen on stopping touching one another. Once they stumbled through her bedroom door, things heated up pretty quickly. Lorelai used her hold on his shirt to pull him towards her, resuming contact with his lips. While she unbuttoned his shirt, calmly, but effectively nonetheless, Luke stepped out of his shoes and socks, clearly not wanting to break off the physical contact for such an insignificant task. Once she'd finished unbuttoning the shirt, she pushed it over his shoulders and down his arms, until it fell to the floor behind them.

Ok, so she had seen him without his shirt off before, but as the last time Luke had been conked out in his bed, covered up by a sheet and before that she'd been to stubborn to even admit there was an attraction between them, it was like she was seeing it for the first time. She took her time, running her hands over his chest hair and surprisingly firm muscles. For a moment she wondered if she'd done any of the sort that night, many moons ago, just feeling his chest. Probably not, she decided. She let her hands slide back down his chest to the waist of his pants, at the same time Luke wrapped his arms around her, finding his way back to the sweet spot on her neck, while finding the zipper at the back of her dress, slowly pulling it downwards as she unzipped his pants.

She was sans bra. It was just one of those dresses where a bra was more in the way than helping, so she'd opted to go without one, for the first time in over a year. On one hand that was good, as there would be none of that fiddling with the clasp of it that happened with a lot of guys. Not that she thought Luke would've had any problem in that department. She didn't know why, but despite having once labeled him as a bachelor for life, she'd also always pegged him as one of those guys who could remove a bra without a problem. However the lack of bra made the transition from fully clothed to nudity so sudden. The minute the dress fell to the floor she would be in nothing but a pair of pink lacy panties that matched.

Luke seemed to notice this as he only slowly moved the fabric downwards, as if he was unwrapping a present and enjoying taking his time. Meanwhile she finished unzipping his pants, which as suit pants often did, quickly pooled at his ankles, revealing a pair of grey briefs. Lorelai cocked an eyebrow at him, as she'd always assumed, due to his love for comfortable clothing, that it would've been boxers. She wondered if she'd been so wrong about it or if he just wore briefs on occasion when he dressed up. She had to ask him that some other time... or find out for herself the next time. Luke jr was fully erected, making a pretty nice tent and she almost felt the urge to make one of those cheesy 'just happy to see me'-jokes. Luke must've realized this as he captured her lips, letting her dress fall to the floor as he cupped her cheeks. Stepping out of his pants, he guided her back towards the bed and laid her back onto it, slowly crawling on top of her.

Like with undressing her, Luke took his time acquainting himself with her body. He trailed kisses down to her neck, then further down the valley between her breasts. He let one hand caress the bottom and side of it, while he flicked his tongue over the nipple a couple of times before planting his lips on it. As she had been single when she'd been nursing Rory as a baby, she hadn't had a man suckle her breasts while they were still 'in production' so to speak. She'd heard of other couples doing this and that it was an enjoyable experience, but it still made her wonder how Luke would react when he tasted her breast milk. As she felt him suck at the nipple, she hissed, running her fingers through his hair, urging him to continue. As what she could only guess to be a drop of milk hitting his tongue, she felt him stop and he looked up at her questioningly. She wanted to tell him that it was okay, but her throat was currently made of sandpaper and all she could produce were incoherent throaty sounds. Luke continued trailing kisses down her stomach as he slipped his fingers under the waistband of her panties, slowly pulling them down, while his mouth slowly followed.

He kissed the inside of her right thigh, then the inside of her left. With her panties hanging around by her ankles, she spread her legs, granting him access while at the same time kicking off the last remainder of her underwear, leaving her fully naked and open to him. He placed a kiss on her mons, running his hands up each of her thighs. His stubble raking against the sensitive tissue on the inside of her thighs only helped bring about her arousal. She let out a soft cry as he ran his tongue over her slit, flicking her bud lightly before placing his lips around it, applying pressure. It was becoming too much too quickly.

She pulled him back up, reclaiming his lips as she urged him to roll over on to his back. Straddling his stomach, she captured his lips again in a kiss, tasting herself on him. Then she trailed little kisses down his body, intending to explore him as thoroughly as he had her. She kissed his chest, flicking her tongue over his erect nipple, before continuing downwards, stopping by his belly button before slowly pulling his underwear downwards, freeing his erection. She wanted to return the favor and take him in her mouth, but her own arousal was making her crazy. She needed to feel him inside her before she came out of sheer anticipation. So instead she wrapped her hand around his erection, pumping it up and down a couple of times, earning herself a mighty moan from him.

The crib in her bedroom being the ultimate proof on what forgetting the condom could lead to, she reached over and retrieved the familiar square item from her nightstand drawer. As much as she loved her son, she was definitely not ready to give him siblings just yet. She opened the package and threaded the content over Luke's member, holding it steady as she raised herself up, putting the tip against her entrance. She let only the tip slide inside at first, as she just wanted to commit the whole thing to her memory. As she slowly slid down, his hips got a life of their own, thrusting upwards, filling her completely. Having already been worked up, almost to the brink, it took her only a minute of moving up and down his shaft before she cried out and collapsed on top of him as her muscles contracted around him. Panting, she buried her head in the crook of his neck, trying to get her motor skills back so she could move. Luke simply wrapped his arms around her, slowly beginning to thrust into her from his position on his back. He kissed the top of her head, her ear, her cheek, any part of her his lips could reach. He found that sweet spot on her neck once more.

Rolling them over, so he was now on top, he put more force into his thrusts. Lorelai responded by wrapping her legs around him, meeting his thrusts the best she could. She was still in a daze from her orgasm, but felt herself slowly being worked up again. He slid his hand between them, gently flicking her nub as he thrust into her in an unstable rhythm, his own orgasm approaching. She muffled her cry when she felt herself contracting around him by biting his shoulder. He thrust into her two more times, then moaned as he, too, came. She wrapped her arms around him, feeling his body close to hers.

She didn't want him to let go of the feeling of him on top of her, but despite her objections, Luke insisted he was too heavy for her and rolled onto his back, inviting her to use him as a pillow instead, an invitation she accepted, gladly. He wrapped his arm around her, making sure she remained close. She leaned up and kissed him, softly, sighing contently, letting her fingers gently touch the angry red mark she'd left on his shoulder in a moment of passion. He smiled and pushed a few stray locks out of her face, caressing her cheek with his thumb. Her eyes were drooping, exhaustion washing over her. Luke smiled and reached for the bed linen, covering the two of them, as he settled down to sleep beside her. She tilted her head to meet his gaze. His eyes now seemed to be of more a lighter shade of blue, as if they were reflecting his contentment. She fell asleep wondering if his eyes really were changing colors with his mood or if she was just imagining this.