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The phone rang once. Twice. Thrice. It wasn't until it had rung four times that Luke finally picked up.

- Lorelai, he immediately asked.

Lorelai was about to ask how he knew, but then mentally slapped herself as she realized that aside from Rory, she was the only one who knew where Luke was spending this particular night. And which one of them was likely to call him in the middle of the night? As she shook her head at her own silliness, another more serious thought sprung to her mind; she had just called the apartment, despite knowing that William would be asleep by now and that phones had a tendency to disrupt his sleep and make him, say, wake up crying inconsolably.

- I didn't wake him, did I, she asked, not needing to specify her question further.

She heard muffled steps at the other end, then Luke's voice re-appeared.

- Still sound asleep, he assured her.

- Good, Lorelai sighed in relief.

- So, Luke continued. - What inspired the call?

- Can't sleep, Lorelai answered, truthfully. - How about you? Did I wake you?

He didn't sound groggy or particularly tired, at least, but one never knew.

- No, he replied, making a slight pause. - Been having a bit of a sleep problem, myself.

- Missing me, huh, she teased.

- Hey, you're the one calling me in the middle of the night, Luke countered. - Who's missing who, here?

- Touch.

Luke chuckled at the other end.

- So, you can't sleep?

- My bed feels too big, Lorelai complained. - Does your bed feel too big?

- It's a double.

- I hate sleeping alone, she continued, skillfully ignoring Luke's remark. - Years and years of doing it, then give me two months with having a constant bedmate and I've just completely forgotten how I did it in the first place. I think it's safe to say I've grown accustomed to having you with me.

- Back at ya, Luke admitted.

His reply brought a smile to Lorelai's face. It felt very reassuring that she wasn't the only one having difficulties with this temporary parting of theirs. She wanted to tell him to come home, but knew that for obvious reasons, it was out of the question. She pondered on maybe grabbing a few clothes and heading over there when Luke interrupted her trail of thoughts.

- Lorelai?

- Still here, she assured him, then a question formed in her mind. - Hey, what were you doing?

- What?

Lorelai realized that she hadn't been specific enough with her question.

- When I called, she explained. - It took you a while to answer and since I know I didn't wake you up, I was just curious on what you were doing.

- I was in the bathroom, he replied.

- Oh, Lorelai said. - And now you're..?

- Talking to you?

- And?

- Sitting on my bed?

- Wearing, Lorelai prodded.

- Lorelai, Luke said, warily.

- I just want to picture you, right now.

There was another hesitant silence at the other end.

- Grey shirt and jogging pants, he finally humored her.

- See, was that so hard, Lorelai teased.

There was a pause at the other end, but Lorelai knew Luke was shaking his head at her. It came naturally for her to picture him. Even with the very general description, she could see what he was wearing. Not that Luke had much in sense of variation in his wardrobe, especially when it came to his bed attire and other clothes he only wore within the four walls of his apartment (or her house). She had once, in those last few weeks when she had been staying over, commented on the lack of variation in his closet, to which he'd responded that he bought most of his clothes in bulk, which limited his need to go clothes shopping as much as possible. Very efficient. Very typical male behavior.

As for sitting, Luke had different ways of sitting on the bed. There was the way he sat when he was on the edge of it with his feet firmly planted on the ground. Usually, then, he was resting his elbows on his knees ever so slightly, sometimes more than others. He usually sat like that when he was tired and on the cusp of going to bed, or he was upset or otherwise in some sort of pensive mood. Sometimes he sat like that when he was watching her move around, usually when he thought she didn't see it, but even with her back towards him, she knew. When he was relaxing, he sat strongly leant back against the headboard, with either one or both of his arms underneath his head, but often so tilted backwards that he was practically lying down.

His third most common sitting position, which was the one Lorelai was imagining him having right this moment, was Luke sitting up on the bed with his back up against the headboard and one if his knees, usually his right, raised. Luke had two different ways of holding the phone. There was the one where he rested the phone against his shoulder, allowing him to have both hands free for any task, like writing down an order, serving someone or even cooking. However as in the long run, that was not a comfortable position to work with, Lorelai was pretty sure Luke was holding the phone up to his ear with his arm. And as Luke's nightstand wasn't high enough or wide enough for Luke to be able to comfortably rest his arm on it while holding up a phone, Lorelai imagined him propping his right elbow up on his raised knee. This left his left one free and if one was to go with a completely relaxed position, Luke's left hand was probably lying idly on top of his thigh.

- Lorelai?

Lorelai had, yet again, fallen silent for too long.

- Still here, she assured him, yet again.

- What are you doing, Luke asked.

- Picturing you, she told him, honestly.

- And?

- Thinking, Lorelai admitted.

- About?

It was very amusing how suspicious Luke sounded. Not that he didn't have reason to, as, after all, he had known her for the better part of eight years, now. Lorelai decided to be bold.

- You know what would be the best cure for insomnia?

- I think you're thinking about headaches, Luke said, matter-of-factly.

- Oh, I'm pretty sure it works for insomnia as well.

- I can't come over, he reminded her.

- I know, she shrugged, waiting for him to piece it all together.

- You're not suggesting...

He left the sentence hanging.

- What if I am, she challenged him.

Although nothing specifically sexy had been insinuated or spoken thus far, Lorelai could feel her body tense up in anticipation. As difficult as sleeping had been before this phone call, she could tell that trying to go back to sleep, as things were at the moment, would be utterly pointless. The other end was completely silent. It was now Lorelai's turn to call him out.

- Do you want me, Luke?

- What kind of a question is that?

- Not a general one, she emphasized. - Right now, Luke. Do you want me right now?

There was a pause at his end before she heard any reply.

- Always, he said, with confidence.

- Enough to shed some details, she prodded.

Luke sighed.

- I can't believe I'm doing this, he muttered, barely loud enough for her to hear.

Lorelai grinned victoriously. Part of her wanted to clap her hands and go 'yay', but something told her that probably wasn't the best of ideas if she wanted Luke to go through with this, so she resisted the urge. She waited to hear if Luke planned to say anything else, and either he wasn't, or he was working up exactly what to say. She did, in a way, get that. Luke was not really much of a PDA kinda guy. When they were behind closed doors, Luke was just as much the initiative taker as she was. Lorelai wondered if maybe it was the 'talking about it' thing, but she wasn't entirely convinced that was the source for his hesitation. After all, it wasn't like Luke'd had any problems with being verbal, before.

- Tell me what you're doing, Lorelai asked, to help him along.

- What I'm doing, Luke asked, objection in his voice.

- To me, she clarified.

There was a slight hesitant silence for a short moment, then she heard Luke's voice again.

- You're in your bed, right?

- Definitely in my bed, Lorelai confirmed.

- Sitting up?

- For the moment. Do you want me to lay down?

- What are you wearing, Luke asked, ignoring her last question.

- A plain black tank top and those sweats I own with the word 'Juicy' printed across the butt, Lorelai described.

- I really like those on you, Luke told her, appreciatingly.

- I know you do.

- Bra?

- No bra, she shook her head. - Disappointed?

- Hardly.

Lorelai grinned at his response.

- How about you, she prodded. - Are there boxers at work there or have you finally embraced the airy liberation of going commando?

- I thought I was the one in command, here, Luke countered.

- Stepping up, she said, pleasantly surprised. - I like it.

It seemed that once he warmed up a little, he wasn't as against the idea as she would've thought. Or maybe his arousal was getting the best of him, she wasn't entirely sure. Either way, he was embracing it.

- Remove the shirt, he told her.

Lorelai obliged and pulled her tank top over her head. Shivering slightly as the slightly chilled night air that flowed in through her open window hit her naked skin, causing her nipples to harden.

- Shirt's off, she told him.

- How's the temperature, Luke wondered.

- Surprisingly chilly, she honestly told him.

- Then you should warm yourself up, he decided. - Touch your breast.

Lorelai let her right hand run across her naked stomach up to her left breast, cupping it.

- Is this you touching me, she wondered. - Or are you just watching me touch myself?

- I have to specify that as well?

- Well, if I'm to play up to this fantasy, it'd help, she pointed out. - After all, we kinda have different approaches when it comes to the twins.

- Which do you prefer, he challenged.

- Hmm, Lorelai smiled. - I do like the way your thumbs rub my nipples, but your mouth's even better.

- Yeah?

- Trust me, you have a very talented mouth, there, mister. And the apples are not the only ones appreciating it.

- Do you really have to go all out with the imagery?

- Why, would you rather I said boobs? I can say boobs. Hmm, I like that word. Boobs. I never realized, that's actually a very funny word.

- As long as you don't start calling them 'boobies' or something like that, I'm good, Luke stated. - And just so you know, it's mutual.

- What's mutual?

- You're not the only one with a mouth appreciation, here.

Lorelai grinned.

- You like my mouth, do you?

- It's definitely on the list, he confirmed.

- Long list?

- Long list.

- What rank does my mouth have on that list of yours?

- Maybe five, Luke guessed.

- And my breasts?

- Two.

- What's number one, she asked, curiously.

- Your legs.

- A leg man, she grinned.

- Definitely.

- Then it's a shame they're all covered up at the moment.

- You should do something about that, Luke decided.

Lorelai let her hands slide down to the waistband of her pants, slipping her fingers underneath it, stroking her stomach and the sensitive skin right below it.

- Panties, on or off, she asked.

- Off.

She planted her bare feet into the mattress, raising her butt in order to remove her pants without any trouble. She continued to push them down until they were pooling around her ankles before kicking them off to somewhere south of the bed. The cold air in the room made her more aware of her own arousal.

- Mission accomplished, she told him. - Better?

- Mhm.

- Any chance of me getting any skin in return, she wondered. - It is, after all, the only right thing to do. Tat for tit, you know.

- I thought it was 'tit for tat'.

- Well, as I'm not the one with the 'tat', this felt more appropriate, Lorelai shrugged.

- What do you want me to take off?

- I'm gonna be selfish and say the shirt. I want to feel some skin on skin.

She heard some fumbling at the other end before Luke's voice returned.

- Shirt's off.

- Hmm, Lorelai murmured, running her free hands over her stomach and chest, imagining him being on top of her. - I can feel it.

- What am I doing, he prodded.

- Well, she said, as she gently scooted down the bed to lay down. - You're on top of me, your chest pressing against mine.

She placed both palms on top of her stomach and chest and pressed down, mimicking the way Luke's chest would press down on hers. She let her right hand slide up to her neck, using her fingernails to scrape against the slightly ticklish skin residing in that area.

- You're kissing my neck, she moaned. - You didn't shave, did you?

- You like it when I don't shave?

- Love it, she hissed, letting her nails run down her neck to her collar bone.

Her free hand slid down her chest and stomach. While applying more pressure with her fingernails, she let the other hand bump lightly against her exposed sex.

- I have a military situation at hand, she told him.

- Oh?

- Mhm, a little soldier is knocking into me as he gives his 'ten hut'.

- Okay, first with the imagery, and now you're using the word 'little'?

- Do I sense some manhood complexes in my midst, she teased.

- I hardly think any guy appreciates having their... you know, described as a 'little' soldier.

- I think the word you are looking for is penis, Lorelai quipped, thoroughly enjoying the brief cameo of 'sputtering Luke'.

- Lorelai.

- Just for the record, she continued, ignoring Luke's outburst. - I never found 'little' soldier to be a fitting description, anyway, so how 'bout we promote him to sergeant? That's fitting and manly, right? Soldiers just follow orders, sergeants, however, they're the man, they give the orders.

- You're gonna use this military analogy for the rest of this thing, aren't you?

- I could use something else, Lorelai shrugged. - Big manly tools, or ooh, I can do cooking appliances, if you want. How does the 'rolling pin' sound? Very size-y.

- Forget it, Luke dismissed. - Stick to the military.

- Was I right about the 'ten hut'?

- He's been doing that since his target was exposed, Luke admitted.

- Look at you going along with my analogy, Lorelai stated, proudly.

- Don't get used to it, Luke warned. - I'm not gonna start referring to it as 'the sergeant' on a regular basis.

- But, oh, the fun conversations we could have, if you did.

- Like people wouldn't know what we were talking about right away...

- You're right, Lorelai agreed. - We need to come up with a much cleverer code.

- Lorelai, Luke groaned.

- Alright, alright, I'll lay off the naming for the time being, she surrendered. - How's the sergeant enjoying his quarters at the moment?

- They are becoming kinda uncomfortable, Luke admitted.

- Then I think it's time we remove them.

- Thank God.

- I want to unwrap my present, Lorelai decided. - So I urge you to roll onto your back and I straddle your hips. I slip my hands under your waistband and pull on the material, and underneath I find...?

- Nothing, Luke replied.

Lorelai's first instinct was to joke that Luke was thinking so little of his own equipment, but as she had already pulled a similar joke and knew very well what Luke had meant with it, she resisted the urge.

- Embracing the airflow, she said, appreciatingly. - I'm impressed.

- Realized it's more comfortable that way.

- Except for now, Lorelai pointed out.

- Except for now, Luke agreed. - No clothes feels comfortable in this state.

- Which is why it's good you're currently without any, she grinned. - And coincidentally, I am currently without a thread as well.

- Very coincidental, considering I had you remove them earlier, Luke said, dryly.

- Whatever am I to do, Lorelai said, playfully. - Maybe I can put my talented mouth to use.

The only reply she got was a guttural groan, which she took as a yes.

- I lean down, she told him. - And at first I just blow lightly at the tip. I then wrap my hand around it and take a bit of you into my mouth.

Luke moaned at the other end.

- You like that, she asked him.

- God, yes.

- I take more of you in, but I can't take it all as I feel you hit the back of my throat. I can with a hundred percent certainty say that 'little' couldn't be further from the truth.

- Good. To. Know, Luke grunted.

- I begin to bob up and down as far as I can, using my hand to do the rest, she continued. - I'm wondering if I can bring you over the edge or if you'll be stopping me.

- No, Luke objected. - You. Need to taste you. On your back.

A shiver went down her spine as she obeyed his orders. Her sex was practically throbbing in anticipation, having not been given the opportunity to properly touch herself until now.

- What do you want to do, she asked. - Where are your hands?

- Nowhere of interest, he replied, bluntly.

Catching on instantly, Lorelai grinned.

- And your mouth, she enquired.

- On your breast, working its way down your body, Luke described.

Lorelai let her right hand return to her left breast, pinching it lightly before pressing her fingernails into her skin.

- I can feel that, she told him.

She maneuvered her hand slowly down her stomach once again.

- Your mouth has almost reached its destination, she continued.

- I can smell it, he replied. - You're further along than I expected.

It was very much the truth. Despite having barely gotten the opportunity to touch her most intimate flesh, throughout the entire conversation, Lorelai was completely aroused, as if Luke had really been there and touched her like she had pretended him to be. Oh, the power of persuasion.

- I am, she confirmed. - What are you planning to do about it?

- I'm thinking of going south.

Lorelai let her hand glide closer to her center.

- South is good, she moaned.

- I run my tongue along the crease, he described. - Flicking the bud, as I reach it.

Lorelai's breath hitched, when she let her right index finger mimic his description.

- Shit, Lorelai hissed. - So good.

- I flick it one more time, Luke continued, receiving yet another moan from her. - Then I spread your lips and I start teasing your opening.

Lorelai let her finger run up and down her crease, flicking her bud a couple of times before mimicking Luke's exact descriptions.

- I dip my tongue into your opening and then I withdraw before doing it one more time.

- Gah, she moaned, feeling her body respond way too much to her touch. - Need. You. Inside. Now.

- Now?

- Close, Lorelai moaned. - Very close.

- I move up, he described. - And I push against your opening.

- Inside, she urged him. - Need. You.

- I slide right in, Luke continued. - God, you feel good.

Their vocabulary reduced to mere grunts and moans as they got closer to their peak. Lorelai pressed two fingers into herself, working them in and out at as steady a pace she could manage, before adding a third finger, stretching her walls, imagining it to be Luke pressing into her. She could tell by the incoherent grunts and moans at the other end, that, like her, he was only seconds away from climaxing. She shivered as she felt her insides clench around her fingers. Ten seconds later she could hear the familiar sounds of Luke's orgasm.

Neither of them spoke for the next couple of minutes, both struggling to just catch their breaths. Lorelai was the first to say anything.

- God, she panted. - That was...

- Yeah, Luke agreed.

Lorelai sighed.

- Luke?

- Yeah?

- As much as I loved this, can we just agree not to spend another night apart?

- Done.