My fourth fanfic! Wo0t! And just to say, Mikan's personality is going to be way different here…it's one of those stories where Mikan isn't all happy-go-lucky. Well, enjoy!!



She walked gracefully through a dark alleyway. Her long, brown hair danced freely in the wind as her chocolate brown eyes looked ahead of her. She wore a red mini-skirt along with a black and red tube top. Her nails were also painted crimson red, and black and red bracelets danged from her wrists. Who was she? Her name was Mikan Sakura. She was smart, with and I.Q. above genius level. She was also beautiful and almost anything was a breeze for her. To top it all off, she was rich, practically having the while world at her feet. So many guys fell for her, leaving her mailbox flooded with love letters.

One con about her, though. She was cold and rebellious. She didn't really care about anything. Why should she? After loosing everything important to her.


"Noo…mommy!!" The five-year-old girl cried, tugging at her mother's blouse.

She had lived in a large town in a super-big house, and some freaking bastard, being the damn bastard he was, burned to whole village down. He himself had also died in the fire.

The little girl had somehow managed to drag her dead mother and father's body farther away from the town.

"Please…don't leave me…" She said, rubbing her brown eyes. She couldn't bear this…her best friend had left the town because of some special school she had to go to, under special circumstances.

And now…her mother and father were dying….

With her young age of five.

About Ten Years Later…

"Bastard," She said, after beating up some drunken guy who tried hitting on her.

This was how she became the girl we now know.

After having to take care of herself when she was ten, she decided to become stronger. Nobody was very nice to her anymore. She had lost everything that had mattered in life.

End Flashback

She kept walking, trying to reach her house and giving death glares to the guy trying to ask her out.

Stupid idiots, She thought.

After turning a corner, a black car pulled up beside her.

What the hell?! She thought as two men in black came out.

"Miss," One said,

"Please cooperate with us. We will be taking you to a place called Alice Gakuen," He continued, and that was the last thing she heard before being knocked out.

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