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Phantom Mythology

Written by: Pixiegirl13

Chapter 1 Blast to the Past

He hated this feeling.

Danny peered into the darkened boiler room of Vlad's mansion with a small frown planted on his face. The wide room was scorching hot because its extensive use that winter. While outside Amity Park was practically going through a snow blizzard, the boiler room was overflowing with heat waves.

Sweat dripped down Danny's flushed face and his tense back as he slowly glided through the twists and turns of the complex pipe systems. The boy's glowing green eyes scanned the place, searching desperately for the person who had somehow vanished. The area was only lit by emergency lights that blasted harsh red rays of light into the room. This produced drastic dark shadows, adding to the forbidding mood Danny was feeling at the second.

"Come out, Vlad," Danny yelled his impatience to his hidden enemy. "I know you're down here," he added after an uncertain pause. No answer.

C'mon! Danny thought in disgust. I hate it when he plays mind games on me like this!

The attack came without warning, exactly how Vlad liked it. One second the room was silent, with the only exception of steam bursting from pipes, the next, it was filled with a loud battle yell. Danny gasped from the sudden sound and spun around in mid air…just in time to see the heel of Vlad's foot collide with his face.

The force knocked Danny into a set of scorching hot pipes. The teen let out a small cry of pain as the pipes burned his skin slightly. Acting quickly, Danny turned intangible to prevent himself from suffering any more burns and to avoid getting whacked again by Vlad who soared right through him.

"This is becoming something more along the lines of a favorite past time, Daniel," Vlad teased Danny, a wicked smile coming to his face. The man loved to go at Danny at times. Beating the boy up was great for his lack of self esteem and for brightening his spirits.

"I'm in no mood for your witty come backs," Danny spat back as he pushed off a large pipe with his feet. He soared toward Vlad with both hands bursting into green flames.

The reason for the fight was more complex than it seemed on the surface. Just the fact that Vlad had scammed the whole town of Amity Park into voting for him made Danny's insides churn. With the boy's arch enemy watching his every move, Danny was starting to get sick of being worried about making a fatal mistake.

Weeks of built up emotions had made Danny an agitated mess to say the least. After finding a small video camera in the lab that night had pushed the teen over the edge of his dam of emotions. In his uncontrollable rage with the man, Danny had flown over to Vlad's house to take his anger out in the only way he knew possible at the time.

But at the present…he was reconsidering his decision on coming over.

Hands still glowing, Danny harshly threw some green rays at Vlad in a futile attempt to take the man down. Vlad simply put up a hand and evaded the attacks with a pink shield. The rays dissolved into the shield as if the thing was a stove top and the rays were water. Light green steam actually accompanied the melted rays as they vanished.

Danny blasted downward and came back up sharply with both hands made into tight fists. Vlad didn't have time prevent the uppercut as Danny punched Vlad from under his chin. Vlad made a small cry of discomfort before latching onto Danny's ankle as the boy tried to fly away.

"You are a nuisance, that's what you are!" Vlad seethed.

"Let go, creep!" Danny shouted back as he struggled to break free from Vlad's vice grip on his ankle. His eyes turned blue as he got ready to freeze the man right then and there. He would no have trouble turning him into an icicle like the last time.

Vlad saw this and acted fast. He flung the boy into the air and shot one powerful ray at him. The ray caught Danny in the chest and sent him rocketing toward the ceiling at break neck speed. Danny let out an alarmed yell as he turned intangible. He was whisked through the ceiling and into Vlad's secret lab before he regained some control on his flying.

Danny was about to blast himself back into the room under him until something caught his eye and attention. Being too curious for his own good, Danny lightly landed back onto the ground and walked over to where a ghost portal was.

The portal was being forced to remain open by a machine Vlad had somehow created. The entrance to the swirling abyss was blue colored and making a slight twinkling sound, as if someone was playing a tune with jumbled up musical notes.

"Why would Vlad want to keep a portal open for so long?" Danny asked himself out loud. "Whatever it is, it can't be good for anyone except himself. Selfish little fruit loop," he cursed the man at the end.

The exploration was still not done because right after Danny said this, he noticed a lab table next to the portal. By now Danny's interest was overpowering any anger he was feeling at this point. Danny had almost forgotten about the battle him and Vlad were currently having as he picked through the things on the table.

Mind working its way into multiple hypothesizes about the matter, Danny rummaged through a bag of haphazard items. In the worn leather bag was a pair of shoes with wings at the heels. They reminded Danny of the symbol for track and field at his high school. There were some grapes, a small cage with a dove in it, a wooden bow, a harp like thing, and other random and also useless junk.

"This stuff doesn't add up," Danny said in complete confusion. "Why would Vlad steal all this from a single portal, assuming he stole this stuff in the first place? This stuff doesn't make any since! Has he seriously gone insane?"

"Snooping now, are we?" Vlad asked from across the room.

Danny narrowed his eyes and spun around to face his enemy, annoyed with himself for being distracted and off guard. "What's with the portal, Vlad?" he asked Plasmius. He lifted the leather bag with the stuff in it and added sarcastically, "You'll buy a whole new mansion with these priceless jewels."

"I don't have to tell you that, now do I?" Plasmius said with his wicked smile returning. An idea suddenly came to the man, and he couldn't help but give a sharp, cruel laugh at just the thought of it. "How would you like it, Daniel, if I showed you a little bit of history? You better hope you paid enough attention in History class in seventh grade, my dear boy, because ones who do not learn from it are sure to repeat it."

With that said, Vlad shot a quick ray at Danny. The teen tried his best to avoid it by jumping out of the way, but Vlad had predicted the dodge and caught him with the ray in his gut. Knocking the air right out of him, the ray forced Danny into the portal. In seconds, the ghost boy was gone without much of a trace.

Seeing his win, Vlad turned back into his human self and bellowed with laughter over his great triumph. He briskly walked over to the machine holding the portal open and pressed a button. The hum of the machine powered down and portal vanished in the blink of an eye.

He had finally gotten rid of Danny! Well…at least for a few weeks. Vlad knew the boy was smart enough to locate another portal and return to the ghost zone and then easily get back to earth. But until then, Vlad was Phantom free!

Too bad joy doesn't last long.

As the man was doing some kind of a victory dance to himself, he realized his big mistake. He stopped in mid one man conga and stared at his lab table in sheer horror. The leather bag with the stuff he had stolen was gone!

"No! That can't be! It has to be here!" Vlad yelled to himself as despair kicked in. Desperately, the man searched for the bag, looking his lab over from top to bottom. "But I worked so hard!" he finally said as the conclusion came up. The bag was gone.

Thinking back, Vlad's eyes widened in shock. He remembered Danny had held up the bag just before he had shot him through the portal. How could he have been so foolish? He had just shot Danny into the portal with his precious stolen objects! He needed those for his new plan to take over more than just Amity Park!

"Stupid!" Vlad hissed at himself as he smacked his forehead.

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