by chipped purple nail polish

this post: May 7th, 2007

a/n: This is for a contest for the Reviews Lounge forum. We had to include ten words (suave, slippers, cannibal, sapid, pirouette, curlicues, guitar, crystallized pineapple, hot air balloon, and repressed) in a oneshot. Enjoy!


Lily watched, slightly disgusted, as Professor Horace Slughorn finished his crystallized pineapple, "mmm-mmming" after every apparently sapid bite. Once he was finished, he looked up at his students expectantly, smiling. Standing up, he appeared to be dressed in a bathrobe and slippers. Lily heard Sirius harrumph in a very suave manner behind her. Despite her own proper conduct, Lily did her best to hold back her own repressed smile at "Old Sluggy's" appearance.

"Er...Professor?" She asked, slipping her hand up in the hair. Professor Slughorn grinned at her.

"Yes, Ms. Evans?" Professor Slughorn asked.

"What's with the bathrobe?"

"Ah," Slughorn smiled. "You noticed?"

"It's kind of...hard not to," she pointed out, her cheeks turning pink.

"It's," he pointed out, matter-of-factly. "My birthday. And everyone should be allowed to wear their pajamas on their birthday. Dumbledore supports me, but Dippet on the other hand..." He trailed off, looking rather uncomfortable.

At this, the rest of the class could no longer hold themselves back and burst into raucous laughter. Lily shook her head. Regaining her composure, she raised her hand and gave Slughorn her most charming smile. "Happy Birthday, Professor."

"Why thank you, Ms. Evans! Now, onto the potion making... Today we will be concocting the Flutter Potion... Very nice potion, actually, a personal favorite." Slughorn continued.

"A Flutter Potion, sir?" June Edgecombe, from the third row, asked. "What does it do?"

"Makes you float up in the air!" Slughorn cried enthusiastically. "Much like those pathetic muggle contraptions...erm, the whooziwhatzits- started with an 'H', I swear..."

"A hot air balloon?" Lily rescued him.

"Yes!" Slughorn replied, delighted. "So, you'll be making the Flutter Potion today. Best potion maker will receive a prize!"

The class eagerly began preparing their potion, which proved to be rather simple. As Lily was adding her essence of Mullerwart, James tapped her on her shoulder.

"So, Hogsmeade this weekend," he began, grinning at her toothily. "Yeah..."

"I have plans," Lily muttered, stirring her potion, which was a deep shade of violet.

"Ah, that awful excuse! What could be better than hanging out with me?" James continued vainly. Remus, who was concentrating on his own potion, smiled through the vapors rising from his cauldron, and Sirius burst out laughing. Peter was so full of hysteria that he fell from the chair onto the floor, at which Sirius was disgusted and stopped laughing with an odd look on his face.

"You're a bloody cannibal," Lily growled as she extinguished her fire. "You think that just because you've got great hair and are a good Quidditch player that you can do whatever you want, but you're wrong."

"So, you've noticed?" James smiled, running his fingers through his ebony locks. Lily blushed and turned away, stowing her potion into a flask rather clumsily, and accidentally dumped her entire cauldron and all of its contents onto the floor.

"Fantastic," Lily murmured as she pulled her wand out of her bag. James was staring at her, grinning, and Sirius was laughing. Again. Thankfully, Peter had remained in his chair, although he was guffawing rather annoyingly.

"I do affect you," James grinned. "Ha!" He pulled his wand out and smiled. "No, let me do it," he offered, motioning to the purple potion on the floor.

"No thanks," Lily told him through gritted teeth as she slashed her wand through the air. The potion disappeared, and the cauldron hoisted itself back on her desk. Thankfully, her flask of Flutter Potion was still in tact.

"You know." James said, appearing hurt, "You ought to let a gentleman be chivalrous from time to time."

"You aren't chivalrous," Lily snapped. "You're bigheaded, vain, and a rude snot."

"And you," James smiled, "Are a very sweet-tempered girl."

Before Lily could retort, Slughorn appeared before the class. "The bell's about to ring- please bring your finished potions here." Lily stood up and planted her flask on Slughorn's desk, as did a few others. James sat his next to Lily's, and Lily noticed, with pride, that his had a pink sheen.

"Just as I expected," Slughorn grinned as they returned to their seats. "Lily Evans! Well done, well done, now here is your prize!" He held up a guitar, a muggle music instrument.

"Er...Thank you, Sir," Lily told him, receiving her prize. "It's a...guitar?"

"Not just a guitar!" Slughorn cried. "It's specially charmed to play anything the player wants, despite their musical prowess! Play away."

Lily, feeling extremely foolish, strummed a few strings inexpertly. A melody began to play. Lily smiled when she recognized it. "Fur Elise."

"Is it?" Slughorn asked absentmindedly. "It is rather pretty..."

A moment later the bell rang. The students packed up and briskly left the classroom, heading to dinner. Lily charmed the guitar to be the size of a thimble and stowed it in her pocket before packing up.

Lily walked outside the classroom, and found herself in the middle of a rather...well, stupid argument.

"Shut up, Potter," Snape yelled, pulling out his wand threateningly.

"Shut up, Potter!" Sirius called in a squeaky voice. The rest of the Marauders laughed.

James began to dance around, throwing in a pirouette and a demi pliƩ. "Look at me, I'm Snape, my hair's all long and girly. Ha ha ha ha ha!" He called, in a voice of a little girl.

"Knock it off!" Snape yelled, stepping forward, his wand pointed at James' heart.

"Watcha gonna do?" James laughed. "Hex me?" In a single moment, James pulled out his wand and Snape was hanging upside down from the ceiling.

"Stop it!" Lily shouted, having enough. "When will you arrogant pigs grow up?"

Snape muttered the counter-curse and stood up, brushing off his robes. "Go away, Mudblood," he snapped at her. "I don't need your bloody help."

Lily pulled out her wand, but left it resting at her side. James stepped forward, his wand level with Snape's face.

"Say it again," Lily growled. "Say it again. I dare you."

Snape rolled his eyes at her. "I don't take demands from filthy Mudbloods."

In a second's time, Snape was unconscious on the floor. James, looking extremely cool with himself, slipped his wand into his pocket and ran his hand through his hair.

"You're welcome, Evans," He smiled.

"I didn't say thank you," she told him ruefully.

"You don't have to," he grinned. Lily stared around. Sirius, Remus, and Peter seemed to have left.

"You are-" Lily began.

"Must you insult me so much?" James begged.

Lily rolled her eyes.

"Listen," he continued hastily. "I'm throwing a party in my dorm tonight. We've enlarged it. are invited. In order to get in you need an invitation. Won't you come?" He handed her a piece of parchment. Lily took it mechanically.

"It's just...Lily, I'm sorry I'm so bigheaded and arrogant." He said softly, walking forward.

Lily remained where she stood. "I don't believe you..."

James smiled. "I know you don't...But trust me. It's just, that's my only way of showing...affection." He walked even closer to her. They were only a foot apart.

"A-affection?" Lily's voice caught. James had always been a flirt, but this was...different. Romantic, even. Her heart fluttered, as though she had just ingested a large amount of Flutter Potion.

He took another bold step. Their faces were barely an inch apart. "Yeah, Lily- I love you." He took the next step, closing the space between them- and kissed her on the mouth.

Lily felt a swirl of emotions bounce around in her abdomen. The first was surprise, than pleasure, and then anger. How dare he! But she didn't want to stop kissing him. It felt too nice...

James pulled apart. Grinning, he took a step back. "See you at the party tonight?" he asked.

Lily couldn't find her voice. She nodded slowly.

James smiled. "Good," and then he turned away and walked down the corridor, a slight bounce in his step, and out of sight.

Lily collapsed, sinking against the wall. When had James Potter become such a heartthrob? She'd never felt this way toward him before... He'd always been an arrogant git... Lily touched her lips gently. Had his graced hers moments before? That side of James was so different, so intriguing... Still shocked, she glanced down at the party invitation. It was in cursive, littered with curlicues and written in bright golden ink.

Lily grinned to herself. Of course she'd go to the party. And she was going to have a good time.