Can't you see that I'm choking?

By: Bernadette

Summary: It was everything. Everything was falling apart. Something's wrong and I don't know what to do. I'm choking in this hell that I call my home. Can anyone hear me? Can anyone hear my screaming?

Chapter 1: Let's put this façade on for show.

A redheaded teenager, about the age of seventeen stared out of the window, feeling a bit suffocated by the world. Her once-pink eyes that radiated happiness seemed dulled over. She wore a rosy-colored tube top that had its' midriff cut off, accompanied by a pair of straight legs. (AN: Straight legs are a fad here from where I live. Usually scene and emo kids wear them, but mostly scene. It's basically a pair of (usually) tight jeans that have the very end of the jeans to be folded up, making the jeans look straight. Do you get it?)

Blossom sighed aloud. Everything had been getting rather difficult. Well, for her at least, she hadn't confronted either one of her sisters about this matter. She was the leader and she was to be the one who had to express how strong she is. She was the one to represent the team and she wouldn't know how the girls would react if she had admitted to them that she was feeling the strain of being a superhero.

She was supposed to be the one who kept the team going on. She was like an icon, a mascot almost. She wasn't to have any doubts in her team, their efforts or anything else. But lately, that particular thought seemed to cloud her judgment, straining her hope on many things. They, the power puff girls have gotten much older, exposed to many things in life and many other things that they didn't ever know.

" Maybe, things were better when we were still kids. I liked those days the best," she whispered under her breath, her gaze drifting away from the window.

People in Townsville, had started to notice the girls for what they were. They each had grown into their skin, molding into gorgeous, confident and strong women.

Buttercup had grown into a tomboy streak, never wearing anything that was a skirt or a dress. In fact, even if she were forced into wearing that, she would still pout and glare all about the room. Even her form of speech had gotten tougher, a little more rugged.

Bubbles, the princess of the trio had gotten into much more into her girlish style. She usually wore skirts and/or dresses. Though, her skirts weren't to the point of being so short that it showed her bust point. In fact, it usually stopped down to her upper thigh and nothing higher. Despite her fashion sense and comments thrown to her left and right, she was still childlike and naïve.

Herself, Blossom had still remained the bookworm she is from when she was five years old. Just like her sisters, her style was obviously different from both of them. Her style ranged from a button up shirt down to a thick, plain white T-shirt. It wasn't much, but it was her own style and she loved that.

A small sigh escaped her lips, she needed to let all of these thoughts go. It won't do her any good, she found out that people will always talk about something and they will always do that.

"Well . . .I guess that I shouldn't mind these things. I mean, I think they would have happened sooner or later in life," Blossom said, releasing another sigh. She got up from her current position and brushed invisible specks of dirt off of her. It was time to leave. The girls were waiting for her and would pursue and find Blossom in her "moment".

Blossom stepped out onto the windowsill, pushing the window open. She'd meet the girls outside, that way they won't think that she's still upstairs. A habit that she does so she's on top of the game.

The redheaded heroine plopped down on the grass, lying down on her back. It seemed like it was awhile before the girls came out. They didn't seem at all surprised to see Blossom lounging around the yard. It seemed like it was a daily routine or just something they got used to.

"Yo Blossom," Buttercup, the emerald-eyed brunette called out to her sister. She wore a simple pair of baggy camouflage pants and a tight wife-beater.

"Hiya Blossom," Bubbles, the cerulean-eyed blonde said soon after Buttercup. Bubbles was dressed in a blue skirt and a slim-fitting tank top.

Blossom sat up from her current position off of the ground and smiled at her sisters, greeting them both. She daintily dusted herself off, blades of grass falling off of her jeans.

"We should go, Ms. Keene wouldn't want us to be late," Blossom said to her sisters while levitating in the air. It was amazing, their kindergarten teacher had been their teacher for years and she seemed to know them in and out. Sure, it was kinda' weird that their teacher ever since grade school was still teaching them, but it was kinda' cool knowing that you have a piece of your past with you in the present.

Buttercup and Bubbles followed after Blossom, their trip to school filled with latest gossip and who was trying out for the seasons after school activities. When they reached their school, Green nest High School, they weren't even halfway finished with the subject.

"Damn. Time really flies by when you're flying and talking about some mindless stuff," Buttercup commented, dropping down on the ground.

Bubbles nodded and plopped down onto the ground beside her, only with a more lady-like poise and balance. Blossom followed after, her style still bland compared to her sisters.

"Cut the lame jokes Buttercup. We gotta' go," Blossom said, rolling her pink orbs. Bubble giggles slightly and trailed after Blossom while Buttercup scowled at her sister.


Blossom tapped her mechanical pencil against her wooden desk, feeling a bit restless all of a sudden. When she and her sisters headed off to class, the thought that had been temporarily put away since her conversation with her sisters had prodded back into her mind. That notion from before has never been so tempting. It had retired to the depths of her mind and came once nothing else was there.

"Ms. Blossom, please read the next passage," Ms. Keene said, a small smile on her face. She hadn't changed at all. She still maintained her black bob of a hairstyle and her casual clothing style. There wasn't much of a difference from thirteen years ago and now.

"Hm?" Blossom murmured, snapping out of her dilemma of a reverie. Her pink-eyed gaze trailed from the chalkboard to Ms. Keene.

"Read the next passage please," Ms. Keene repeated patiently. A few snickers were exchanged here and there, a bit exaggerated because Blossom usually paid attention in class.

Blossom smiled sheepishly and glanced down at the book. She didn't know what part of the book they were reading at this moment and the snickers seemed to get louder, to her at least. She glanced at her sisters; Buttercup was busily snoozing away and Bubbles rummaging through her coach bag. The time that she needed them and they were busy!

"Uhh… Ms. Keene..?" Blossom started out, her voice unusually low.

"Yes Blossom?"

"Where are we exactly?" Blossom questioned, hanging her head low. Her face was crimson red and her long read hair seemed to cover up her face rather well.


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