Gloria Ghost

Chapter 1: My Stupid Double


Tucker and Jazz's daughter had an accident with Vlad, getting ghost powers. Age 15, an old portal activated by her double, and she was sent to the year 2005! Thanks to her double, the portal is broke! Now it's time to learn why she's here, get the portal fixed, and to stop her double's plan... TxJ DxS

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"This is talking"

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My Stupid Double


This really SUCKS! What is wrong with these ghosts? Are they on crack? I punched the ever lame box ghost towards my uncle who sucked him into the infamous Fenton Thermos. "Uncle Dan, please tell me a real ghost will come?"

"I really don't know, Glow." Uncle Dan said.

I snorted at my nickname. Hi, I'm Gloria, AKA Glow, Glowie (Mom only), and Public Enemy number 3. I really hate this town. I'm called Glow because of my name and my eyes glow an eerie green in both forms.

Anyways, I'm half-ghost. No, no, remember Dan (which is Danny) is my UNCLE. I was in an accident involving this jerk called Vlad. I'm not going into details, until the time is right, which it isn't.

"Glow, GLOW!" My Uncle was screaming, "YOUR GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!"

I blinked and came back. "GAH! OMIGOSH!!!" I quickly changed back.

My orange-blackish-red hair changed back to my brownish strawberry blond with my black headband. And my hazmat jumpsuit changed into my blue tank top, black khakis, and white sneakers. I grabbed my blue messenger bag and started running to beat the bell.


"Wooooow… 7 minutes late! New record! Hi, Mr. Chase! Meet you in detention?" I exclaimed. Laughs and giggles were heard, and Mr. Chase rolled his eyes and handed me the pink slip. I'm sort of the person who always gets in trouble for one thing: lateness.

Anyways, let's talk more about me! NO I'M NOT SELF-CENTERED. That's preppy, pukey, pinky, pompous, STUPID, Patricia. Ugh, wish I could think of more bad "p-" names…

I am the daughter of…… (GASP) Tucker Foley and Jasmine Fenton (now "Foley"). Don't ask me how they got together, I don't bother to ask. I'm fifteen, and come in three flavors!!! (...cough) I have some of their strangest traits. I HATE to be wrong. I also love techno stuff.

Anyways, it has seems I have talk my way to the end of the day! YAY I'M FREE!!!!!!!!
Wait... Detention.


(After a looong three hour detention...)


That is my mom, Jazmine Foley, or Fenton.

Uh Oh, another speech on how "she" was a perfect student! Like she has to fight ghost! Wellll... the box ghost...
OMG, she's DONE! Just nod and the world thinks you understands! It really works!!!


Seems my aunt Sam's rebel skills has affected me...


A crash was heard from the basement lab. Oh? Did I mention out house has a lab, because that's very important!

My mom sighed.

"Just... go."

I grinned and quickly changed into my ghost form and phased into the lab.

Nothing seems to be a probl-



It was my double. My anti-double... She escaped from the anti-world...AGAIN.

"Hello Glowie-Glow!!!" she grinned.

"Don't talk to me you WITCH!! What are YOU doing HERE???!!" I sneered. I got up and flew close to the ceiling.

She frowned and flew next to me, her eyes becoming an evil unearthy shade of red.

"Now, don't wanna do something fierce..."
She formed two bright red ecto-beams in hand.

"Now, now..."
I formed two blue beams.

"Fair Fight?" She asked.

I suddenly fired my ecto-beams.

Direct hit.

"EEK!!!" She shrieked.

I smirked.

"Like WE play FAIR!"

She got up quickly and the fight began.

(Teh loooooong fight scene I don't wanna explain, SUE ME.)

We were both cut up and bruised and panting for breath. And welll... the lab was destory, nothing my parents couldn't fix. My energy was almost up and I could feel I was going to change back soon. With all my strength, I did my ghostly shriek. It's like a ghostly wail, only female verison.


My double crashed into the oppposite wall and fell there, not moving.
I flew next to her.


I saw her smirk and the next thing I knew, she grabbed my leg and flew me into the "failed" "time warp".

I thought it was "failed" but then it started lighting up.

I looked and my double was pressing knobs and buttons.

I saw her press in the numbers:


The last thing I heard was my double laughing and the light of the time warp.

I blacked out.


Hours later I woke up in a different lab and 5 five pairs of eyes looking at me.

They are look like the people in my mom's old picture album. Like younger verisons-

Then it hit me.



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