Gloria Ghost

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This in thinking, duh!
"This is talking"

This shows EMOTION or (place)

Hangin' Out and Meet the Master


(Glow's POV)

This is fuun... really fuuuun...

Actually, I was bored out my mind! That... or I'm sugar high... and I can't remember a thing...

Then I screamed.

"CAN WE DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"...We're at THE MALL." Danny rolled his eyes.

I looked around. Indeed, we were at the mall. The smell of greasy fast food, the sounds of games and people, and the stores of stores or whatever...

"...Oh... How did we get here?"

...I must be slow in the head. And everyone smacked their heads.

"Come on! Wanna go to "Hot Topic" with me while the boys go to "Game Stop"?" asked Sam, pointing towards the store.

"Nah! I'll go to "Barnes and Noble"... as soon as I find it..."

"I'll go with you! Maybe they have the books I have on hold."

And like the immature kids they were, they ran towards the mention store of gory bloody bloody games. Fuun... Sam sighed, expectong that.

So we went to the store. Lucky for me, Sam paid for all my books, because I soooooo didn't have money. Besides, even, if I DID have money, they would have thought it was fake. The type of money we have now is different. Like, instead of George WASHINGTON on the quarter, it's now George CLOONEY. Somehow, he became a president... don't ask me... kay?

Well, after finding out we had lots of things in common, we went to "Hot Topic". Now, here's some diolouge!

"Glow, how's this shirt? Do you think-"

"Danny will like it?" I smirked and she blushed.

"No no, I meant do you think this would good with this skirt?"


Times like this make it seem I'm less mature than I think... I blame Carly...


A crash came from "ToysRus". Woooooow...


A small green-hair snot-nosed brat came out of the store, grabbing as many toys as he can. His outfit was... strange. He was wearing a cowboy hat and rustler gitup and was on a horse made of BONES...

Plain Weird.

Many people didn't noticed the ghost, except the little boys and girls telling their parents, the parents just smiled like nothing happened.

Why can't they see them...?

"Can we go now?" said the boney horse, annoyed and impatience.


I rolled my eyes and looked at boy, he looked like a younger verison of this ghost I know from the future..

WAIT! This is the PAST! Maybe this is him...

"YOUNGBLOOD!!!" yelled a voice, and ecto-beams came right after.

And of course... Everyone started screaming like babies for their mommies and ran to the nearest exit.

Idiots... But kind of smart... WAIT!!

Danny PHANTOM suddenly appeared quickly firing ecto-beams at the ghost, but to everybody else, he must was just randomly shooting air.

"Youngblood?? What are you doing here???" Danny shouted flying slightly close to the boy "Youngblood."

"I'm boooored it da Ghost Zone, being an astronaut!(1) And I wanted new toys! EVERYONE knows you get free toys as a cowboy!" He admitted, proudly.

Danny scoffed and stated a "whatever" and started to shoot again.

I looked over at Sam and she was busy reading one for the books she bought. I ran over and grabbed her by the shoulder, franticly.

"Sam! SAAAAAAAMMMM!!!" I screamed in her ear, and she fell over the bench, then glared at me, angrily.


"Look! "This Ghost" is fighting another ghost named "Youngblood!" and I pointed in the direction of the fight and saw Danny dodging the boney horsy-thingy.

She blinked, "I don't see any ghost, but Danny Phantom shooting at random air(2)..."

I was flabbergasted. See? Look at my vocabulary!

Wait... I have ghost powers!... how did I forget that?

I ran towards the bathroom and changed into Glowie. My eyes glow green and I was ready. I flew out of the bathroom to see Carly- I mean RAYNE, helping Danny fight.

"NYAH, NYAH, YOU CAN'T CATCH ME!" yelled Youngblood dodging the ecto-blasts.

"UGH!! YOU LITTLE BRAT!!! GO PLAY IN TRAFFIC!!!" screamed (of course...) Rayne and fired her "special" ghost powers.

Her eyes glowed and special shade of blue and a wisp of cold air came out of her mouth and went towards Youngblood. 2 seconds later, Youngblood was completely frozen in a block of ice!

"Master!" shrieked the horse and ran toward where Youngblood was falling. Luckily, Danny took this time to open up the thermos and suck both of them in.

"Cool! How did you do that...?"

And Time stopped... or we were just very quiet...

"Ummmm... THANKYOUGOTTAGOBYENESS!!!!" ANd she disapeared, leaving Danny and I, alone.


"Ummmmmm... BYENESS TOO!"

Before he could even blink, I disapeared like Carly and flew off.

"Ugh..." I landed next to some stupid store display and changed back.


I got to check before I change back...



Just watching.

A man in a raggedy old blue hoodie cape sat looking blankly at trillion screens of life. Just watching. Of course after thousands of years... You COULD go insane...

And that's what he did.

Of course they replaced him... How rude! Just because he tampered with time... for the end of world for his own reasons... At first he didn't accept it... Him, insane? No... just... for the good of the earth.. Him to be their ruler... Good, no?

He remembered... He fixed their time portal and sent his "Daughter" to get Gloria and Carly to get to the past. He smirked, an expression coming on his blank face. He looked at the screen, still blank.

He saw time... he knew what he needed to do... Send Gloria and Carly back... JUST when they were getting their element powers that could stop him... And the perfect time to start his war on earth and the ghost zone...

Wait just wait.

Soon... the Universe will be mine!

Now to get rid of Clockwork before he warns Daniel. I mean, he saw everything. Planning every step, percisely. Soon, oh so soon...

He lifted up his hood and felt his scar, and it glowed an eerie red. He gained a creepy smile, showing his crooked and sharp teeth.

Oh so soon...

They will pay.


Ooo... Chilling, no?

(1) Watch Livin Large, Youngblood was a astronaut.
(2) Sam seems too mature to actually be able to see Youngblood...

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