A/N: This is my second story and it's gonna be longer than the first but I don't think it's gonna be that good 'cause I'm kinda making it up as I go along so bear with me.

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Fang POV

Why does she have to be so stubborn? She doesn't even listen to me when I talk. OK if you don't know who the she I'm talking about is well its Maximum Ride. You see after we meaning the Flock Me Fang, Max, Gazzy, Iggy, Nudge, Angle, and Total left Itex in Florida Max decided she wanted to destroy the place where she was kept in a tank. I tried to stop her cause she wanted to go alone but she doesn't listen to me. I asked Angle to read her mind and she said she just kept saying my name and that she had to do it. She also said it had something to do with the voice that ticked me off I hate that stupid voice. Well after that I really tried to stop her but you know how she is. Max walked off from the camp we were staying at. Angel follow Max and tell her I need to talk to her NOW. She nodded her head to tell me she understood and walked off to find Max while I walked off the other way. After a few minutes Max didn't come so I went back and I saw that the Flock was fighting Erasers and Max was nowhere in sight neither was Ari who I expected to see. I started to help the Flock and when all the Erasers were either gone or dead I asked the Flock. "Iggy what happened why didn't you call me? Where is Max?"

"Fang! We don't know where Max is we haven't seen her since she walked into the woods." "Ok Iggy I am calm now but still why wasn't Ari here with the other Erasers?"

Angle did you find her when you went into the woods? "No Fang I didn't I mean I couldn't I got into the woods that is when I saw the Erasers."