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"Max, I love you too." I was stunned again. He

leaned over to kiss me but the van stopped abruptly. We were at the school.

The back door to the van opened and the same Erasers as before grabbed us. They pulled us over to a door but didn't go in. We stood outside the door and Ari walked over. "Welcome home guys. Someone is here to greet you. I'm sure it will be a surprise." Fang and I glared at Ari. The door opened and Talon walked out. I gasped even though I wasn't really surprised, I told him to come back here and leave us alone. Fang looked over at me since the Erasers decided it was best to keep us apart. Talon walked over to me and smiled. "Looks like they got you here either way." I glared again but this time at Talon. "Maybe you should just shut up before I beat you up again." Maximum you are going to get yourself killed with that mouth of yours! God you sound like my nonexistent mother. Well I wouldn't have to sound like your mother if you would just listen to me. What if I don't want to listen to you? Well if you don't want to listen to me than you are going to get yourself and everyone you love killed. Do you want to get Fang killed? Hey I already admitted I love him so leave me alone. The voice shut up and I tuned back into what everybody was saying."Well Maxy lets get you and Fangy here in to Jeb." Talon said glaring at Fang. I quickly counted up the Erasers. There are about nine, including Ari and Talon. I looked at Fang and nodded. We both started fighting the Erasers that held us. Soon Fang, Ari, Talon, and I were the only ones left. I stood next to Fang panting, well Ari and Talon stood next to each other. "Scared?" I taunted and Fang shot me a sharp look for fueling the fire. Talon smiled and jumped at me well Ari got Fang. "Just like old times huh Talon?" He smiled and continued trying to hit me. I looked over to see if Fang was alright. Maximum watch out! I turned back just in time to duck away from Talon's fist. I punched him and he fell to the ground. It surprised me because I didn't think I hit him that hard. I jumped when someone laid their hand on my shoulder. I turned around and was met with Fang's lips.