Part Fifty-Four:

I reached for the front door knob, but hesitated. Go. Stay. No. Maybe. Well... I wasn't sure what I should do. This should be the time when my vision comes in to save the day. Just go poof. Tell me what I planned to do in the future. It'll save me the trouble. But of course it couldn't be that easy for me. I had to be tortured first, duh. I decided I would decide outside. Ide, Ide, Ide. I made myself my own poem sentence. Decide to decide outside. PAY ATTENTION, Ivy!

I latched my stubbily fingered hand around the door knob, just to feel some solid form slam into my side. I landed painfully on the wooden floor-on my side-not even able to say 'oof'. The air had somehow exited out of my body for a vast ammount of time. The time that air came back to me was when I rolled over to my stomach. I started gasping in slight shock. What the hell was that?! Before I could completely recover, a bony, cold hand grasped my left shoulder.

My scream was cut off by the person's fist slamming into my back. This happened to take the air out of me, too. But, luckily, my air came back faster. I could hear the blood rushing to my ears, and I was more confused than ever. I didn't hesitate, this time. I started using what training I could think of. I can't exactly see this person, so I think I'll use a werewolf special way. I blocked out the sound of the endless river of blood, and concentrated on the next move.

I heard it!

A foot was stomping at me, but I tensed up and rolled the opposite way. Instead of staying on the ground, I shoved myself to my feet. Then I turned to see Riley standing there, looking extremely angry. Who cares? I'm the one that should be angry! Riley's little pelican looking self not only tried to kill me by possessing Daviel, but also just attacked me for no reason! I lifted my fists, not exactly trained in that area, but it's worth a try. I'll squeeze the birdy out of this birdy.

"Just hand It over to me, and you'll live,"Riley ordered. I scoffed,"What are you going to do? Possess this house." I'm basing this off of Daviel's words. That the only thing Riley is good at is possessing things. Hopefully he doesn't start throwing possessed chairs at me or something. Riley caught on the insult, and threw a crazy punch at me. It wasn't even close to hitting me. Wow, good thing because I was sure I'd never be able to win a fist fight. As long as the enemy can't throw a punch, I'm sure I'll manage.

Riley threw another, more accurate punch, but I dodged it. With that, I flew one his way, but instead of connecting with his jaw, I fell to the ground. At first I thought it was me. I mean, I could be that dumb as to make myself fall. Maybe I had done some silly little move where I twirled in a circle and tumbled to the floor like a moron. But then I realized what had happened when I looked at my feet to see my shoes were acting up. I guess it wasn't a joke to assume that Riley could possess all kinds of things.

This just got me mad, but not as mad as when Riley got his skeletal, bony self on top of me and pinned me down. His hands latched around my wrists so that it sent seering pain down my arm, and my hand started tingling from the lack of circulation. I started to scream, but instead went into a coughing fit at the disgusting smell that radiated from Riley. Major body odor. Geez, have you ever heard of soap and water? Deoderant? Cologne? ANYthing?!

"I'll just take the Sight from you, then,"Riley snarled, letting the putrid smell of his breath cause me to stop breathing. Onions. Possibly some chili. Gross. Hey you, come back. I think you need a tic tac. Not one, not two, but all of the whole pack. Wait, what did he mean by taking my sight? How dumb. Riley put his hand over my eyes, and started a chant. A familiar chant. One that came from a guy named Cole...unless my mind has failed me in the name area. Cole Bowl/Yates.

I didn't know that Riley could do that. Wasn't Cole a Sight Seeker? Riley is just a magician; how does this work out? Totally not fair! I felt supressed rage start to boil in my stomach. It tensed my muscles, but Riley only took it as a weak attempt to get free. He continued his chant, but I continued to feel the warmth of anger build in my blood. I could practically imagine it as fire starting to form itself; preparing to attack Riley. Then, like a bomb, I felt the rage burst from under my skin.

It was fire. Literally fire. Fire with enough force to throw Riley back, and against the inner wall of the room. I sat up quickly, not feeling hot in the least bit. I starred in shock as Riley started slamming himself against the wall. He stopped suddenly. Then, with a scream, he fell to the ground. It discusted me to see that he was burning to ashes. I started to cough. The wall that Riley had been slamming against was now caught on fire itself. Well...this was a sign to get OUT of here!

I staggered to my feet, and shouldered the front door open. When I got out to the bottom of the porch, coughing, I felt cold, sharp pin pricks on my skin. I looked up sharply to see that it was raining. I mean, it was REALLY raining. After only two seconds, the rain turned from small drops to big, blubbering blobs of water. To exaggerate would be saying that they were so big that one drop would soak you. To underexaggerate would be to say that they were so small that standing out here for three minutes wouldn't get you soaked.

I turned to look at the house, but was shocked to see that the front door had been swallowed by furious fire. A fire I had started. It was making its way like a race car, speeding along the outer wall. Once it would connect in a complete barrier, it would start eating its way to the center of the house. By the looks of the flames, the house would fall in a heap of ashes before daylight. At first I felt relief. Josepher would surely die, of course, along with the probably already dead Riley.

Then my heart got caught in my throat. D...Da...Daviel's in there! Oh my God! This fire, it'll kill him, and it'll be my fault. "DAVIEL,"I screamed at the flames. They were already eating their way into the interior of the house. "DAVIEL,"I screeched in fear. Before I knew it, I was running towards the house. My march was interupted by someone wrapping their arms around my waist and pulling me back. "DAVIEL,"I screamed in rage towards the house. Then I directed myself to the person who had captured me.

It was Aadon.

"Get OFF me,"I yelled, slamming my fists against his arms,"Let go! Daviel's in the house. DAVIEL is in the...DAVIEL!" And I continued to beat my fists against Aadon, screaming for Daviel. Then the house collapsed, which sent me into a hysterical scream. Aadon was pulling me into a car. He wasn't even saying anything! I started to get out and run towards the collapsed house, but Audrey's small hands wrapped around my arm to hold me in. Aadon shut the door.

"Let go,"I snapped at Audrey, who was sitting in the back of the car next to me. Audrey looked sad, but she only shook her head. "Daviel's dead,"she said carefully,"he was planning on dying. That's why he contacted us to get you." I felt the angry tears start to build up in my eyes, so I turned my head to glare out the window. I slammed my head against the window on purpose, but Aadon only started the car. We started driving away from the still flamed house.

"Where am I going,"I said apathetically through gritted teeth. "Ivy,"Audrey said in a cracked voice,"You're going home, now. You're going to home." But I knew that this was false. Home is what you make it. People call where they live home. People call the world home. I called home wherever Daviel was. And I was sure that Audrey and Aadon wasn't taking me there. Quite opposite, in fact. I'm sure they're taking me away from hell. Hell with my parents who will never learn.

Some people never find home. Sometimes death is home. It all depends on what you consider home.

I concentrated on seeing my eyelashes. Well, it didn't look like eyelashes to me. More like blurred lines that sometimes blocked my vision. They had caught my attention while I was laying my head against the cool, smooth wood of my school desk. I didn't lift my head, but instead I just tried to focus. As if my eyes were microscopes so that I could zoom on the pathogens/bacteria located on the lashes. Of course, I'm not that advanced, though I supposively possess 'It'.

I felt Mr. Poe's eyes on me. He was most likely asking me a question that has to do with the subject. Or seeing if I'll accept a debate challenge. Usually, if a student didn't answer him, he'd go insane. This time, though, he turned to bother someone else. All the teachers didn't bother me. I'm just glad today is a Friday. May 11th...sweet, sweet friday. Don't I sound like a normal teenager now? Try depressed. I heard the end of day bell go off, but I continued my quest to zoom on my eyelashes.

When I heard all the quiet footsteps walk out of the room, I started to gather my things. Mr. Poe was standing in front of my desk. "Iveria,"he started. "Ivy,"I said in a slow drawl, as if it didn't even matter anymore. Which it didn't, I'm sure. Everyone is acting as if nothing ever happened. The only connections I have now are Audrey and Aadon...Aadon disappeared while Audrey moved on purpose of avoiding contact with me. I was back to being an unwelcomed loner.

"Ivy,"Mr. Poe said,"Are you-" I stood up. "I'm fine,"I lied sharply. Then I made my way to the door. "You don't always have to look at the world as black and white, Ivy,"Mr. Poe said sadly, but I continued my way out of the room. By the time I made it to my poor excuse of a locker, everyone had already abandoned the hall. I collected my things, and walked outside to the front steps. It was hot. It's been hot lately, but of course it would be. Summer is here. I hate summer.

I sat down where I usually sat, but only starred at the clouds; watching and waiting for the sun to go down. I hate the sun. I sat like a statue until it was dark enough that I wouldn't be able to see if it weren't for the parking lot lights. Still, I sat, but closed my eyes. I would have stayed like this forever if it wasn't for a sharp pain on my wrist. My eyes snapped open, and I looked down at the scar. I noticed the usual. Two punctures, a line, and a slash. Then I saw a small star cut just above the left puncture.

It wasn't there before. Daviel hadn't been alive to do it. Nobody else could. I stood up, and looked around. My heart was pacing like none other, and it felt as if I was about to have a stroke. Yet I searched with my eyes, hopeful that I would see a dark man with black hair, and handsome black eyes with a lovely tint of red swimming in them. But my heart slowed down to disappointment when I didn't. Feeling like I was going to kill myself, I turned to grab my backpack.

I ran into a solid form. It shocked me so bad that I nearly screamed, but this was blocked by more shock when the solid form wrapped its arms around me. "Ivy,"Daviel said, and it sent me into a stunned silence. I had imagined this so much, that this must have been a hallucination. Definitely not true. "I'm alive,"Daviel said, pulling back so that I could see him. Daviel looked just like I had last seen him. Not a scratch on him. No burns. Nothing. "But how,"I asked in disbelief.

"You think I couldn't excape a fire,"he asked in a melodramatically insulted voice," was a close call. That was a very unusual fire, too, and I had to make sure Josepher wouldn't escape from it." He smiled brightly, and it made me smile in return. Then I frowned. "I never got to ask you,"I started,"How'd you stab that sword into Jestin if you're vampire?" Daviel's smile disappeared. "I didn't,"he said slowly,"Jestin did herself." I scoffed,"But she's vampire, too."

Daviel sighed,"It went upward into her, Ivy. Jestin ran herself into the sword. She couldn't control herself, except for a split moment. She was afraid of killing you...of killing me." I couldn't believe it. "But she said you stabbed her,"I said in disbelief. Daviel smirked,"I did. But not with that sword." Ohh. So Jestin lied. It seemed to make sense to me, now that I thought about it. Daviel bent down and placed his lips over mine in a kiss. "So, it's just us then,"he said after a moment.

"Just us,"I replied sadly. "Cheer up,"Daviel said,"And let's go visit Jestin's grave for awhile. Just for a small goodbye." I nodded in slight agreement. This wasn't how I was hoping for things to be, but it could be worse. Maybe I shouldn't see things as black and white, but maybe there are times when it's good to do just that. I started to walk with Daviel, knowing full well that no one would ever believe me. Even though some people COULD believe me, I'll just stick with the fact that vampires aren't real.

The End