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Hermione Jane Granger, resident book lover and Gryffindor, also known as Harry Potter's best friend and 'brains' as well as a recently added title of Ronald Weasley's girlfriend.

Things couldn't be better. Or so she had thought. "This can't be happening!" Hermione's voice screeched through the Gryffindor tower at five in the morning, the sun not even making an appearance yet as she ruthlessly searched through the tower.

"My book!" she said dramatically to a sleepy Harry and Ron as they came down from the boys' dorms after having heard her yell. Harry sighed and Ron rolled his eyes, something along the lines of 'bloody books' being muttered under his breath.

"What was that Ronald Weasley?" she asked in a tense tone. Ron put his hands up in his defense. "I didn't say anything," he exclaimed in a weak tone.

"Do either of you know where my Hogwarts: A History book is?" she demanded of both of them. This was tragic! How could this happen to her of all people! Her precious book! Harry shook his head. "Sorry Hermione, we haven't seen it," Harry said as he stifled a yawn

Several hours later, the golden trio now currently sitting at lunch Hermione was still going on about her book. "Mione It'll pop upeh somewhere," Ron said his mouth full of chicken before swallowing. "Just eat something please!" he exclaimed as he pointed at her plate not a scrap of food having been touched. Hermione glared at him in disgust and didn't even acknowledge him until he swallowed and spoke like a normal human being.

"Someone has stolen my book!"

Harry and Ron sighed. "Honestly," came Lavenders voice from the other side of Ron. Hermione narrowed her eyes slightly at the other Gryffindor, the prettier, louder, more outgoing Gryffindor that had a thing for Ron.

"Can't you think of anything except your books? You should tame your hair, maybe use a little make up and find out about the latest gossip!" Lavender smiled and Hermione snorted before standing up.

"Potions is in an hour, don't either of you be late," she said to Harry and Ron, kissing Ron on the cheek before basically zooming out of the Great Hall and heading towards the library. Little did she know that her boyfriend was up to something…

Draco was sitting at the far end of the Slytherin table, alone as usual. He ate quietly and apart from Blaise and Pansy no one paid him any attention. He had been branded a failure by Slytherin since he had failed to kill Dumbledore himself and a failure by the rest of the school for trying in the first place. The blonde boy sighed and rolled his eyes at bickering from the Gryffindor table, wishing they would shut up so everyone could enjoy their breakfast. The most sickening development of their last year at Hogwarts was, in his opinion, the new relationship between Granger and Weasel. They certainly deserved each other, but they bickered and argued over every single stupid detail and he preferred quiet to pigheaded Weasels and know-it-alls blabbing on and on about some book.

He glanced over to the table just as Hermione was leaving and narrowed his eyes at her. That stupid Potter and his brigade of do-gooders were the reason he had even been accused of anything in the first place. If it wasn't for them then his father wouldn't be in prison and he would still be the most popular boy in their year. Of course, most people had only respected him through fear or not wanting to be one of his targets for torment themselves. Now they knew he was just full of hot air and ignored him completely. The occasional girl or two would attempt to make a name for themselves in his bed, but he just wasn't interested. It was like he had lost his fiery temper and his will to live. Around the right people, he could still be just as snarky as ever. Especially around the mudblood.

Just as Draco was about to turn his attention back to his lunch he noticed something strange. Lavender was fawning over 'Won-Won' as usual, but he didn't seem to be telling her to back off like he did when his loyal girlfriend was around. Shaking his head, he ignored it and finished eating. The last thing he needed was to get involved in these fool's drama. What he didn't know as he got up to leave was that Ron and Lavender had slipped out of the great hall only a few moments before him.

"Draaayco?" Pansy's voice called after him as he left the great hall. Normally Draco would have stopped and acknowledged her, but it had been a long year already for him and it had barely started. He couldn't be bothered to pay his usual attention to the obnoxious slip of a girl. Ducking into the nearest classroom, he let out a soft sigh of relief and froze when he heard noises behind him. Slowly, very slowly, Draco turned to see the most horrible sight he had ever laid eyes on.

Weasel…and Lavender…oh merlin. He was going to be sick. The strangled noise of horror that escaped his throat alerted the other teens to his presence and before Ron could say anything or even pull on some clothes, Draco had taken off in a run. Vile! Horrible, disgusting, bloody images! Weasel's freckled arse would forever be permanently etched into his mind. Oh ho, but the smug little Gryffindor princess couldn't know about this or her and Ron wouldn't still be together… Hmm…and with potions first thing…a little sweet revenge was in order. Ah, the day was looking up after all. Still… Draco shuddered violently. Seeing Weasel's behind was almost not worth the revenge.

Hermione spent the next hour within the library after drilling Madam Pince, the librarian, if she had any inkling as to who took her book or if she had perhaps seen Hermione misplace it. After being told to be a little more silent, and a strict 'no', Hermione went off sulking...well in a way, since it was rare for Hermione to sulk and not go about action as she should. She sighed and went through the library looking for a substitute book for the time being. Maybe, just maybe, her book would 'pop up' like Ron had said.

She was just about to settle down on a couch when Madame Pince came to her and informed her class would start in a few moments. Her eyes widened slightly and she quickly but carefully placed the book into her bag before running off to Potions.

However, no one was there when she got there just, to her utter annoyance, Draco Malfoy.

Indeed, Draco was the only one who had made it to class early that day and he'd done it for a reason too. He was clearly more smug then he had been all year and his eyes lit up cruelly the moment Hermione entered the room. "Ah Granger, the filth of the wizarding world arrives. How's that shagging Weasel thing working out for you?" The blonde was casually leaning back in his chair, feet propped up on the table in a way that would make Snape furious if he were there.

He was trying to decide what the most hurtful way would be to tell her before everyone else arrived and continued to grin secretively as he watched her. Hermione was no fool and she would know something was up. Heh heh, and then his fun would begin.

Hermione looked at him in disgust. She loathed everything about him. The way he always tried to be perfect, the way he always so arrogantly made himself comfortable but always in the best position so that everyone could get a good look at his body. He was so bloody frustrating! What was worse though, was the smug arse look in his eyes. After spending six years, this the seventh with him, she had come to read him...well not well, but decently.

She could tell that he was almost bursting to gloat or inform her about something that would probably ruin her day. "Why do you care Malfoy? You want him?" She then narrowed her eyes at the secretive grin and sighed. "Fine, come out with it. What is it that you're telling me today to ruin my life?"

"So glad you asked," he chuckled coldly, sitting up a little in the chair and quickly removing his feet as Snape and a couple other people came into the room. "You wouldn't believe who I just saw shagging Lavender a few classrooms over..." He grinned wildly and waiting for her reaction.

There was a big chance that she wouldn't believe him, but he got satisfaction out of just saying it. As he opened his mouth to spill the secret, Ron came running in out of breath and red in the face. His hair was a little disheveled, but he seemed to be mostly in order and glared at Draco with more hate then anyone had ever seen in the red head's eyes. "Whatever he says, 'Mione, don't believe his lying arse."

"What would I be saying that you would be so insistent I was lying about?" Malfoy smirked, "after all, how do you even know I was going to tell your /lovely/ girlfriend anything?" Oh bloody hell this was great! Even better now that Weasel had opened his big mouth.

Hermione looked at him strangely not really getting his entire point at that time. However that was when Ron came in, her eyes went up and down his body taking in his appearance, plainly speaking he looked like he had just shagged someone. His clothes were on properly, but he was flustered and his hair, though usually messy, was not normally messy to that extent. She narrowed her eyes slightly at him after he spoke.

"Yes, Ronald, what is the amazing bouncing ferret lying about?" she asked her boyfriend, who gulped.

"Nothing, Nothing," he said weakly, "I…I just lost points for Gryffindor that's all...I didn't want you to find out." He hung his head in shame and Hermione's gaze became less intent.

"Okay," she said, but still felt slightly unsure as she looked briefly to Draco before sitting down, Ron sitting next to her.

"You lying git," Draco snickered, "you shagged Lavender. I saw you. It was the most revolting thing I'd ever witnessed..." He made retching sounds and a few of the Slytherins even laughed quietly in the corner. Snape was starting his lesson and looked sharply at Ron when he swore at Draco.

"Five points from Gryffindor for inappropriate language in my classroom," Snape hissed, writing their assignment for the day on the board. Draco seemed even happier now and Lavender crept through the door quietly as the rest of the class waited to see if she'd be caught. Her makeup was mussed as well as her hair and she dropped down in an empty seat with a quiet sigh.

Hermione wasn't stupid. Her eyes instantly went to Lavender when the girl entered the room. She slowly took in the girl's appearance, just as she had done Ron. She looked back to Ron who wasn't making any eye contact with her but occasionally would look to the back of the room to Lavender. Hermione's anger was burning. Anyone that knew her well…which was basically everyone one in Hogwarts, knew that she had a temper as bad as Ron's sometimes, she just wasn't as stupid.

"Won Won and Lavender sitting in a tree," Draco said softly in a sing-song voice, "F-U-C-K-I-N-G..." He snickered and carefully wrote out the ingredients and instructions for their potion they would be making that day, seeming completely innocent. Ron was too busy checking on Lavender in a completely obvious way to be bothered to write everything down and left Hermione, as usual, to do all the work. Harry appeared to be off in his own little world, already preparing his cauldron for the first step. Normally he would have been doing damage control by now.

"Ronald," Hermione said sweetly stamping on his foot to get his attention away from Lavender.

"AH bloody hell!" He said loudly turning and looking at Hermione. "What the bloody hell was that for?" he demanded.

"Mr. Weasley, would you stop interrupting my class? Twenty points from Gryffindor!" Snape said before going back to the board.

"I hope you're paying attention to the class Ronald. This potion isn't done in pairs and I'm certainly not helping you today," she said, clearly angry, "it'll be interesting to see how you manage when I don't do anything for you."

"Ms. Granger!" Snape hissed, "Another twenty points from Gryffindor."

Draco laughed just loud enough for her to hear and lit the fire under his cauldron, reading over the instructions with the first real smile he'd had since the beginning of the school year.

Ron muttered something about high strung women and started on his own potion, looking in dismay at the board where Snape had just finished 'magicing' away the first part of the instructions to add special notes and details. Now he didn't know what to do. "Uh...Hermione?" he smiled weakly, "can I borrow your instructions?"

"That's all Granger's good for right?" Draco winked over at them, "a sloppy shag here and there and your homework always done for you?" He had a feeling he was pushing it, but it was fun to get under Granger's skin for once instead of the other way around.

Hermione's fists clenched as she took a deep breath ignoring Draco's words. Well, she tried anyway, she couldn't deny that they were hitting a sore spot within her. "No Ronald," she said between clenched teeth, "you may not borrow my instructions, it's not my fault you were to busy drooling over 'lav-lav' to pay attention to class."

"MS. GRANGER, WILL YOU BE SILENT!" Snape said now standing in front of the desk. "Detention, be here after dinner."

Ronald cowered low under Snape's angry glare that passed over them and moved to peer into Harry's cauldron since he was only one actually working. "Terrible and all wrong, as usual Potter," Snape frowned, scourgifying the cauldron before stalking back up to the front again.

"But...what did I do?" Harry asked Hermione in a confused tone, looking at his clean cauldron in dismay. It had been perfect and Snape knew that.

Draco couldn't help but laugh at the pathetic look on all of their faces and doubled over as he dropped back down into his chair, suddenly losing balance and crashing back into Pansy's desk, sending her cauldron up into the air where it came down with a loud crash and dumped potion all down her and her designer uniform. "DRACO!" she cried shrilly, looking as though she might cry, "you prat!"

"And it appears that you will be joining Ms. Granger in detention tonight," Snape said coolly without turning around, "and help Ms. Parkinson clean up the mess Draco. Now." Grumbling to himself, Draco untangled himself from the chair and sighed as he cleaned off the desk and one of the few friends he had left. Unless now she hated him too.

Hermione, despite everything that was happening, let out a chuckle as the potion was spilt all over Pansy Parkinson and the fact that Draco also got a detention - wait…

Draco got a detention. That meant would be joining her in detention. She let out a groan at the horrid thing that was called her life with Draco Malfoy in it. She glared at Ron as he tried to ask for the instructions again before picking up her things and moving to the back of the classroom and sitting at an empty desk between Seamus and Neville. She did her work there, helping the two boys instead to annoy Ron.

"But sir," Draco went to object and Snape gave him a withering look.

"Should I also take away points from Slytherin, Mr. Malfoy?" he said warningly and Draco shut his mouth. Great. Just great. Detention with the stuck up mudblood. He turned a little in his righted chair and sent Hermione a glare. This was all her and Weasel's fault. Even after what he saw in the classroom, Draco was still surprised to see Lavender move up beside Ron in the empty space to pat his shoulder comfortingly. Were they complete and utter fools? Maybe Lavender just decided that he should be all hers or something. Whatever. Who the bloody hell cared.

Hermione was boiling with rage, her eyes holding a glint to them as she glared at Ron and Lavender. She didn't want to believe Malfoy, but she couldn't ignore what was in front of her very own eyes. She packed her things in her bag and swung it around her shoulder ignoring Malfoy's glares completely. He didn't even matter at this time. Seriously, if you had to think of the biggest prat in the school or your cheating boyfriend which one would you be more concerned about?

The cheating boyfriend of course.

Picking up her cauldron that held her half finished potion in it she walked over to Lavender and Ron and bent down whispering something to them under her breath so only they could hear. Nothing important really, just that Ron was dumped and Lavender could have the cheating bastard. She then told Ron that maybe when the came time that he cheated on Lavender to not make it so bloody obvious.

She dumped her potion over them making them both go a lovely shade of purple and puff up slightly before walking out the classroom without another word.

Draco began to clap very slowly and as he picked up speed the rest of the class laughed and joined in. Lavender was squealing angrily, but Snape had heard Hermione's whispers easily and wasn't very impressed with either Lavender or Ron at the moment. Hermione may be a pretentious know-it-all at times, but she deserved to be treated better then Ronald ever did.

"Settle down," he said sharply, acting as though he didn't notice that two of his students were swollen and purple, "you still only have until the end of class to finish your potions so I suggest you get working."

Draco had brightened up again and did surprisingly well on his potion, just a nine of ten on the assignment. The strange thing was that he caught a glance at the marking sheet and Snape had given Hermione ten...

Hermione stormed through Hogwarts, willing herself not to cry. She should have never gotten into a relationship with the guy anyway. It was always going to complicate things since he was her best friend, paying extra attention to the /was/ her best friend. There was no way she was ever talking to him again, or Lavender! Well she had to admit it didn't come as a complete surprise. She sighed though, wishing she hadn't found out from Malfoy. He'd probably be smug about it all year.

"Hermione!" Harry said chasing after her now that class was over. "Are you okay? What happened? Why did you tip the potion over Ron and Lavender?" he asked, completely unaware.

"Isn't it obvious?" she asked him through clenched teeth.

Harry shifted uncomfortably under her angry gaze, slowly shaking his head. Since Dumbledore's death he had been quiet and subdued, still not believing that Snape and Malfoy had gotten off scott-free when he had witnessed the murder. Apparently something in Dumbledore's will excused the bastards from any blame. It just made no sense.

Now, as a result, he had neglected his friends and withdrawn into himself and he had no idea what was going on with Hermione and Ron. He had realized they were dating, but now she was angry with him. What had the big oaf done now? "I'm sorry Hermione. I don't know," he admitted.

Hermione looked at him, her eyes now filled with tears as they slowly started down her cheeks. "He cheated on me Harry," she said, her voice sounding broken as if she had no idea what to do. "He cheated on me with Lavender of all people!" she exclaimed before biting down on her bottom lip softly as she tried to hold in the tears. She hugged Harry tightly, burying her face into his shoulder.

"I don't know what to do," she admitted softly.

Harry gasped in surprise as his best friend's words and couldn't believe that Ron would do something like that to Hermione. Stroking her back very gently, he held her as if his life depended on it. Why was everything in their lives going to hell? First Dumbledore...and now everything else was crumbling down around them as well.

"I'll talk to him," Harry offered quietly, still holding her, "maybe it's not what you think. I mean, you didn't /see/ him do anything like that did you? Maybe it's just a misunderstanding..." He desperately hoped it was. The last thing he needed right now was his best friends hating each other.

Hermione shook her head gently. "I'm pretty sure that he did Harry," she said softly, "I mean…" What could she say? Draco Malfoy told me? No...he only made her believe it a little more. She would have realized something was up even if Malfoy didn't say anything. However in a way she was slightly grateful to Malfoy for telling her even though he only did it to see her suffer.

"I mean, " she tried again, "the way that they are acting around each other…"

"Why does he always have to go and botch things up?" Harry growled in annoyance, feeling a real urge to strangle Ron at the moment. He was lucky to have a person like Hermione attracted to him at all and he was so greedy he needed two girls at once? What did women see in that prat?

"I don't know why Ron is doing this, but I'll have a talk with him," he promised, smoothing her untamed curls back from her face, "don't worry about it. Everything will work out in the end. I promise." After all Ron's whining and pouting about liking Hermione, he was going to get an earful about not even staying with her. Then again, Hermione could just be over reacting. They were all pretty stressed out. He would just have to speak with Ron.

Hermione's head come up as she saw Ron come towards them, now less purple and swollen with Lavender hanging off his arm. "I don't want to work things out with that prat, he went too far this time," Hermione said in a hurt tone before letting go of Harry and going in a different direction, towards the library once again. It was her haven. She loved everything about the library, the silence, the many books, and even the smell.

As she walked in she took a big calming breath and sat down on one of the seats, pulling out her book. She could get lost into it for a little while and forget the outside world.

"What are you doing?!" Harry demanded angrily, grabbing Ron's arm and wrenching him away from his blonde barbie, "is what she's been telling me true? You cheated on Hermione with /her/?" He hissed the last part, gesturing towards Lavender with a disgusted expression.

"So what if I did," Ron sniffed defiantly, looking down his nose at Harry, "at least Lavender doesn't shriek at me every second of the day and she actually lets me...uh..." His cheeks went red then and he looked down at his feet shyly.

"YOU CHEATED ON HERMIONE TO GET A BLOODY SHAG?!" Harry roared, shoving Ron backwards. Hard.

Ron stumbled and caught his footing with an angry glare towards his best mate. "She had her chance!" he protested, "it's been a long time Harry. I was tired of waiting for her to take her nose out of the books and actually notice I'm good for more then just holding my hand!"

"Maybe she was waiting for you to notice that she's worth more then sex and free homework," Harry breathed, his fists clenched so tightly they were white. Was Ron really that stupid? "I hope you enjoy your new fickle priss," he spat, "because we won't be waiting for you to help pick up the pieces when she gets bored of you."

Hermione sighed and as much as she tried she just couldn't get lost in the book. She leant her head back on the couch silently as she closed her eyes for a few moments, trying to clear out her mind. However whenever she tried to get her mind away from Ron and Lavender it seemed that it only made her think about them more. She clenched her teeth together as she let out a small desperate sound, wanting ever so much at this moment just to go home and hug her parents. She looked back down at her book, still zoned out.

She knew why he had cheated on her. It was because she wouldn't sleep with him; was it really her fault though? She was glad that she hadn't now. Would he still have cheated if she had slept with him? She couldn't help but think that he would. She was scared, was that her fault? Ron wasn't the type to make you feel comfortable for your first time, he had many times tried to get her to do something but it was more…in your face.

The cushion next to her sank down slightly under the weight of another person, a familiar pair of steely blue eyes watching her. Draco still had a wide smirk spread across his face and his eyes sparkled with laughter. He was in a fantastic mood. It wasn't every day that Weasel betrayed his girlfriend for some tramp that everyone knew slept around. Except for maybe Weasel, but he was dense.

"Good book?" he asked cheerfully, leaning back on the couch with his hands behind his head. Draco tilted his head to get a better look at Hermione reading her book. Maybe she'd even cry. Ha! That would be hilarious. Poor mudblood with no one to love her.

Hermione didn't even look at him, she just sighed and turned the page, starting to read once again. However while she was doing a wonderful job ignoring him, she did know that he was there and her temper was getting worse just from knowing that. She closed her book as calmly as she could before she picked up her bag and put it inside. She yawned slightly, making a big show of thinking she was by herself. "Oh, you're there Malfoy, sorry…didn't notice you," she said, though her eyes betrayed her, red and puffy, she looked like she was going to cry again.

So she then simply walked out the library leaving Malfoy to himself.

"Hey Granger!" he called after her, annoyed at not getting any reaction. She was supposed to scream at him or at burst into tears. Honestly! How inconsiderate. He jogged after the curly haired Gryffindor and smirked as he fell into step next to her. "What's the rush?" he whispered, "trying to catch Ron in the act?"

Biting back a laugh, he raised his eyebrows at her and grinned. Why was it so much fun to torment her?

"No, I have a sensitive nose, you use too much cologne," she replied, looking at him blankly. "Go away Malfoy, I'm not in the mood," she sighed, really not having enough spirit to fight him at the moment. Things were bad enough without adding that on top of it. It seemed that Hermione had lost some of her fighting spirit today, honestly who could blame her? With everything that had been happening lately...and Ron.

She should be allowed to get in a mood like this occasionally.

"That's it?" he scoffed, "no yelling? No clever comeback? Not even a tear? You're such a bore today." Rolling his eyes, he continued to walk next to her as if by some freak accident she would become annoyed and give him the fight he wanted. Getting on her nerves was his specialty, but right now he seemed unable to effect her.

"Like I told you Malfoy," she said with a shrug, "I'm not in the mood today and if I leak a tear it isn't going to be because of you." She gave another small yawn and glanced at him. "If you're going to follow me you may want to do it from a few steps back, people might get the wrong idea if they see you walking beside me…Then again they could come to the same conclusion with you following behind me too," she said, before shrugging once again.

Glaring at her in annoyance, Draco spat 'mudblood' at her before he stalked off back towards the Slytherin common rooms. Well that had certainly spoiled everything. She must be really depressed to not even react at all to his cruel teasing. That was one of the only things he could count on now to be the same...Hermione hating him. Draco sighed and stuffed his hands into his pockets, going to grab his things for transfiguration. One more long boring class and then dinner.

When dinnertime came it was certainly interesting to say the least. Hermione sat there grinding her teeth in annoyance as Lavender quite loudly flirted with Ron who took it in his stride and stroked her sides and kissed her anywhere he could get away with. Hermione glared down at her plate. She was not going to give into them even though they where sitting across from her and she could see and hear everything. She wouldn't give in. She was Hermione Granger, one of the most stubborn girls in her year.

She wouldn't give in… Even as she desperately fought the urge to cry, a tear slid down her cheek.

Harry was busy glaring at Ron for the entire dinner and once in a while he would slide a hand over and pat Hermione's leg comfortingly. He was starting to get to the point where he wanted to scream at Ron for being such an idiot. It was one thing to break Hermione's heart and cheat on her, but to sit there and flirt openly with Lavender... Was he really that much of an arse?

Draco and Blaise were snickering together over at the Slytherin table as they watched Ron all over his new woman. Blaise seemed to think that Draco redeemed himself a little with his part in making Hermione miserable and they were speaking a little now. Still feeling kind of awkward though, the blonde finished his meal quickly and slipped away to the library to work on his homework. Thanks to his lack of friends and followers, he was doing quite well in his classes.

Pity, that Draco had left though for he was about to miss something that would be buzzing around the entire school for at least the next week.

The fact that Hermione Granger, being so mad at Ronald Weasley, had turned her other best friend towards her, the famous boy who lived, and kissed him passionately. Harry, of course in shock, returned the kiss without a second thought about what was happening. Ron was even more shocked, his jaw hanging open and his eyes wide as he stood, slamming his hands onto the table. His sudden movement caused Lavender to fall of him and hit her arse on the ground as she fell of the seat.

Everyone in the entire hall gasped in surprise as well. Hermione then calmly pulled away from Harry and left the great hall.

Jealousy could change anyone and pay back was fun.

Harry swallowed hard after the amazing kiss and looked up to see an angry Ron towering over him on the other side of the table. "You arse!" Ron growled, "you've been shagging Hermione behind my back?!"

"Actually," Harry said very coldly, regaining his composure, "after /you/ cheated on /her/, I was trying to console her and we ended up realizing how much we meant to each other. I know an amazing woman when I see one 'Ronald'." He stuffed one last piece of roast beef into his mouth and headed out of the hall with his head held high. Then his heart skipped a beat.

Oh no. He had just told Ron that he was /with/ Hermione. He had to find her and warn her since more people then Ron had probably heard.

Unfortunately, Harry did not find Hermione because he couldn't reach her if he tried. The moment that she left the hall she ran to the girls' dormitories and went to bed, pulling the curtains around her bed she snuggled into her blankets and cried herself to sleep. Why had she done that? She couldn't believe she had done that but she was just so jealous and angry. She needed to make Ron feel some of the pain that she was in. She just hoped that Harry didn't take it the wrong way.

Miserable and exhausted, she stayed in there until the next morning.

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