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This fic is a crossover of Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Riddick, but with cameos from Inuyasha as well as mentions of the characters and story of Naruto. If you don't like the sound of it, don't read it. Any flaming will just mean I get to stare at some pretty fire without setting it myself (I am not an arsonist by the way, fire is just pretty).

Warnings: Yaoi (male/male) pairings; creature fic; Xovers; abused Harry; Dumble bashing; Ron bashing; Het pairings (male/female); Non-con; Ginny bashing; Molly and Arthur bashing; sister Hermione; 'nice' Voldemort; 'nice' Malfoy;

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The Kitten and the Killer

Chapter 1 - Birthday Surprises

So far, for one Harry Potter, the summer had been extremely dull. The tiny amount of pleasure brought to him from the fact that today was his birthday was gone and the day was nearly over.

Four owls had arrived early that morning with his snowy owl Hedwig, each carrying parcels and cards. One of them, a bedraggled grey owl, passed out as soon as he landed on Harry's bed. Two were obviously school owls as they stayed perfectly still when he removed their burdens and hooted in a dignified way before setting off. The fourth, which was miniscule and darted about Harry's head so rapidly that Harry had to pluck it out of the air, was normally known as Pig.

Both Hedwig and Pig were now dozing in the only cage, while Errol, the tattered grey owl belonging to the Weasley family, was slumped against the side, still unconscious. The two school owls had flown as soon as they were relieved of their burdens, which had been a present from both Hagrid and Remus Lupin, Harry's honorary godfather. There was also his Hogwarts letter for sixth year, containing the usual the usual reminder of the time for the Hogwarts Express, as well as his O. W. L. results. The gryffindor had deliberated quite a while before unfolding the piece of parchment; his results had been quite a shock.

O. W. L. Results - Harry James Potter

O Outstanding

E Exceeds Expectations

A Acceptable

P Poor

D Dreadful

T Troll

Astronomy E

Care Of Magical Creatures O

Charms O

Defence Against the Dark Arts O

Divination A

Herbology O

History of Magic A

Potions O

Transfiguration O

Extra Options:

Ancient Runes O

Arithmancy E

Muggle Studies O+

Please come to my office before the start of term feast to discuss your options for the coming year. Professor McGonagall.

Due to Umbridge's enforced ban on Quidditch, and, although Harry had the DA to think about, he had found himself in need of a new distraction to fight the nightmares. Instead he had turned to studying and forms of muggle exercise, such as swimming and jogging. Hermione had been very pleased with this outcome and they had formed a much closer bond with each other, even going as far as adopting the other as a sibling in all but blood. The dark-haired teenager had spent so much time studying, not only had he been able to advance in most of his ordinary classes beyond their year, but he had also caught up on two years of the options he had not taken at the end of third year, as well as advancing further in two of them. So much so that he had gone to Professor McGonagall and requested to sit the exams for the extra classes.

His other presents had been nothing out of the ordinary, if you counted magical things as normal anyway. Remus, Hagrid and Hermione, who Hedwig had gone to especially, had all sent him books. 'A Basic Guide to Auror Training' from Hermione, a book on rare magical creatures from Hagrid, and a book on the animagi transformation from Remus.

A snitch autographed by the entire Bulgarian quidditch team had come from Ron, although it was obviously given at the request of Viktor Krum, the Bulgarian seeker. Harry knew that Krum had been trying to win his affections since the end of the triwizard tournament in fourth year. He had found this out via Hermione, who had come to him before they had parted for the summer in a state of shock. Viktor Krum had apparently been asking questions about the gryffindor's preferences in one of the letters they had exchanged, leading Harry to a much needed confrontation with his adopted sister.

Harry had been slightly perturbed by this information, but not as much as he would have a few months earlier in the year. He had only just come to terms with the fact that he was gay, with lots of help from the Weasley twins who had helped him out of the land of denial and 'the closet'. He then could not wait to openly admit it to everyone and start being himself rather than the image of the 'Golden Boy' that they wanted him to portray. Hermione was the first person he had then told and she had taken it in stride, saying that it was quite obvious that Harry had little interest in girls after the debacle with Cho Chang, although she was quite irritated that she had not realised before he had told her himself. This had bolstered Harry's confidence but after the incident at the Ministry occurred, the death of Sirius hit him hard enough to forget about the image change, and had him wallowing in grief instead.

Harry sighed, thinking of Sirius still brought a sharp pain to his heart and a prickling sensation to his eyes, warning of tears to come, but he did not cry and he was starting to deal with the grief. He turned his eyes back to the owls and saw Errol staring at him blearily, reminding the boy of the packages the aging owl had carried to tire himself out. Mrs Weasley had sent a large chocolate cake, as well as some other snack foods, and another package had been from Ginny. She had sent him dog tag lockets, which he had considered tossing as soon as he saw the latin inscription of love on the back. The girl had never gotten over her crush on him, and was instead trying to act on it, and not at all subtly; she was a Gryffindor after all. Harry assumed that her new fervour was helped by misinformation slipped to her from Ron, who Harry did not feel was the same since the Ministry incident.

A sharp knock at the window brought Harry out of his musings, and turning to the noise he spotted two new owls. Opening it quickly, the owls hopped in. Harry moved first towards the puffed-up tawny owl, although, as he went to remove the package, the tawny was replaced by a very miffed-looking raven. Snickering, the gryffindor removed the raven's burden he knew to be from the Weasley twins, then watched the raven hop angrily to the window ledge and fly away. Glancing at the other owl, Harry noticed that it was just waiting patiently, so he picked up the letter attached to the parcel from the twins.

Hail, to our great and magnificent benefactor,

We wish you many happy returns yada yada yada, and now down to the good stuff. In the package we have sent you (you should open it now by the way)are a few of our new products that might interest you as well as some things we think you'll need.

Intrigued, the brunet pulled the parcel towards him and ripped it open, dumping the contents all over his bed. Looking through everything he quickly sorted it into two piles - joke items and normal things. He set aside the joke items and pulled the other pile towards him.

Selecting a little square box from the pile, he opened the lid, finding a note. He placed the box down, unfolded the piece of parchment and started to read.

Harry - we know Ginny sent you one of these already but considering everything we thought you might like this - don't worry though, it's different enough that she won't think it's the one she sent you if you wear it. F & G.

Looking back into the box, Harry saw another set of dog tag lockets, but one was black and engraved with an emerald green phoenix and snake intertwined, while the other was plain silver. He quickly fastened the black locket around his neck, and a strange tingle went up his spine. Harry checked the back of the note.

PS. We have used felix felicis - the luck potion - in the engraving to help you out.

Studying the engraving upside down he saw that both the snake and the phoenix had golden liquid eyes - small enough that no one would notice unless they were looking extremely closely or knew before hand that it was there.

Turning back to the gifts, the brunet saw many identical bottles. After grouping them all together at the side he picked one up to look at the label. It was a hair potion, or to be more precise, an 'any hair you desire' potion - it would change length, colour and style, but there was only one choice per bottle. No wonder they sent so many Harry thought.

Putting the hair potion back down his eyes searched the pile again. Seeing one bottle left among many little red bags, he brought it closer and saw it was a height potion, a note was attached to it with spellotape.

Harry - we know you don't like being so short but as you were malnourished, we thought you might need some assistance.

Harry glared at the note but started to read the label anyway. It couldn't hurt. He thought to himself. Ever since the growth spurt at the end of his second year at Hogwarts he had hardly grown. Even most of the girls in the year below were taller than him now, including Ginny and Luna Lovegood.

Moving onto the little red bags, he opened the drawstrings at the top of each and found tiny clothes inside in all, except for one bag, which also contained a note.

We are sick of seeing in you in those huge and tatty old clothes of Dudley's. We bought these in muggle London and once they resize in the morning (they're on a timer spell) we expect you to wear them, especially when you come and visit us.

Pulling out a miniature pair of leather trousers, that Harry knew would hug his legs and arse as if they were poured on, a smirk crossed his face, before putting them back in the bag with the rest of the selection.

Finally, Harry looked back to the original letter, leaving the joke items for perusal at a later date.

Don't worry about the cost. The joke stuff is hand-made by us and the clothes were technically, in a roundabout way, bought with the money you gave us in the first place.

Business is booming, and we hope to see the new and improved, but still delicious, you very soon.

Fred and George.

Laying the letter to the side, Harry moved towards the now dozing eagle owl on his desk. Gently removing the burden so as not to wake the familiar owl, the gryffindor glanced at the parchment envelope to see the Malfoy family seal that he knew would be there. Ripping the seal open, Harry unfolded the letter and started to read.

Potter - I don't have much time until I have to go to him, and this letter has taken long enough.

First, I needed to talk to you before going back to Hogwarts - I know we haven't gotten along very well…who am I kidding, we don't get along at all, but you are the only one I can trust with this due to you being, well, you. I am being kept under surveillance but I have managed to give them the slip to send you this using my own owl, as I know they would not have followed him. I mean, who would ever expect me to send something to you.

Anyway, the point, I seek protection. For myself, my father, and my godfather, Severus Snape. The Dark Lord has abandoned my father to the hell that is Azkaban, and he does not trust my godfather.

The plans, with regards to me, are particularly vulgar and disturbing. I am apparently meant to become his sodomite, in other words, his whore. I was informed of this by my dear aunt, the clinically insane bitch known as Bellatrix Lestrange, who seemed delighted at the news. This knowledge came swiftly after I learned of the death of my mother after she spoke up on my father's behalf.

This is a plan, obviously, that I do not want to come to pass, just to make sure you know that I am doing this for completely selfish reasons as well. If I do not return to Hogwarts in September it is because I am dead or imprisoned, probably due to the discovery of this plea. I am taking a great risk in doing this - I am no coward.

If you wish to discuss this further once at Hogwarts, use these code words on the train when I come to your compartment for the usual exchange of unpleasantries. The code words are terrorise and game. You should not have to think that hard to use them in a sentence.

I thank you now, in advance or unnecessarily, for all you can or will try to do, and I hope that we can work through some, if not all, of the issues driving our mutual dislike of each other.

Sincerely, Draco Malfoy.

P.S. Happy Birthday and good luck.

"Good luck with what?" Harry muttered grumpily, a frown creasing his brow. "Until that last part I had only thought he was being 'Malfoy', now I know he's cracked in the head."

Looking at his alarm clock, Harry sighed, he had only half an hour left of his birthday. Yawning, he put everything in a pillowcase he kept under the loose floorboard below the bed, and placed his glasses on the bedside table.

Harry crawled into bed, stretched, then curled up, his knees near his chest, and tugged the thin blanket up and to his shoulders. Sliding into a half-asleep state, Harry cleared his mind, using occlumency to protect his mind from intrusions, as he had done everyday this holiday, before drifting into a dreamless sleep.

Harry woke to find himself lying straight out and rigid, as if he had been petrified. He turned his head to look at the clock, or at least he tried to, his head, nor any other part of his body would move, except his face. This left him able to scowl but not much else.

After what felt like a couple of minutes later, Harry started to shake. He frowned but the shaking steadily increased, even though there was no apparent cause. The brunet closed his eyes, willing the shaking to stop, and it surprisingly did, much to Harry's shock and immediate regret as instead, an immense pain spread through every inch of his body.

Harry whimpered as the pain increased just as the shaking had done. Soon Harry was screaming in agony worse than that caused by the cruciatus curse, and objects started exploding around him.

Far away, in an old manor house, a tall, crimson-eyed man gripped both sides of his head and howled in pain.

Back in the smallest bedroom of 4 Privet Drive, the door burst open as the Dursleys' poured inside. Vernon and Dudley getting wedged in the small doorway for a while due to their immense bulk.

An expression of pure shock was on their features as they looked up at Harry. 'Why are they looking up at me?' Harry thought, confusion temporarily numbing the pain. Concentrating, Harry found that he could not feel the lumpy mattress underneath him, or anything else for that matter, shock set in when he realised he was hovering in midair. Fear started to grow inside him, blocking out both the pain and shock.

He was sure someone had just tried to murder him once again as a large burst of green light surrounded him and shot in all directions, the colour reminiscent of the Avada Kedavra curse; something that had haunted both his dreams and nightmares for as long as he could remember.

A large shudder ripped through him and the pain vanished along with the green light. He felt himself gently drift back to the bed, the broken mattress springs digging once more into the backs of legs, not that he minded. Harry lifted a hand and peered at it, he did not look any different so why did he feel so strange, so unlike himself.

He turned his head to look at the clock, inwardly ecstatic at having control over his movements once more. It had just past midnight by a few seconds. Harry pushed himself up and heard a gasp from the other side of the room. Turning slightly, the dark-haired teenager spotted the Dursleys', the three were huddled together and staring at him through wide, terrified eyes. He scowled at them.

Standing up, Harry stumbled, the move forcing him back onto the bed. 'Since when have I been so heavy?' he furrowed his eyebrows and tried to stand again, but this time he leant forward before straightening, feeling a strange but comfortable weight pulling at his shoulders.

Once upright, Harry went through the process of flexing his muscles, mainly to check for residual pain and stiffness from the weird experience. He started with arms and moved onto the legs, then the back, the wings……Harry froze. Reaching behind himself, his fingertips met with large silky, soft feathers.

Harry stepped slowly towards his full-length mirror on the wardrobe door, closing his eyes as he did so, and took a deep breath as he stopped in front of it. Opening his eyes he gazed in shock at his reflection. His eyes moving from the huge black wings, the same colour as his hair, erupting from his shoulder blades; to the twitching black-furred cat ears on the top of his head; and then to his bright green eyes, free from glasses and still able to see, with a pupil that resembled a cats-eye, a wide vertical slit allowing as much light in as possible for him to be able to see perfectly in the darkened room.

Steadying himself against the wardrobe, Harry stared into the mirror and willed everything to go away, and the wings did, they completely vanished in an instant. Harry's mouth formed a small 'o' but no sound came out. Next he willed the wings to return, and then they were there - big, black and feathery, although they came with a slight whoosh noise as they unfurled from his shoulder blades. Harry smirked; this was going to be cool.

After vanishing the wings for a second time, he turned around to see his back in the mirror. There he could see two wing tattoos, his eyes followed the intricate pattern from where it erupted at the base of his shoulder blades and finishing just below the waistband of his pyjama bottoms, where he froze once more as he spotted the tail poking out from under his waistband and swishing from side to side. Concentrating slightly on it he found he could move it independently and curled it around his stomach. Harry stroked the soft black fur at the tip of the tail as it twitched against his chest.

Harry suddenly yawned. Not feeling at all bothered by his new cat features, strangely he felt that he should have had them for the last fifteen years, Harry strode to his door and slammed it in the Dursleys' faces, all of whom were backed up against the hallway in fear.

Harry walked to his bed and lay back down, his brow creased in confusion once more.

"What am I?" Harry whispered to himself, curling up into a ball before unconsciousness claimed him back into its arms, his ears twitching at every sound and his tail wrapping protectively around his waist.