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The Kitten and the Killer

Chapter 2 - Catatonic Conversations

Harry woke early, rubbing his heavy eyelids he looked around blearily. Suddenly, he shot upwards and lunged at the mirror, seeing the soft ears on top of his head, rather than his normal ones at the side, he span around so he could see his back. The wing tattoos and tail were really there. He had thought for a moment it had all been a dream, too strange even for him, but apparently not. It was all real.

The brunet crossed to the window and opened it all the way. He leant lightly on the windowsill, letting the wind play with his hair. A low hoot brought him out of his thoughts and he looked down. Hedwig, Pig, Errol and the Malfoy owl (which had yet to leave) were all perched in the tree below his window. They had obviously flown there to protect themselves during what Harry no dubbed 'The Incident' (with capitals), especially as he had caused many explosions.

Harry pushed off the sill, beckoning with one hand for the owls to come back in. The Malfoy owl flew straight to the cage, took some of the water and flew right back out of the window. Pig and Errol stopped on the back of his desk chair while Hedwig swooped down and landed on his shoulder, hooting in concern.

"I'm alright Hedwig, honest. In fact, I feel fantastic this morning." He reached up and stroked her head gently, Hedwig nibbled his finger's affectionately when he pulled his hand back. She squeezed his shoulder gently with her talons before she flew over to desk to join the other owls.

Harry turned and collapsed on his bed. Lying back on his right arm, Harry sighed, shifted slightly and raised his left knee. The brunet closed his eyes and cleared his mind, slipping easily into a meditative state.

Suddenly a voice shouted out into Harry's mind.

Ah, holy fucking shit, my head hurts!

Harry frowned mentally, as during his meditation nothing affected his outward appearance until he forcibly brought himself out of the self-induced catatonic like condition. What the hell was that? 'Cause that sure wasn't me. He thought confusedly.

What the - there's a voice in my head! Get out! Get out!

Harry scowled (A/N: inwardly again, obviously). There was only one being he shared a mental connection with. Lord Voldemort.

The one and only. Now, who are you my little voice?

Don't try that with me. Harry thought back viciously. .:You already know who I am you psychotic reptilian bastard.:. He hissed mentally in paseltongue.

Ah, Harry Potter. To what do I owe this little chat?

What are you on about? This is all your fault.

On the contrary, Harry. It was you who broke into my mind. And if I'm not mistaken, which I usually never am, then this occurred at about midnight last night.

Inner Harry opened his mouth to let out a comeback but it quickly shut again. He bit on his bottom lip and shuffled his feet. Ah. Inner Harry ran a hand through his hair and braced his mind.

Well, are you going to elaborate? The brunet heard Lord Voldemort snap in an icy tone after a few moments of tense silence. Inner Harry grinned sheepishly.

To tell the truth, I have no idea what happened. If I tell you, will you help me figure it out so we can fix it and get out of each other's heads. Can I trust you?

Of course you can't trust me. But you can trust that I want you in my head as much as you want me in yours. I will help this time but only because it is also beneficial to me.

Okay. It started just before midnight…

Hang on, Voldemort interrupted. Was there anything different about yesterday?

It was my birthday, why?

You're sixteenth, right?

Yeah, but what's that go-

Everything. Harry, when a wizard turns sixteen they experience a shift where they claim their inheritance. This includes, usually, a power increase, as well as the receiving of special powers or traits. Sometimes, if the wizard is quite powerful, it can be extremely painful. I remember mine was. I assume that yours was one of this type.

Don't assume, it makes an ass out of u and me. Harry automatically replied, blinked, and then blushed as he added a hesitant agreement.

Interesting. Anyway, very rarely, you can receive a creature inheritance, but that only occurs if your parents were creatures themselves. So, in conclusion, during your power increase due to the event, you broke through my mental barriers as well as your own, connecting us with an even stronger bond than the curse that failed. Am I making sense?

Very much so. Inner Harry rubbed his eyes, can it be reversed?

No. We just have to reconstruct the barriers. Let's try that and see if it works.

Harry concentrated. Using his inner mindscape, he started building thick steel walls, separating him from Voldemort. It was soon completed, but when he looked around it, he noticed a door that he had not created. Moving towards it he saw that it looked like the door of a bank vault he had seen once on television, it had the large wheel and everything. Harry twisted the wheel counter-clockwise, yanked the door open and peered through the gap to the other side. He quickly realised that the other side of the door had no handle and no other way to open it from the other side.

Hello! Harry called into the void.

Crap. Not so loud. Harry felt Voldemort cringe at the loud noise. What are you still doing in my mind - can you not build the barriers?

Oh, I built them but there was still a door into your mind - or so it seems.

Did you create this door on purpose?

No. It just happened on it's own.

I have no door, nor can I create one. Fuck, this is bad.

What's going on?

It seems that the connection you created is completely one-sided. It allows you to see into my mind whenever you wish to but I cannot see into yours unless you give permission.

Hmm, at least I can choose now.

Indeed. Although I would prefer it if you did not enter my mind at all.

You and me both. Believe me, I have no desire to see into your sick and twisted little mind. But as I can… Harry let the thought run itself through Voldemort's mind instead of finishing it. The brunet heard Voldemort growling and smirked. He had obviously got the unspoken message. Anyway, I'll leave you to your evil plots. I can truthfully say though, that it was nice talking to you for once, strange as that may seem. Maybe we should do it again sometime.

I agree. You are a most intriguing person and I think that talking again could be to both our benefits. Harry felt Voldemort's confusion and so decided to leave. He closed the heavy door behind him and turned the wheel, locking it securely.

Inner Harry settled himself on the floor of his secured room, willing himself to wake up again. His eyes flashed open and he stared up at the ceiling. Harry smiled, happy from the productive chat with the Dark Lord, and the fact that they had both enjoyed a conversation that did not end with them trying to kill each other.

Harry pushed himself off the bed, picked up one of the now resized bags of clothes sent to him by the Weasley twins and searched it. He pulled out a pair of black jeans and a dark green fitted t-shirt. He moved to the desk and searched the drawers. After he grabbed a pair of scissors he cut a small hole in the back of the jeans for his tail. Harry sighed, he'd have to do this with all of his clothes for no one.

The gryffindor dressed quickly and reached for his glasses before realising again that he did not need them. Harry grinned brightly, and ran his fingers through his messy hair, thinking blithely about what he could do with it later and gently stroking his ears. The brunet bounced out of the room and headed towards the kitchen, completely unconcerned of what might come about next.

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