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The Kitten and the Killer

Chapter 3 - I Dream Of Monsters

Entering the spotless kitchen, Harry moved towards the table after seeing a piece of paper there weighed down by a can of cream soda. He grinned as he opened the can and lifted it to his lips. The brunet sighed as he tasted the vanilla fizzing on his tongue. Harry placed the can down gently and grabbed the note, flopping gracefully into a chair.

Gone to Aunt Marge's for a week. Don't touch anything.

Harry frowned. 'That's it?' he thought. Then he noticed the small p.t.o in the corner and flipped the paper over.

Harry - hope you're okay. Vernon 'freaked' over what happened last night and made us leave for Aunt Marge's, so you're safe for a while. There's some food for you in the fridge and there's more cream soda in the cupboard under the sink, as well as the key for the cupboard under the stairs. Don't leave the house - keep safe. Aunt Petunia.

Harry smiled and took another sip of his soda, that was more like it. Harry thought back to the beginning of the summer, a scowl crossing his face, it was the worst start yet. As soon as they had gotten back from King's Cross Vernon had beaten him - mainly due to the threats from the order at the station, especially as it had attracted unwanted attention towards Vernon. He then proceeded to lock Harry's window, Hedwig was only let out when she was needed to send a letter to the order, which Harry wrote with Vernon peering over his shoulder, making sure there were no pleas for help or 'funny business'.

The beatings had escalated over time, and were over the smallest of things. However, after one incident of accidental magic, or what Vernon seemed to think was magic, the truly terrible happened.


It was the week before Vernon's week-long business trip and Harry had just been punched in the stomach for not cooking the dinner fast enough. While he was hunched over on the floor, the wind knocked out of him, the kitchen top had caught on fire due to a spillage of cooking oil reaching the flames of the gas cooker. Harry had meant to clean it up but the punch had made him forget completely.

Vernon quickly put the fire out, while turning purple in the face, before turning to Harry, vile insults and accusations of magic spewing out of his mouth. Harry had learned to stay quiet and take his punishment so he did not refuse the blame put on him. The brunet had then been dragged to his room by a harsh grip on his wrist. As he was thrown on the bed a sharp crack resounded through the room as his arm broke, the same one as in his second year. Harry cradled his arm as Vernon locked the door behind him and advanced towards Harry where he was curled up on the bed.

End flashback.

Harry shuddered, his face had darkened completely. He tried so hard not to think back on that day, as he still hadn't come to terms with the fact that his own uncle had violated him. He had become so afraid of people touching him that he tried to stay at arm's length of everyone, although it still did not stop Vernon and Dudley from beating him. Harry had tried to believe that it did not occur at first, but having to wash the blood and semen from his thighs, as well as the lancing pain, had confirmed the truth.

Aunt Petunia had found him huddled in a corner of the room and had helped him to the bathroom, touching him as little as possible, and what did occur he cowered away from. She also decreased the time he spent around Vernon (he wouldn't refer to him as his uncle after what happened) for the following few days. At the end of that week, Vernon left on the business trip and Dudley went on holiday with Piers Polkiss, leaving Harry and Aunt Petunia on their own. During this time they were able to bond as they should have done much earlier in Harry's life, with Harry learning a greater amount of skill in cooking at the same time. They even talked some about the wizarding world.

When Vernon and Dudley returned things went back to the way they were, more or less. Although Aunt Petunia acted as she always had, Harry would find small notes on the backs of his chore lists, or with his slightly larger amounts of food when he had been locked in his room. All of this made him feel much better, knowing he had a friend of sorts in the house.

Harry picked up the note and placed it in his back pocket, nudging his tail to the side. He sighed, 'I love my ears and tail, but how am I going to go back to Hogwarts like this?' He pondered, 'although the tail can be hidden in my robes or a coat I can't do anything about my ears.' Harry jumped up suddenly and shouted.


He rushed towards his room, his ears pointed forwards and his tail swishing from side to side. Harry dashed to his desk and rapidly went through the pile of books to find the one he had been sent by Hermione, 'A Basic Guide to Auror Training', flicking to the contents page, then a section entitled 'Glamours' after it had been found. Flinging himself face down onto his bed, he propped his body up on his elbows to read.

These spells are often used by Aurors for a quick change in appearance, and is especially useful when there is not enough time to brew a supply of Polyjuice potion (for more information see page 74).

Glamours can vary in the time range they last for, and this often depends on the power of the caster. More information on the particular spells used can be found in 'Seen or Unseen: Changing Appearances' by Fichamel Eonier.

Harry sat back and stared at the page, his eyes focused on the title of the specialised glamours book.

"I have to get that book, but I can't go outside like this without it. At least the Dursleys aren't here at the moment." A dignified hoot from Hedwig brought him out of his musings. Harry looked over at her and the perfect idea came to him. Grabbing a quill and a piece of parchment, Harry penned a short note to Flourish and Blotts to order the book and to take what was due out of vault 687.

"Hedwig, can you go to Flourish and Blotts and pick this book up for me? Stay until they give you the book, make sure they use the right vault number and only take how much the book costs before coming back, okay?" Hedwig nipped Harry's fingertips affectionately and swooped out of the open window.

Harry stretched his arms, legs and tail, yawning and blinking his eyes sleepily, even though he had only been awake for a few hours. 'I need a nap.' He thought, and curled back up on the bed, ears twitching lazily and tail swishing slightly before curling around his waist. A soft purr resounded through the room before Harry fell into a deep sleep.

Flashes of life, of someone else's life. Waking up in the garbage, fighting to be free of the restricting pressure around his neck. Life growing up on the streets; stealing, fighting, running, struggling to stay alive. His first kill and his first prison. The number of deaths built up and the security of the prisons increased with every successful escape. Then to the no daylight slams, trading contraband for eye surgery. A surgical shine job. Keeping safe in the dark, killing those who came after him. Goggles found to protect sensitive eyes from bright light, such as that of the world outside prison.

Captured, a mercenary, Johns, the blue-eyed devil. The cryo-chamber of a ship, and he is still awake. Feeling and hearing the ship crash to the ground. The shattering of the cryo-chamber, escape.

Hiding, listening, waiting as Johns moves below. Attack, choking the devil with the chains around his feet. His sight restricted by the blindfold leads again to capture. Pain, forcefully dislocating his own shoulders to escape, to be able to twist his arms the way he needs, then popping them back in, removing the restraints then running across the desert, leaving the chains as a present for Johns. The rising of a third sun on this desolate world that was the crash site.

A graveyard, the skeletons of hundreds of great beasts. The woman, the 'captain' ,Carolyn Fry, talking to Johns, admitting she was going to sacrifice the entire cabin of passengers. A small village discovered, a small transport ship, a way of escape.

Back to the ship. Zeke, free settler shooting an injured crash survivor, then dragging that and other corpses to a grave site. Watching as a hole in the grave was investigated, gun shots and screams as Zeke was ripped apart. Shazza, prospector, female, staring as he turns and runs. Tripped by Johns, ground coming up fast. Pain as goggles were ripped off, blaring light focused in extra-sensitive eyes. Blurry shapes moving and shouting above, then blackness.

Chained again, interrogation. Watching the fear grow in Carolyn at his words, as she came closer to see shining eyes. A noise. The kid, Jack, looking on with awe. Words drifted around. "Where the hell can I get eyes like that?" You gotta kill a few people. "Okay, I can do it." The kid moving closer. Then you gotta get sent to a slam where they tell you you'll never see daylight again. You dig up a doctor and pay him twenty menthol Kools to do a surgical shine job on your eyeballs. "So you can see who's sneaking up on you in the dark?" Exactly. Jack being told to leave. Telling them to look deeper in the hole.

Johns comes next. Says he wants a deal, says he wants help and then he'll let him go. His answer: Kill me now, before I kill you. The deal is made. Told to carry power cells for the new ship. Introduction to Paris P. Ogilvie, antiquities dealer, entrepreneur. He follows with Richard B. Riddick, escaped convict, murderer.

He walks around the settlement, finds old artefacts covered in sand outside a building. A pair of broken glasses. The door is locked, a sheet moved aside to see the place's name: the coring room. Johns calling him to him like a dog, pulling the sheet down in anger, uncovering Jack who had followed with Ali. Following Johns, taking Jack with me.

Watching the happy party. Deciding to ruin it, make them all aware. These people didn't leave. They're all dead. The holy man, Imam, charges in, looking for Ali. Has anyone checked the coring room? A scream. Johns blasts open the door of the coring room, Imam rushing inside. Finding a swarm of flying creatures, which dive down the hole in the centre of the room, as well as Ali's body, what was left of it. Checking down the hole, the bottom is covered in human skeletons. Fry finds out there will be an eclipse. You're not afraid of the dark, are you?

Shaving his head by the ship, seeing Johns rushing round the side, vomiting and shaking. Sneaking aboard the ship, decide to scare Carolyn a bit more, and to let her in on the truth about Johns - only in it for the money, and the drugs.

Leaping onto the sandcat as it goes past, pulling Johns up as well as it drives back to the ship. Watching as the eclipse starts, collecting the power cells once stopped, but the dark is here, the sandcat is not going anywhere. The screeching of creatures as they burst out of mounds, running towards the ship's cargo section. Not fast enough. Diving to the ground and letting the creatures fly overhead. Waiting, propped up on hands for it to be safe. The creatures come around again, flipping over to avoid them but hearing Shazza run then get ripped apart. Walking over to the rest once the creatures have gone. The ground rumbles, watching the ground open up as larger creatures come forth, Carolyn next to me. "What is it Riddick? What is it now?" Like I said, it ain't me you gotta worry about.

Hiding inside the cargo hold, searching for lights, hearing the creatures moving outside, and now maybe inside too. Could be a hull breach. Daring Johns to check while Paris panics. Hearing Imam open a door, following into an even smaller area. Finding the cutting torch and lighting it up, startling everyone. Cutting a hole into the next area over, very large, very dark. Going to explore and hearing a squelching noise. Looking up, seeing a creature eating one of it's smaller brethren. Hiding in the shadows, watching as one of the boys, Hassan, startles the creature. Advising him to stay still before hearing another creature above and behind. Moving back into the shadows as Hassan runs, watching as he's torn apart and the creatures flock to the new source of food. Moving out of the safety of darkness, startled by a creature behind him. Running, then blinding light shone right in the eyes by a flashlight before diving to the side. Hearing the shots from Johns gun and the creature hitting the ground, then sizzling, as the creatures flesh burns in the light. Waiting as they cut through to another room. Listening to the group's 'battle plans' - sources of light, arguing over going or staying, being told to lead them to the village.

Finally leaving the cargo hold, keeping the light going and moving to the ship. Moving to the front to act as monster lookout, ducking to avoid a creature exiting the ship. Inside the ship searching for light sources. Constructing a sled to pull the power cells and heading off, leading the way.

Stopping as Jack moves to pick something up, Paris panicking once more, watching as he crawls away in fright, breaking the main light source and being picked off by the creatures. Moving on. Questions asked due to the need to circle, buy some time to think about 'Death Row', the canyon of skeletons. Revealing Jack's secret, the creatures were after the girl's blood. Arguing again, Fry and Johns, but still moving forward.

Talking with Johns, he wants to sacrifice Jack - bait for the monsters - not happening. Attacking Johns, feeling his wrist break but he snaps it back. Circling, waiting for an opening, pinned to the floor before flipping Johns off, slashing at his back. Moving back into the shadows as Johns flare dies and watching as he goes for his gun, right before he is skewered by a monster.

Returning to the group who had tried to run back, leaving the power cells, telling vaguely of Johns death, telling Jack not to cry. Discovering the skull of one of the creatures - blind spot. Talking to the holy man, telling him his hate of God.

The canyon. Pulling the cells as the others run ahead with the lights, keeping up easily. Forced to run through creature swarm and then it starts raining blood and body parts, looking up he sees the creatures killing each other. Moving through collapsed rib cage, hearing Suleiman, the last of Imam's boys fall, caught by a creature. Hearing Jack call him, asking him to wait, and then screaming. Turning to see Jack pinned, only a large bone keeping the creature from ripping her apart. Seeing Fry try to beat the monster off. Going back, wrestling with the monster's claws before gutting it.

Moving again. Starts to rain. So where the hell's your god now? He laughs. Taking cover, hearing nothing as Suleiman is dragged up the cliff face by a creature. Finding a cave where they could hide and then trapping them inside.

Taking the cells back to the settlement and loading them onto the ship. Ready to go, surprised by the appearance of Carolyn in front of the ship. Opening the ramp, offering to take her too. She attacks, pinning him and ordering him to go back with her, putting his shiv to her throat. You'd die for them? "I would try for them." You didn't answer me "Yes, I would, Riddick, I would die for them." How interesting.

Going back to the cave, and leading them back to the settlement. Telling them to run while distracting the creatures using the blind spot. Another appears behind, then fighting, yelling in pain. Stumbling towards where the ship is, seeing Fry coming back. Leaning slightly on her weight, moving towards the skiff. Stopping as she is dragged into the sky by one of the creatures.

Getting back to the ship, and starting it up. Then cutting the lights while waiting for the creatures to come closer. Switching the engine on and frying the monsters as he flies off world with Imam and Jack.

Jack coming to sit in the passenger seat. "A lot of questions, whoever we run into. Could even be a merc ship. So what the hell do we tell them about you?" Tell 'em Riddick's dead. He died somewhere on that planet

Harry woke up at once, his eyes snapping open to stare into the darkness that had engulfed his room while he had slept. He raised himself up on his elbows and stared into the mirror across the room, his eyes reflecting the light that filtered in the window from the street lamp outside. His tail flicked from side to side as he pondered over his dream. He had seen it through someone else's eyes, this Richard B. Riddick's eyes, and it had felt completely different than what he had seen through Voldemort's mind. He felt like he knew Riddick, or that he should know him, it was all rather confusing. At a sound from the window he glanced up quickly from where he had been glaring at the sheets, his posture tense, but he relaxed once he saw that it was Hedwig, who swooped in through the still open window with a package clutched in her talons.

Harry smiled, picking himself up from the bed and moving towards where Hedwig had perched on his desk chair, strange dream forgotten for the moment. As Harry reached her he ran his fingers through the soft feathers on her head before moving to the package she still held securely.

He took the parcel back to the bed and lay down before ripping the paper off. A thin book dropped onto the bed, a note fluttering down to join it a second later. The brunet picked up the slip of paper and read it quickly.

Mr Potter,

Thank you for your purchase of 'Seen or Unseen: Changing Appearances' by Fichamel Eonier that is enclosed. The cost of this book (3 galleons) has been charged to vault 687 as requested. If there are any problems do not hesitate to owl me.


Artemis Clemens

Manager, Flourish & Blotts, Diagon Alley.

Harry balled up the note and threw it in the bin before turning back to the book. Harry noticed at once that the book had changed it's colouring to match the white sheet it had landed on with only the title standing out in black.

Picking it up, the brunet watched as it changed again, this time to the same bronzed colour as his skin, earned by many hard days working in the Dursleys' garden, something he still did even without being ordered. It was something to help spend the time he had until he went back to Hogwarts, as well as being relaxing. It also gave him time to think, and to grieve. The thought of Sirius now only brought a pang to his heart, whereas the grief before felt like it would consume him until there was nothing left.

Harry lent back against the top of the bed and flipped open the cover. He searched the pages quickly for the section on glamours, passing a chapter on the polyjuice potion, as well as skipping metamorphmagi and transfiguration. After eventually finding the right part, the brunet read it out loud.


There are many ways to perform glamour charms. The easiest, and therefore the most popular is the abeo charm. The incantation for which is abeo forma, and requires the use of a wand. The drawback to this charm though is that it is difficult to determine how long the glamour will be effective as it depends on the power of the caster. This means it can last as long as a month or it could fail after ten minutes. It has to be recast just before the alotted time runs out also, whih is why many wizards prefer to use potions and other methods.

There is a charm that lasts for a whole day, or at least until the subject under the glamour falls asleep. This is called the altus dies charm, it uses a larger amount of power than the previous spell so some are not able to perform it. To the use the charm, move you wand in the simple swish and flick motion while incanting altus dies abeo.

Harry sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose where his glasses used to sit. He turned to the end of the section to see if there was anything more useful to his situation.

The most powerful glamour charm than can be cast, the Velieris oris veritas charm, can only be cast by the most powerful of wizards, and even then only some have suceeded. It is cast using, not an incantation or a wand, but rather wandless or will magic. The charm uses the core of innate magic within the witch or wizard casting it, which only certain people can command. However, if one can perform this charm, the glamour will last until the caster chooses to remove it or dies. It is impervious to even the strongest wizards, witches and magical objects. It is also rumoured that the caster can set limits on the glamour charm that allows only certain people to see through it. The last known person to be able to cast this spell was Godric Gryffindor, one of the founders of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"I might as well try it," Harry looked towards Hedwig, who tilted her head to the side, "I mean what have I got to lose, it's not as if they'll be expelled. They only seem to monitor magic done by my wand, and magic done to or around muggles." Hedwig hooted in agreement. Harry grinned, remembering vividly an incident a week ago that had shown him his ability with wandless magic when his emotions were under control, as well as helping to figure out the restrictions on the magic being monitored.


Harry was curled up on his bed after a particularly bad beating from Vernon when Hedwig had tapped on his locked window with her beak. After crying out from the pain of trying to stand up ripped through him, Harry had glared at the window and waved his hand, the alohamora charm running through his mind. To his surprise, the window swung open and Hedwig swooped in and landed on the bed next to him. Harry, his eyes wide in shock, stared at the now open window until a nip to his ear brought him back to himself.

Hedwig hooted balefully and nudged his head, bringing the pain he was feeling to the forefront of his mind once more as she had accidentally pushed a large bruise. Concentrating as much as he could, he thought of dome of the healing spells he had heard Poppy Pomfrey use when he went to see her at the start of each year. Other than the headmaster, she was the only one who knew about his abuse, of which she was sworn to secrecy by Dumblefuck. Although Harry had the suspicion Hermione knew something, but she had never asked him about it and he was not ready to tell.

When the pain had lessened, Harry cautiously raised himself of the bed, and when he felt only a small twinge of pain he silently cheered. He stumbled to his mirror and saw that the bruises had decreased in both size and quantity also. Harry grinned at his reflection before turning around to see Hedwig.

"Well, what do you think? Better?"

Hedwig hooted encouragingly and flew over to land on Harry's shoulder, where she squeezed gently with the talons and nuzzled against him. Harry laughed lightly.

"I agree."

End flashback.

Remembering what happened next made the brunet grimace. When Vernon had seen, or not seen as the case may be, he had beaten Harry again, even worse. From then on Harry had concentrated on just removing the pain rather than the marks littering his skin that his 'uncle' had left as decoration. Even though he had not had a particular spell in mind, it had still worked once he had concentrated hard enough.

Harry closed the book and placed it on the bedside table where it turned the same colour as the wood. He stood gracefully, his tail helping with his balance, and went to the mirror. His reflection looked the same as the last time he had looked, one of his ears flicking from side to side in interest.

Closing his eyes, Harry concentrated hard on a glamour covering his ears and tail to everyone's eyes, animals, portraits, ghosts and mirrors included. Although he excluded Hedwig. He felt a slight tingle cross every inch of his skin and fur and opened his eyes. In the mirror he looked perfectly normal, but without his glasses.

"Okay, I think," Harry turned to Hedwig. "How do I look girl? Still cat-like?" She stretched her wings and cooed happily, Harry laughed. "I'll take that as a yes."

Harry lay back down on the bed and closed his eyes, slipping easily back into sleep.


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