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The Kitten and the Killer

Chapter 4 - Gateway To Dreamland

They were making their way from the dead planet, when they were caught by the mercenary ship. They were pulled aboard and though he had introduced himself as Johns he knew they were not convinced. He immersed the three of them in extinguishing foam to hide their heat signals before their ship is forced open. He dives out of the foam, killing many of the mercs in the hangar before someone puts a gun to Jack's head. He stops and he is taken to the main area to see Chillingsworth, and her 'art', he is distracted by a Furyan statue - an actual Furyan turned to stone and still alive, but then he feels a needle in his neck. A bomb injected to stop him causing trouble. Tell the Lady her taste sucks. "You see Riddick, there is a fundamental difference between you and I," she says. Yeah, you're a psychopath. "You don't appreciate art."

He is led to a different area and sees Jack and Imam tied below . He is given back his shiv, and promise to bury it in Janner's eye before killing a couple of the guards, one he pulls down with him as he jumps down, using him like a cushion. Moves closer to an opening in the area, but two shrill come out, tentacles waving. The guard is disintegrated by one while the other comes at him. He dodges but hit's the ball Jack is standing on, stopping her from being hung. Imam moves to share his ball but the first shrill attacks them. He pulls them both up with the ropes holding them, kicking the ball into the shrill. Imam struggles to keep them up, but he cuts their ropes, tells them to run but they can't see. It's better that way. He goes on the offensive. Slicing parts off the second shrill. The other moves to attack Jack and Imam once more but he hits it with a ball and kills it. The second takes him by surprise and restricts his arms. Jack helps, using one of the shrill's own tentacles. He uses the shrill's weapon to free an arm to catch his shiv as Jack throws it to him. He frees the other arm before strangling the shiv with it's own tentacle. The lights go back up. While Chillingsworth is talking, he gets the knife from Imam and digs it in his own neck, extracting the bomb and throwing it away before it explodes. Then they run.

Hear a creature roar and stop for a while, but keep moving when the way is clear. He helps Imam onto a higher platform before raising himself up. He leans back over to pull Jack up when a light hits them and guns are fired, he almost drops Jack before catching her and swinging her up.

They're running again, but they stop, they can't outrun the beast. Tells them to get to the flight deck and hides them, tells them to wait before moving. He runs off, slashing his arm on the way, blood splatters onto the ground. He takes off his bloody shirt leaving it on the floor as he goes up into a ceiling duct, watching as the mercs gather below, followed by the creature. It kills all but one before he leaps down, killing it instantly with a shiv to the brain.

He gets to the flight deck and Imam has been knocked out and Jack is being strangled by Janner. He challenges him to a fight. They trade punches and kicks until he is slammed up against some machinery, he grabs a power cable and twists it around Janner's neck, it's slashed and the lights go out. He makes his move and his promise is kept, the shiv buried in Janner's eye testament as the emergency lights go on.

He moves to prep a ship for departure but Chillingsworth is waiting inside, gun drawn and shoots him in the shoulder. She moves and aims at his face when he falls back but Jack shoots her first. They leave the merc ship, and head to New Mecca. He tells Imam he's dropping them off and then he's gone, to protect Jack's future.

The dream fades to black and Harry turns over in his sleep, frown marring his face as a new dream starts.

I was running over a frozen wasteland, merc ship hot on my trail. A net is fired but I dodge, again, dodge, again, but this time one of the spikes lodges in my leg. I pull it free, growling low in my throat. I turn to face the ship, shivs in hand. I motion to the cave behind me before running inside.

I climb up the side of the cave using the shivs and wait behind a column for the ship to pass, before quickly slicing the harness of one of the gunners, making him drop to his death. I move over the ship and do the same to the other gunner, then I wait on top of the ship. When the third guy pokes his head out I pull him all the way, letting him fall, before going in a taking the seat at the back.

You made three mistakes. First, you took the job. Second, you came light. A four-man crew for me? Fucking insulting. But the worst mistake you made… I watch as Toombs goes for the gun rack. …Empty gun rack. I slam Toombs down and ask him for the bounty value, it's a lot, a helluva lot, I ask who's paying, no way a slam puts up that much. I was right, it's a private party, and from Helion Prime, now that's interesting, I actually feel betrayed. I glance around the ship, but Toombs tries a move on me and I throw him out of the ship, good riddance, for now anyway, I may have use for him later. I fly the ship off the planet and head to Helion Prime to find me a holy man.

I'm back in cryosleep, still partially awake. I see a strange vision, a woman, Furyan, talking about the true crime committed to my people. Then I hear an alert, bringing me to fully awake, seems I'm getting tagged for a security inspection. There's an official ship off to my side, it's trying to lead me down - not gonna follow. I drop down then slam into the underside of the other ship, knocking it away, probably damaged some systems too - good. I go into land.

I head to the holy man's place. Wait under the stairs, shaving my head cleanly with a shiv - it was getting long. I hear Imam enter and I ask him if I was right to trust him, but he starts to make excuses - I put a shiv to his throat, I hate liars. Next I hear movement upstairs, his daughter, Ziza, and his wife, Laijun. The kid's cute, asks me about the monsters before she's taken away. I ask Imam who I have to kill to get this bounty off my head, shouldn't have asked though, now he's spouting off about a new threat to the world, like I care.

There's a knock at the door and three men enter. I shut the door behind them and pull the mask off the first, the others remove theirs willingly. A breeze goes through the room and a new presence appears, my shiv goes to her throat automatically. She's the one behind the bounty, Aereon, an elemental, and she names the new threat - Necromongers, convert or death. Nice choice. They start to talk of Furyans, asking me about my past, but soldiers interrupt. I move to leave, it's not my fight, but Imam brings up her, Jack, and I freeze, deciding to stay for a little while longer. I watch from upstairs as they are dragged out of the house by the soldiers, then wait, not for long though, the soldiers soon enter the room. My back is to the door, and I snuff the last two candles in the room, plunging us into darkness - then I attack. I take them down easily, the last thrown through the door. I walk to the stairs and the soldier holding Imam runs away. Coward. I ask Imam about Her - she went looking for me and now she's in a slam - Crematoria. Anger fills me, Imam was supposed to watch her, keep her away from me, from becoming like me. I go to leave but Ziza stops me - asks if I'm going to stop the new monsters now, I don't answer and instead pull my hood up and leave.

I watch as the gunfire starts, trying to stop the Necromongers from coming. Then I run, over the rooftops as the city blacks out. I get my first look at the Necromonger ships. I see Imam in the path of the Necromonger army so I pull him into the shadows to hide. Wait as the Necromonger army wipes out the local soldiers. I offer to take Imam and his family off world, I have a ship anyway, and he agrees.

I lead them through the city, stopping when there's a threat. We hide and watch as they kill any soldiers still alive. Imam uses himself as bait to draw them away, but it only lures some, another group finds Laijun and Ziza but I take care of it, snapping their necks quickly. Then I go after Imam but I'm too late, I see the shadow of his killer, he has a knife in his back. I pick up his necklace, something to take back to them.

I go to the main hall where there seems to be a meeting and hide in the back, listening to them argue with the Necros, watching as a guy gets his soul ripped out, then as everyone kneels. I remove my hood but do not kneel. One of the Necros comes up to me, telling me to bow before the Marshal. I bow to no man He takes off his helmet and tells me something about him not being a man, but the holy half-dead who has seen the underverse, okay, forget I said anything, weird people. I just point to Imam's killer I just want a piece of him, and apparently a piece I shall have. We fight and I pull the knife from his back before killing him with it. I turn to leave but the Necros close in on me, keeping me there as the Marshal comes up to me with the knife, asking me what I think of it. I test it out it's a half gram heavy on the back end I hold it out to him but he tells me that you keep what you kill, moving it, and my hand, back towards me. We wrestle silently and he asks if we've met before. I think I would remember He says the same before leaving, giving orders to take me to who? The Quasi-deads? The soldiers move closer but a woman comes between them and me, calling me a breeder, and asking me to join them. I breathe in deeply It's been a long time since I smelled beautiful She takes my arm and guides me to their ship. This could be interesting.

They have 'interesting' architecture I would've gone a different way The door closes behind us and I'm led into a small room and placed in the centre, before being shut in. Voices echo around me and a force pulls me to my knees, the blade I had draw ripped from my hand. Five occupied, I guess they could be beds, were lowered around me, the source of the voices. They force their way into my head, searching my memories, I try to fight back. They find things that I didn't even know were there: thoughts of Shirah, of the Furyan home world, of the death of my people. The voices are screaming for me to die now, but that's not going to happen. The force holding me is released and I fight back, killing a few before hitching a ride with one of the Quasi-deads. I easily escape the ship, the Necros are definitely some kind of useless, and now I'm running, a Necromonger ship on my tail. It's been shot down…who? Ah, Toombs. What took you so long? I hold out my hands and the female of the five-man crew cuffs me. Time to go.

We take off and they ask me where I think they should go, I name a few, I've been to most, but I know where we're going - Crematoria - highest security prison in their fuel range, a no-daylight slam, my favourite kind. This new crew of Toombs is skittish, I can use that, probably shouldn't tell them what happened to the old crew though.

The female's woken up, but I pretend to still be asleep. She comes closer, straddling my lap and removing my goggles. My eyes flash open and I trap her legs so she can't move, frighten her a bit with words before letting her go. Yes, definitely skittish.

We get to Crematoria, and sit relaxed in the back as they make the landing, not as smooth as I would have done - they hit some sun on the way down. They put me in chains and hold guns to my head, overkill considering I kinda want to go this time. They tie me down on my back to the sled, and ride deeper into the planet. I measure the distance as we go. The merc sitting on me starts to annoy me so I use one of the tunnel lights to knock him off the sled. Toombs looks at me and I shrug, I think I made him happy though, he started laughing. Ahh, more money for him.

We get to the end and they lower me down through a hatch, the cable stops suddenly and I know they're haggling over the price. The cable starts again You should've just taken the money Toombs Then it stops, again - ugh, this is getting old. I twist myself in the rope, moving myself upward, before letting go. The restraints snap at the force put on them and I land solidly on the ground below. The low level prisoners attack and I easily fend them off. One rushing me gets a chain wrapped around his throat and his neck snapped. I see a woman holding the other end before she disappears in the smoke and darkness - Jack. I continue to look even after she's gone. A man comes up to me, looks and acts like the boss, saying something about respect I'm just passing through

I enter a barred room and feel a knife at my back. I know it's Jack even before she speaks. We go through a familiar conversation, the same one we had back on that planet, about how to get eyes like mine. Doesn't go exactly the same but it was close enough. I tell Jack to watch it as I hold her up against the bars. She tells me Jack's dead, attacks me, then disappears, leaving a cut on my cheek. I leave the room and see her on the catwalk a short distance away. She says her name is Kyra now, before she jumps over the side and out of sight.

I find somewhere to rest, out of reach of others, but I dream, dream of the past, and I wake quickly. I move to some water and have a quick shower, feeling Kyra watching me. I turn once I'm done and stare her down. The Guv interrupts, starts telling me his life story, like I care, then the guards are shouting, something about feeding time. But not for us, the beasts they send in with us proves that. Everyone scatters, trying to find somewhere safe, I'm warned not to look them in the eye. I stand behind a small waterfall, watching the beasts, the Thrash they're called, prowl by. One pokes it's head through the waterfall, it's coat turning red when it smells me, and I stare it right in the eyes, eyes like mine. I prove who is the stronger and he settles down, purring quietly as I stroke his jagged coat back to it's original shade of black, hand feeding him. An alarm buzzes and the Thrash stalks away, lunging at the nearby bars from which the Guv was watching It's an animal thing

I go to look for Jack, Kyra now, and find her fighting with the guards. I tell them to leave while they still can while taking a sip of my tea. They don't listen and mock me instead. I laugh inwardly and see Kyra smirk as I tell them I'll kill them with my tea cup, before placing it upside down on a ledge beside me. The idiot charges at me and I slam my hand down on the cup, the metal breaks easily leaving a jagged edge. I thrust it into the man's chest and twist it right over his heart. He's dead when he hit's the floor. I put a pin in the place where the tea cup was and the guards run for it, taking their injured with them. Once they're gone Kyra pulls the cup from the man's chest and applauds my ingenuity I didn't come here to play 'who's the better killer?' though apparently it's her favourite game. She tells me of what happened to her, of signing up with mercs that slaved her out. I feel slightly betrayed, I always have mercs on my neck and she signs with them, the same ones that would cut her up and use her as bait. I turn to go but she has to have the last word, saying that they were the only ones around before storming off.

I watch as the guards take their office topside to swap out air. The Guv is sitting next to me and I advise him to stay close when I escape or stay here forever.

I hear gunfire and shouts from above - escape time. Toombs rides the cable down and I jump on, telling him he should've taken the money before climbing up through the hatch. I take the keys to my cuffs from Toombs female crew member after I open the door to below. I check the tunnel doors but they won't open so I check the cameras, everything happened according to plan. I tell this to the other convicts, and Toombs when he finally arrives through the hatch. I lock him in an empty cage between the Thrash before using the controls to go topside. Next step, run to the hangar over the planet surface, only one speed - my speed. Then we're running, the cold and the night before us and the sun and day coming up behind.

I see one of the tunnel hatches go up but I just keep running. I'm ready for the next hatch though and I wait on top for it to open. When it does I use a mace on a chain to hit the guard back down the shaft. A short gun war takes place before the hatch closes, and I watched, slightly concerned as Kyra ran towards the hatch firing wildly at the diminishing gap. When we stop for a moment in the run I ask her if she cares whether she lives or dies, and she says she doesn't really. I realise that I care before I start running once more.

I climb a cliff side with not much difficulty but the others are having problems and the sun is coming up on us, fast. I call out to Kyra but it's too late, she's stuck half way as the cliff is now too hot to climb. I hear her call out, telling me she actually does care. I make a call and ask for rope and water, telling the two that had made it to run. I douse myself in the water and loop the rope around a rock, before swinging down and grabbing Kyra on the way back up, narrowly avoiding the wave of fire hitting the cliff.

Once in sight of the hangar I hear a low humming and creep closer to investigate. The Necros are here. I wait for a while and hear the guards fighting the Necros. I turn to Kyra, it's time to play her favourite game. I leap out and stab the nearest Necromonger I land on, grabbing his gun and firing at another. I use the blade and the gun to take out a few before I call out to Kyra. I grab her arm and swing her around, using the blade in her boot to slit some Necros open. I've dropped the gun so I pull out the double shivs resting in the harness on my back , moving forward, slicing though the Necros one by one. Grabbing Kyra again I flip her over my head and she land on the shoulders of the Necromonger in front of me, digging the boot blade in before standing to fight once more. I've lost my shivs so I use my bare hands to go through the next group. I hear Kyra in trouble so I catch an airborne blade and fling it into the head of the Necromonger she was fighting.

While I'm distracted with a few Necros, I feel a shot hit me and I'm flung into the hangar runway. A ring of Necros are closing in on me but Kyra take s them out, pleads for me to get up and then runs away.

I struggle to stand and I'm on my knees when the Necromonger commander Vaako moves forward, the other Necros surrounding me. I stare at him but then a vision fills my head and Shirah appears before me, she places her hand on my chest, giving me the mark of Furya and the knowledge of my people's ruination. The mark hurts like nothing else and the power pushed inside of me suddenly burst free, knocking all of the Necromongers away and I fall back. All I can see is the face of the Furyan's destruction as I lie in the direct sunlight, unmoving. I feel someone dragging me across the ground and when I come back to the fore I'm in the hangar. Kyra and the Necros have all gone, all except the one behind me - the Purifier. He says he has a message from the Lord Marshal: to leave the Lord Marshal alone and I wouldn't be hunted. I grab his shoulder tightly and ask where they would take her. It surprised me when he opened his jacket and I saw a glowing handprint on his chest, the same that now resided on my own. The mark of Furya. I watch as he walks into the sunlight and turns to ashes. I pick up the blade he had dropped to the floor in front of me, wait for night to fall once more, and fly back to Helion Prime.

Once there I leave Imam's necklace on the door of his house before turning to the Necromonger ships. I steal one of those suits of armour and make my way on board, purposefully knocking into the women from before, the one who would have led me to my death. She sees me but it doesn't matter.

I walk through the ship and pass one of those creatures, it sees something wrong in me obviously as I pass because it stops. That isn't good, it turns towards me and now I know, this lensor is dead. I hide myself in the chamber I was in before, after killing the inhabitants. I move to the door once the patrols have gone past and run my blades together, alerting the room guards and luring them closer before I kill them both.

I burst through the doors and leap at the Lord Marshal blade in hand, he turns quickly and throws me across the room, blade falling from my hand as I roll across the floor. He orders his Necros to stay back, keeping them out of the fight. I look up and see someone by his side, they lower their hood and my breath catches as I stand: Kyra. He moves towards me and asks me to consider converting, the blade twitches in my hand. He calls Kyra forward and she comes to me, telling me of her conversion. Twice I ask her if she is with me, but she doesn't answer, she only walks away. My eyes follow her, watching her go. Anger, sadness, hate - tides of emotion sweep through me and I grip the blade tighter. You killed everything I know I throw the blade, cutting the Lord Marshal as he caught it and surprising many. He drops the blade and speeds towards me, next thing I know I've hit one of the pillars. Damn he's fast. I get back up and try to fight, but I can't get a hit in. I start to read some of his movements but it's not enough and I hit the ground.

He kneels down to my level, places his hands either side of my head and tries to pull out my soul, well that's never gonna happen, my soul is staying with me. I pull out of his hands and flip to my feet, punching him hard in the face and sending him flying. He grabs a spear from one of the statues and eventually I'm on the floor again, though the spear is now in pieces. He takes a weapon from one of the Necros and holds it at my neck from behind, using it to pull me upright. I can taste blood in my mouth and it's difficult to breathe. I see my blade on the ground but my vision is wavering.

Suddenly, I'm thrown forward. Looking back I see Kyra standing over the Lord Marshal, a piece of the spear embedded in his back. Then he sends her flying and she is impaled on a column covered in spikes next to the throne. Kyra falls to the floor as Vaako jumps in to the ring, axe in hand. I stare into Kyra's eyes and my hand grabs my blade. I see Vaako moving towards the Lord Marshal, axe raised, and the Marshal trying to escape. I move into his escape path, putting my foot down over the weapon he was reaching for. I drive my blade into his skull as soon as his real body follows his spirit to where I'm standing. I hear the axe hit the floor at the same time. I snap the blade in half and bring my knee up into his face, knocking the now full-dead Lord Marshal backwards.

I go to Kyra and hold her in my arms. Are you with me Kyra? She tells me she was always with me. I feel tears burn my eyes and an overwhelming grief as she dies in my hands, but I don't let it consume me. I lay her on the ground and bring one hand up to my eyes, composing myself, I can't remember the last time I cried it was so long ago. I sit back in the throne in exhaustion, although I don't show it, and watch as the Necromongers move forward. My hand goes back down by my side and I stare at them as they kneel down before me You keep what you kill I'm looking down on my army now.

Harry woke with a sob choked from his throat, hot tears streaming down his face. The brunet wiped his face with the back of his hands, forcing the tears to stop. Hedwig hooted worriedly from her place on the desk.

"I'm okay girl, really. It was a strange dream, but it felt so real. I saw the life of someone else through their eyes." The first dream comes swiftly back to him. "He's been through so much and now he seems trapped; all sad and alone with no way out. He has to hide everything behind a mask of fierceness and cruelty. He wants to be free, and I want to help him." Harry sighed and closed his eyes. "'Mione was right, I do have a 'saving people thing'." Hedwig hooted encouragingly making the gryffindor laugh. "You're right, I should at least think on what I could do to actually help. It might be impossible, but I can try at least."

Harry focused on the final image he had seen in the dream. The man, this Richard B. Riddick, sat alone on the throne, head in his hand, his last friend, and maybe love, dead at his feet, and a whole army kneeling before him. I want to save him, free him, help him not to feel alone anymore Harry thought.

Suddenly, Harry's body started tingling all over, his wing tattoos becoming itchy, as if the wings wanted to break free. A glow started to dance in the centre of the room as a crackling sound filled the air, causing Hedwig to take flight through the open window. As Harry watched, transfixed, the area of light started to expand, continuing until it reached over six feet in height and three feet in width. The edges wavered as if it was unsure if it should grow any more or shrink back.

The glow began to focus around the edges casting the centre into darkness, an area of pitch black. Using all of his gryffindor courage, the brunet moved closer to the portal, as that was what Harry figured it to be. Tiny little bolts of energy leapt around the edge and a lighter shade of black started to coalesce in the centre. As the shape became more defined, Harry saw that it was the figure of a man.

The brunet backed away from the portal now as the focus on the silhouette became sharper the nearer it came. The man stepped through the portal with predatory grace and confidence. He was then bathed in the magical glow from the portal outline.

Harry's breath caught in his throat, and he felt his ears flatten as his tail swished due to his agitation. The sight of those reflective irises brought forth submissive traits from his cat half he did not even know existed. The brunet was finally able to breathe once more as he murmured the word on the tip of his tongue.



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