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Irene was finally finished putting away the souvenirs from the trip she took with her charge. She had started a load of laundry full of dirty clothes they had worn and just put the bottle of expensive French wine she had bought for Raven when she would visit again. It had been an interesting trip, she reflected and her little southern belle certainly enjoyed her self and the light in her eyes as they explored the city of New Orleans was certainly worth the trip, even the lecture from Raven when she'd find out just how and who their little Anna had been exploring with.

And that the prince from the streets of the Big Easy had followed her home.


He watched her from the Cyprus tree just out side her house, the branch ran level with her window and its small balcony, the leaves hid him in the shadows and with just one little leap he'd be able to open her window and enter her room.

Fuck. How he wanted to.

How'd he miss the petite belle and they'd only just spoken a mere few hours before when she left his home in the bayou to come back here, on her side of d'river. It was the end of her vacation, Anna had in fact had stayed 3 weeks longer than they were supposed to, just to spend time with him.

He still couldn't figure out how he fell for his fille so fast. She was just barely 13 and was already an experienced lady's man at 16 but he couldn't help it she was just …ceil.

He watched her turn on the dark wooden ceiling fan that hung in the center of her room and crawl under her light weight white cotton cover and sheets, moving closer and closer to her balcony, as quiet as a mouse.

Or a swamp rat… Remy smirked to himself …as his lil river rat called him.

From her balcony door Remy could see her eyes closed as her white bangs fell away from her face, her body turn just to the right and she looked to be asleep by her steady breathing. Perfect Remy'll just slip right in and kiss his cheri on the cheek leave her a love note and slip right back out and head home.

An easy and rewarding job for a prince of thieves.

He silently crept across her hard wood floors, careful not to cause a creak, his unique eyes on his prize. Within moments he was at her bedside, the soft wind from the fan lifting up parts of his longish hair that fell out of his low ponytail. He loomed over her sleeping form like the dark prince over his innocent virgin and leaned in for the kiss.

Just a small peck on her rosy cheek He told himself but couldn't help but be drawn to soft pouty lips…

Merde….he shouldn't but….damn……

He softly placed his lips on hers, support from his left arm on her head board, he just quickly touched her lips, noticing how pliable they were and that they moved against his slightly in her sleep.

Mais D'accord Remy was always a good kisser

It was when two small arms reached out and pulled his head down, wrapping around his neck that Remy realized his chere was awake and kissing him back. Remy was in bliss.

"Mmm" He heard her murmur against is grinning mouth, "what took you so long Henri?"

"Quoi?! Henri?!" Remy nearly screamed forgetting himself and jumping back from his position only to witness a fully awake Anna giggling madly with a wicked little smirk on her face. "Cheri you wound Remy- makin him t'ink you thought you were kissin' his frere" He languidly sat down beside her, his position blocking hers against the antique blackened walnut bed frame.

"Would ya have preferred Emil or Theo swamp rat?" she continued to tease. "It's more then you deserve fo' sneakin inta a young southern lady's bed room in the middle o' the nigh and stealin a kiss. What would ya tante have ta say hmm?"

"Hmp Remy missed his cheri so much he followed her all d'way out here to kiss her good nigh' and that's all ya got ta say?" He whimpered with a puppy dog face, his unique red on black eyes wide and pleading.

"What tante don know wont hurt Remy will it ma chere" he replied smirking.

"Slimy lil swamp rat that you are I'm sure she's gotta have some reason to hurt ya. How'd ya get here Remy?"

"Followed ya on m'bike couldn' let ya go just yet m' belle cheri."

"Well I can't say I'm upset about that now can I? But ya better git outta here and back home b'fore Irene hears' ya or ya pere finds ya missin'"

"Non m' d' prince o t'ieves your dear Irene not gonna hear m' and as for m' pere, well they be used t' not seeing my all nigh Remy plans on wrapping his arm around ya m' joile Anna and sleep so sweetly."

"Non swamp rat"

"Oui si vous plais"






Anna's negative retort was soundly stopped with a kiss full on the lips and Remy's arms wrapping tightly around her waist, laying her down and then nuzzled the side of her face.

"Fine Cajun wouldn't want ya to fall asleep and ruin that beautiful bike of yours anyway just get your shoes off and get in bed b'fore I change my mahnd."

"Knew ya loved Remy cheri" He taunted and did as he was told, took off his well worn jeans stripping down to his wife beater and boxers and slipped next to her wrapping his arms around her little waist and pulled her to him. Snuggling against his chest she kissed his check and whispered "sweet dreams Remy" before dozing off.

"Bon nuit Anna"


Raven's not going to be pleased at all.

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