"Master Magneto, I have been unable to find the information you have desired….it seems Destiny is as allusive to modern mutant as it was to ancient man."

Took look at him anyone would think Mesmero was a weak example of a Man, his crippling body thin and frail, the liver spots growing on his balding skull, and if Magneto were honest with himself he would have cut his losses with the illusionist if it weren't for his power, and his own weak will.

"Spare me your theatrics-show me results!"

There was always still time to find a replacement.

Ring/buzz Ring/buzz

Magneto watched Mesmero cower and sigh with relief when his personal cell phone rang.


"Eric. I have been called many names but never that one. Don't tell Raven, she'll be upset."

"Destiny, how lovely to hear from you, my apologizes, this is a highly secured device…or at least it was…"

"I didn't think you would mind, as I know you have been trying to reach me since your most recent discoveries."

His irritation at the loss of his thief still fresh in his mind, Magneto rose in the air, swiftly floating through his domed domain.

"Yes, I understand that you would be the person to ask about the Rogue."

"I maybe the person to ask Eric, but I am not the person you will get your answers from."

"I am not going to harm the girl……but had I known of her ties to the Thieves Guild I would have been far more insistent in training her. I would never have let Mystique have so much control."

High in his metallic dome he felt the pull of the metal on his body, every ounce of his blood called to it. It was a marvelous sensation.

"You wouldn't have been have to manipulate her as you speculate. She is far more capable of deciding her life on her own, and incase you failed to take notice and learn from Raven, manipulation will only drive her off. I will tell you something though Eric, I see great things in her future, regardless of what side SHE chooses. Great and terrible."

"Surely Irene you know what side-"

"Enough! I have given you enough, you need to stop now while you still can. If I were you I would be more concerned with the children I brought into this world. Oh and Eric, do pay more attention in monitoring what your men are watching on the internet."


Finding himself floating above the central living quarters Eric Lensher was far more frustrated now then he had been before he spoke with the blind seer.

He stilled in the air several moments, until he was forced from his meditation –

"Oi! Yo go Gamb't – Get'em – punch-no PUNCH TO THE LEFT!"

Instantly his blue eyes went to the over sized main monitor screen of his security area, and with interest he saw what had caught the attention of Sabertooth, Pyro and Colossus.

Gambit was fighting Cyclops - a display of both of their abilities with out their powers, this would be a great way to asses their strengths and weaknesses.

A great advantage indeed.

As his chin throbbed in pain, Scott Summers made a decision.

Either he won this fight with Gambit or he was going to have to do some serious apologizing.

And by apologizing, Scott knew that he would be at the mercy of the most powerful creature in the universe.

An angry woman.

Scratch that.

A pissed off Rogue.

Enjoying the crack that Gambit made when Scott high kicked his back, Scott took the advantage and swung his arm around to grab his opponent by his shirt and throwing him against a wall.

But Gambit was too quick and used the wall to propel his body forward and did a half flip that caused Scott to hit the ground.


Needless to say Scott Summers did not like the taste of the floor.

At all.

Groaning he pushed himself off the ground and found his balance on his feet.

"Looks like y' getting' t' know th' floor well, no?"

"Not the first woman I know better than you do"

Remy raised his brow as he reassessed One Eye's sense of humor. 'Seems less of a tight wad if y' beat'm up a bit.' "Oui, mais Remy dink quality of quantity is always bon" Remy slammed his foot into Scott's stomach sending him flying back into the wall. With another thud Scott stood against the wall, breathing, and reassessing his situation.

Just in time to hear Rogue on the loud speaker.


Scotts head lulled against the concrete, almost wishing it would swallow him whole. But Rogue was right, Gambit didn't keep to one type of Martial arts, it was almost as if he had no formal training at all and merely moved when needed.

And it was kicking his ass.


Much to his annoyance and the obvious pleasure of the x-girls watching, Gambit bent back and then did a one-hand spring kick in his direction.

"Girl is that answer enough-phew-is it just me or is it getting hotter in here?"

Scott dodged and rolled down the wall as Remy twirled away from the force of the impact.

"Ug Jubes you're making me ill-hey look Ballerina Gambit, comes complete with leotard"

"I would think a man like you would be known for quantity over quality-tell me is Rogue just a nother notch on the belt? The one that got a way - or are you serious-"

"Shut it Iceboy"

"Actually like I wouldn't mine seeing Remy in tights"

"Hey its ICE MAN-and hey!"

"Homme you bett'r watch d'at tongue of yours b'for ya loose it" Remy's red eyes flashed menacing and Scott didn't doubt for a second that Remy wouldn't be the one to remove his tongue. It didn't stop him from throwing punches at Remy's face.

"Shadow Cat's right don't you agree Jubilee? Magma? Wolfbane?"

"Yes Boom Boom I'd have to agree"

"Boy ya aint done nothin' to prove ya a mahn yet nahw shut ya math bahfor' its done for ya- an' ya ladies can try ta imagine how mah man looks in taghts - Ah've got it fa real "

Remy stilled at Rogue's announcement - 'Hells bells'

"Tights? Gambit? Have a production of Swan Lake planned?" Scott teased has he launched himself at Gambit.

"Yes Ma'am"

"Eh, Gamb't pr'f'r G'selle"

"Meine sister-you have pictures of Gambit in tights? As your brother I demand copies so I can laugh at him"

"Easy Nahgtcrahwlah- yer talkin bout my treasahre hold - and whoa looky thare Cyclops is fahnlly takin iniatahve an' blahndly attackin'"

"Whoa! Look at Gambit Block- totally cool!"

"Multiple-10 says Cyclops takes Gambit"

"Your on Cannonball"

Punches that Gambit was annoyingly blocking. But Sam's faith in him was a little confidence boost, ever since Gambit decided to stay and to be with Rogue, he felt like he was loosing his place as leader. And felt like he was loosing his best friend.

"Charles" Ororo called to as she entered his temporary office. Even in these conditions it seemed to have that welcoming feel. "I have the President from WoW channel, Helen Greene, she'd like to discuss a possible interview with the children." Her flowing white skirt swished as she walked to his desk. "They want to show the masses that these teenagers are no different from others, apparently she's appalled by the reactions we have been getting. She's not a mutant herself though."

"Ah what pleasant news. Thank you Ororo." Charles took the phone from his dear friend. "This is Charles Xavier."

"Doctor Xavier, what a pleasure to speak with you. I am Helen Greene, the President of the WoW network. First, as a member of the media, I would like to apologize for the recent behavior. I'm afraid to say my own network was guilty of promoting the fear frenzy, but no more! I would love to portray the truth behind the madness."

"As much as it pleases me to hear, may I ask why you are so willing?"

"Because Doctor Xavier I know a little something of persecution myself, you see my family comes from Croatia."

"Ah, I see."

"Yes, I hoped you would. Now I know very little about what these great abilities could mean for our world, but I would love, no I insist upon helping the world opening its mind on the subject, especially since these are just people."

"Please, tell me what you have in mind."

"Ah didn' know thahy mahde punchin' bahgs in N'awlins"

"Listen - I know I don't like you." Jab with the left " I know I don't trust you." Swing with the right " I know you don't like me and don't trust me." Kick right " But we both know we want what's best for Rogue. She's - she's my best friend -"

Remy started the offense, one that Scott was defended against well.

"I thought ol' red was you're one and only One Eye" Elbow in the chest "Or d' y' consid'r all d' femmes he'r y' territory? Roundhouse kick.

"Nahw Gambits fightin back - oh thahts gonna stahng in tha morning'"

"As team leader all of my team is my responsibility." Dodge "But Rogue and I - we've been through a lot, together, and just with our mutations- she was the first person to really understand how it feels to know every second of everyday" Scott dropped to the floor to kick out Remy's feet "That one wrong move- just one- could take a life or take away our freedom. Especially now" Remy flipped backwards, kicking Scott in the face, knocking him down. With an impossible agility he bounced back off his hands and landed on Scott-one foot secure on the floor and his other at Scott's neck, effectively pinning him down.

"I don' care who ya are- ya gotta love this fancy footwork"

"Remy understands where y' coming from homme, et he's dealt wit worse older broth'r type" Remy grinned and pushed his foot down harder. "Mais y' hurt her-mon cheri, y' aired her secrets out, aft'r Remy ask'd y' not at-an' y' hurt Anna b' jump'n to false conclus'ns" Scott visible winced as the foot at his throat held him down in a chokehold. "Maintenant if y' wan' make d'ings right d'en y' gotta make amends mon ami et not wit Remy- y' gotta go t' Anna"

Red faced, Scott moved an inch to nod in understanding, thankfully for him Remy was feeling charitable, as the universe had given Anna back to his life and Remy let his foot off Scott's neck and turned around, dramatically pulling his shirt off to make a whip movement and bowed dramatically for the spectors. Scott had to suffer through not only his defeat but the goo goo eyes the girls on the team were giving Remy as he flex his lean back muscles and his defined abdomen. His tan skin seemed to glow in the DR room's lights and his auburn curls seemed to be styled from the sweat, unlike Scott's own that just looked messy.

"Gambit be d' champion no?" the Cajun called out, his drawl echoing in the danger room. There were cheers from those who had bet on Remy as they collected their winnings from those that bet on Scott. Jean was frowning with her arms crossed as Rogue took to the microphone.

"And the winnah is Gambit"

"Cher-jus' wha' did ol' Gambit win eh?"

"Y' won tha honah of bein' tha fahrst evah at win in hand at hand spah - lahve"

"Qoui?L Live!? Oh non-Non! Dis no bon - Pere will have Remy's head…" Remy muttered while still smiling for the camera. "Gonna g't y' back f'r dis Cher- oui gonna g't y' back…"

"Damn" Magneto cursed under his breath. "This was useless-both held back halfway through." The magnetic man forced all the screens to turn off and floated towards his private rooms. Scanning his domain he found Colossauss gone, more than likely off to write his sister or paint, Sabertooth could be heard in the gym area, and that left only the near useless Mesmero and highly psychotic Pyro left to his disposal. "Pyro I want you to watch out for more of those web-fights, record them, just in case."

"Right boss" The orange blaze of his hair shaking with laughter and glee at the prospect of more fights.

"Mesmero I have a new request for you. One I hope you can complete."


"Find Quicksilver"

"Whaddya want Scott?"

Rogue was in a newly rare moment by herself. It seemed since the loss of the mansion she was constantly accompanied by either Kurt, Kitty, Remy or Jamie. Not that she minded the company, she really did enjoy some time alone.

Especially since she knew she was going to be bombarded about the scrapbook later.

But Scott Summers was the last person she expected to approach her, especially after his beat down with Remy.

"To talk just to talk." Scotts voice was deeper than normal, and she could hear his defeat. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I was a jerk. I had no right to be. I'm happy you have someone, its just…I'm jealous." At her incredulous look Scott started back tracking. "Not in that way - but we used to have our time together, Now that's Gambit's … I miss that…I mean I know you're Gambit's Anna, but to me you'll always be Kate."

And with a swift, brotherly, kiss on her brow he walked away, knowing he left her with all he had to say. Even if he couldn't say it.

Just before Remy walked to her. "Chere?"

"Hey Remy…. Ya know I think Ah've been too harsh on Scott…"

"Don' worry, Remy knows…"

"Ya do?"

"Ya but Remy had to beat it out 'im…did Remy miss a beat down?"

"Nah Cajun…just a truce."

"Bon…ready t' eat Cher? Or do ya want Remy alone?"

Rogues green eyes rolled as Remy's red ones glowed.

"Depends if ya play yer cahrds rahght Swamp Rat"

Rogue kissed the corner of his mouth and wrapped her arm in his as she lead him away to the mess hall.

"We talkin' Poker or Black Jack cherie?"

"Professor" Jean implored "Why did you encourage such barbaric behavior? The tall redhead was standing in the door way of the common area underground watching as Scott, Kurt, Remy and Rogue showed Kitty how to play poker of all things.

"Sometimes for two powerful men to be amicable they must duke it out. It was all in good humor and I agree with Rogue that if we show the world a taste of what we are really like then perhaps they will see that we are not so different from them." Charles Xavier smiled benevolently at his prize pupil.

"But a reality show?"

"Jean, that was Kitty's idea, and yes once the mansion is built and you all have time to readjust to school I will be more than happy to look into it. But for now, just concentrate on the now, why don't you sit with Amara and the group playing monopoly?" Charles suggested as he rolled over to sit with Ororo and Hank as they played a game of chess.

"Yes Professor" Jean conceded. 'but I know this is all Rogue's doing - I just know it- and she will not stop me….'

"Okay so I am totally done with this card game-not that its not FUN Remy but well I'm dying to see the scrapbook Rogue."

"I knew she couldn't hold out any longer" Kurt teased.

"So did I, that's why I didn't take your bet."

Kitty, a little put out with Scott and Kurt's teasing, huffed. "Like you two

don't want to see it."

"Only the embarrassing pictures."


"Cher, why don' ya pull it out"

"Ahlright…Jamie come ovah her'"

"Sure-is it time for the photos?"



The eclectic group took over the newly empty couch, as the other

girls had moved to their rooms, in order to plan clothes hair and make up for the

morning. Rogue sat in the middle, her rich purple blouse stood out against the

cream, and in her gloved hands was the prized item. A book of worn brown leather

and aged lace.

"This is very pretty Rogue."

"Thanks Scott" Rogue adjusted the book so all could see it and carefully

opened the first page, coming on to a family portrait, one that included her and


"That's Jean Luc, Remy's poppa, Tante Mattie- the sole woman responsible

for any sanity left in the who lot, Remy's brothah Henri, his wife Mercy, she's tha

one who put this tagethar for meh. The big bear of a man is Emile, and tha little one

with the shaggy hair his Laplin."j

"Ok so Laplin's the one who sent you all that electronic stuff right? Is he


"Petit, d'ere b' bon reason that boy b' single"

"So not worth it hunh?"

"Ah don' know - it mahght be worth it t' see Lahnce and Laplin fahght…."

"And just why would Lance care Rogue? Kitty?" Scott aksed confused.

"Cuz Man, they've been dating for almost a year - didn't everyone know



"Like NOT everyone knew Kurt-sheesh-Ok so like whats the story behind

this picture?" Kitty asked as she pointed to a picture of Rogue on a tire swing in the


"Thahts tha old swing in tha swamp. Tha boys took meh out tha day two of

mah stay at tha LeBeaus"

"Wait- I want to know about Kitty and Lance- and hey I never got to give

him the talk!"

"What talk?" Jamie asked slightly confused.

"The if you hurt her you get custom laser surgery talk."

Kitty turned beet red. "Don't you dare! This is why I didn't tell everyone! I

know the brotherhood has their issues-but they're working through them best they

can. With Mystique gone they've really been able to get out of the terrorist business

- Lance has been supporting them by working as a mechanic, Freddy works as a

cook at some diner, and Toad, Well he couldn't get a job as a garbage man if he

wanted to. But still they are trying!"

"OKAY Okay"

"Meow Kitty has claws."

"Shut up Kurt before I use them on you!-look its Anna in a dress!"

13 yr old Anna was dressed in a sliver blue gown, reminiscent of French

fashion in the 1800s. Her full curly hair was pulled back and pearls were placed

through out, as if they rained down on her.

"Thaht's tha dress Ah wore in Mercy's weddin'"

"Cherie M'almost f'got how good ya looked in that dress…." Remy's

deepened voice caused her shivers, as she remembered how they spent the reception

of his brother's and Mercy's wedding.

"It would be a shame to forget something so pretty." Jamie stated as if it were

a fact of life.

"Jamie I think your hanging around Gambit too much. You're starting to

ooze charm like him."

"But Scott comin' fr'm Jamie its sweet. Thahnk ya sugah."

"hey now cher" Remy whispere din mock indignity.

"Sahrves ya rahght fah not rememb'n' how pretty I looked"

"Not pretty cher, belle, tres belle, ya beat out tha bride that nahght"

"Hush" Blushing she turned another page. "Here's a good one-Remy in


"Cher no-"

"Cher yes-go on sister-tell us about Remy in tights"

"It was Mid Summer, and thare was a pahrty, costume of course, an' Remy decided, in his infinite wisdom to go as Robin Hood. But he waited too lahng an' tha' only costume he could find ta' fit was tha classic Peter Pan outfit" Rogue giggled as Remy prayed.

"Peter Pan…what are you 18 here Gambit?"

"Non-16.…mais Remy knows…."

"That's horrible"

"What are you talking about-this is hot-you fill out those tights nicely Remy"

"Merci Petit"

"Mah outfit was a bit hardah ta figure out" Rogue said as she pointed to her younger self, clad in a white Victorian night dress.

"You're obviously Wendy"

"Good guess Jamie."

"You look so young compared to Remy here"

"Thahnks Kit' - Ah know Remy looks lahke an old man"


Scott, in his white shirt sat to right, with a pink clad Kitty between them,

Jamie sat immediately to her left, in his gray striped shirt, he was wedged

comfortably between her and Remy. Remy was the opposite of Scott, in his black

shirt. Stretched out on the back ledge of the couch, in dark blue was Kurt, but the

light behind him were overshadowed, and it caused the group to glow. Especially

the crown of Rogues head.

And to Logan, who had just returned from DC, they almost looked like a

court of sorts. Rogue as queen, Jamie her Prince, Remy her King, Kurt the jester,

Kitty her Lady in Waiting and Scott the Advisor.

'Sheesh I need a beer and sleep' "Alright guys-lights out at 11 at the latest-

schools in the mornin'" The group was already animatedly talking and flipping

pages of the book, but both Scott and Remy acknowledge him and, with eye

contact, nodded. With out another word Logan walked away, leaving the group to continue its fun.

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