Lilia got her wish… Except without the pluses… Or so she though. RionxLilia WARNING! IT'LL CONTAIN SPOILERS OF THE END OF THE GAME! Also, check out the sequel, haven't watched it, but watch it damn you! D For my sake if anything! -

It had been long ago, 'too long' she'd correct herself, logic reasoned that it had been too long to even think about him, but by some bizarre reasoning… She still cried at night. She could recall Rion's dieing breath, he seemed so happy… So content…

"No," she firmly told herself. No she couldn't, she wouldn't think about it. No matter what happened, her mind led to the same thing, and she couldn't do anything about it. She couldn't cry nor linger in her depression. No, she had no time. But how come the feelings never left?!

No, she already knew the reason; reason enough for her to chuckle to herself at her own stupidity. No, she had cared for her friend, and was so happy to finally talk to someone… How long had it been since she heard anyone's voice? A year? 2 years? 3? She couldn't keep track, not that it mattered.

So blissfully happy to hear him reply… She just thought the happiness was for the simple reason of her childhood friend. To know he was alive. But she knew, it developed quickly. Too quickly.

And it seemed all the more unfair. To her, to him. Why had such fates been brushed upon them?! No, questioning wouldn't help. Again, she tried to focus on the eerie glow of the screen, her gaze focused purely on nothing despite her ravenous efforts to focus on something. Anything, to make that pain go away.

Frowning, she let out a sigh of frustration. It had only been a year ago, but to her mentality, as far as she was concerned, it had been eons and eons ago. Or was it the other way around? Who knew? Her mind was a hellish place

Tapping off the small computer, she idly wondered into her bedroom, if it could be considered that. It was back to the run down hotel she stayed before meeting Rion after all those years… She didn't really have a home with all her parents dead, and the only other person she thought she could depend on was Rion… With no place to go, she just went to stay temporarily back in the hotel, promising herself she wouldn't stay long… That's what she said last year atleast….

She would do something, anything to have what was taken given back to her. No matter what the price, even if Dorothy damned them all to hell… She wouldn't care… If… If only to see his breathing figure once again.

Though, she reminded herself (with dry sarcasm) she had gotten her wish… Just without her beloved Rion. After all, what god would be mercifull enough to bestow what was lost to her?

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