Chapter 3: Cases of Despair

Lilia got her wish… Except without the pluses… Or so she thought. RionxLilia.

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"I got a question"


Dusk was quickly falling as the sun slowly fell out of view, trees and plants basking in what was left in the sun before too quickly night had sprung. The marigold sky slowly started to change to a light watery blue before it too changed completely. The stars basked far above giving little light they had to offer in the densely populated forest full of trees and animals of the like.

Everything was silent though (eerily silent at that); there was no sound of the crickets playing their melody of requiem in usion, no sound of the chatting of the chipmunks as they started to pack for the night nor the flaps of the bats nor the silent wave of air ruffling the owls feathers. Something was wrong.

Intensity seemed to scream from the silent forest, compelled by the order; everything just stayed as silent as before and fell into a dark spell that seemed to not break. It was too powerful beyond words that no one could hear. And with nothing to show signs of life, it was as if there was no living creature in the forest.

However, that was the opposite case. It should have been a normal night, right? The moon was still shining despite what a thin sliver it was and the trees were still vibrant with life. There was nothing wrong, right? However, animals aren't ones to be lulled into a delusional world where they ignore everything in sight. The forest itself was tense with anticipation, the smell of excitement stimulated into their brains.

Humans were never ones to listen to such things; they couldn't listen or smell such things after many years of luxuries that did all the work for them. They were never a really strong race to begin with when first created.

They were not flexible as the monkeys were, they were not fast as the cheetahs were, and they couldn't even climb as the chipmunks could! No, everything about them seemed to spell failure to the other animals and they laughed silently at the humans and their damn bizarre creations.

No, they weren't even a race worth to kill let along eat. So sure enough the animals ignored them, only the truly starving would go and attack them, laughing at what they considered protection from the damn club they first held and fire, oh, how laughable it was when they'd burn each other alive, and humans did do most of the work for them in killing themselves. And how much they regretted it now.

The devices they laughed at now sprung them in awe, the lack of power they glee at now brought them to depression. And the control they ignored… It surely would of brought the end to it.

So… Was it possible that it was a human? The damn freak of nature? No… It couldn't possibly be, right? Right? But, it was just like the rest of the forest. And the forest always heeded wisdom.

Moments passed.

Slowly, but surely some started to ignore, chipmunks were chattering of their daily lives before packing to bed, owls were slowly feeling the wind ruffle their feathers, the sound of bats wing filled the silence. Alas, they were a few numbers, hysterical and impatient, they tried to bring life back to the forest, as if nothing was wrong, but the other's stayed silent as if they were dead. It unnerved them, so they tried, but they couldn't fill the silence. It was always too loud for them,

The creatures knew better than to move. The earth would not disappoint them. However, even they started to grow restless as the others, and it slowly spread to most of the forest. Only few stared in the direction the wind blew. No, they knew better. And finally, they were granted with their long awaited prize.

It was the sound that came first, or was it the smell? They couldn't tell. The few creatures that still stared looked on, unflinching of the thing. However, this was the opposite to the others. Startled, they snapped their back to the direction, sounds of bone cracking from the sudden and powerful movement shook their nerves. Just as quickly as normalcy was following into the forest, all the creatures fell silent again, and upon drawing their sight to the creature, they all looked in wide shock. For the one's who moved that is.

The first thing noticeable of its appearance was it's colouring. It was the colour of wheat; the adorned colour covered most of the creature quickly moving out of view, completely out of place from all the green in the area. Black claws rolled upon the cement trail that humans had made long ago, tirelessly moving at the same pace repeatedly, it's short claws never outstretched and it's limbs were unyielding. The manipulation of the very sun shone through the grisly creature's eyes, lighting the path in front of them as if hell was looking for them. Behind if left black traces of the odd imprint of the work it had made against the hard rocky ground. The animals were petrified, if this had been another circumstance, some would have marveled how it was able to be so flexible if not for the situation, if not for the situation, they would have wondered how it could run the exact same space for so long, at it's odd breath of life that they knew all to well was the breath of death to the planet.

After a few moments, it was out of sight. The pungent smell of its breath slowly rose to fill it's stench into the forest. The death of all life it would one day become. And all few animals that had stayed frozen the whole time started the normal routine of life. The others who tried before however, were still frozen to the spot. Looking to where it was moments before.

The price for having doubts of the ancient history of the trees.

And they only simply questioned one thing. It had been years, after all since the strange trail was built and nothing had passed it, so, why now, have all times looked?

Whatever the case, something tremendous was going to happen, and not even the forest would tell them.

A chestnut haired girl looked through the window; placid, dazed brown chocolate eyes futilely tried remain focus of it's surroundings and place, but just as sudden as the gaze came back in, it was as quickly swiped away, with each attempt getting harder than the last. It was funny in a way, it was just like when she stared at her computers all day long, except, this time she tried to focus on the wild life that looked all too deserted to her.

About said computers, where were they? Unconsciously, she placed her hand upon one of the suitcases, and frowned. It was odd… Despite the machinery to be protected by a diamond cover (yes, despite how old and outdated the devices were, they were rather regarded tip notch technology in the early 21st century to 25th century and were indeed protected fairly well). sShe was sure some fragrant of pieces had surely broken off when she had thrown them onto the floor to safe her doll, seeing diamond could only do so much, even if it was the strongest substance. She grimaced at the thought of having broken computer parts, and would plain out yell in frustration if she found her computers; her damn life research (well, not really) was broken into a damn million pieces!

However… About saving her doll over her computers…. She smiled at her own childishness of valuing a doll over her life. She was so rash at that moment and it felt so… Wonderful… So blissful from her usually calculating mind. She knew she had always been afraid of death. So being cautious and paranoid was as normal as daylight to her and always calculating circumstances was like the back of her hand. To feel suspicion for others was a normal occurrence, of course, and studying them for any malicious intent was another.

She stifled a yawn. Without even realizing it, her eyes slowly started to drooped down again, temptation filling her to close them. Indeed, she was falling into temptation until she made a quick jerk of a nod to stay awake, only to nod off again. She as rather tired, that she couldn't lie about. She wouldn't sleep for too long… Just a momewnt's rest would do, after all, they were far from harm and Hecter would surely protect her if the taxi driver tried to do anything to any of them. Her thoughts were already started to fog up almost immediately when she made the decision. It may possibly be easier for him to do so if it shouldn't be something a minor like herself should witness. Yes, drowsiness was already taking its toll….

So, listening to the tire's streaks and shrieks against the gravel, she found a rhythm, nodding off this time, and not bothering to wake up to the odd rhythm.

That is, until it came to an abrupt stop.

Snapping her eyes open from her resting place (her chin previously resting on her collar bone) she sleepily made a quick 180 degrees angel search around her. Confused of why they stopped. She tried her best to wipe the sleep out of her eye before planning to look out the window or open the door for that matter.

"We're here," said the now all too sinister voice, a smirk was plastered on his features as he opened the door on her side (despite her door was entirely the exact opposite direction of his), his head bowed and his other arm swinged as if to encircle a person, before lifting himself up again, no, it was a mock bow.

Nothing had really happened, or atleast, nothing for the passed few hours had occurred. After the (what she thought was a) cheerful driver had dropped his façade and 'enchanted' them with his question, he didn't get a chance to receive an answer.

Instead, he got a rabbit that had jumped on the main window, as an answer. It was a miracle the glass was only left cracked and charred in some places and not completely broken, for if it did break, they would surely all be dead, the driver would be first for being closest to the creation, than it and its brethren would gang up and kill them.

What was amazing enough, he acted like he had gone through this type of situation all the time (despite the other rabbits trying to join into the catch) and pulled a quick U-Turn before driving off away at top speed, running over who-knows-what in his way.

Even though no sound was made, no voice responded, the decision was clear.

They were stuck riding with him, whether they liked it or not, Lilia was certainly not up to the task of running with not protection from her and the –things. She may had been able to do it for a good quarter of her life, but now, she feared her heart wouldn't be able to take all the panic, especially when she almost felt safe, despite the creatures chasing her. No, this simple car spoiled her. In other words, no way in hell was she getting out of the car so soon after the rabbits had almost got them, and it seemed like everyone else had the same thoughts as well.

Hecter wasn't one who wanted to argue at that moment, he was still pissed off at what he did, and surely would of thrown something else –or nothing at all- at the creatures if he could go back in time. If only to save his drugs.

So now Lilia glared at the man suspiciously before subduing in following him while Hecter simply growled.

"Where are we?" it wasn't much of a question, it was more of a snarl from his demand.

The driver ignored him, and instead, clasped his arm around Lilia's in a 'gentlemen' (she scowled at the word now, wondering how she saw this man as a gentlemen) like way, ignoring Lilia's disgusted jerks from the man.

No, she didn't like him at all.

Hecter was fuming more than before and would surely burst if he didn't get an answer soon. He was surely about to demand him again where they were, before he himself was interrupted by the driver.

"You may want to grab your luggage, we'll be staying here for the night, and I doubt we want any…"he sneered at the next word," thieves scampering around the area, and taking your stuff, now do we?"

His eyes narrowed dangerously while he continue to growl, knowing both what he meant by the simple word 'thieves and evidently, not up for this man's damn tactics," Not until you tell us where we are," he crossed his arms, he probably would of stayed still in that position if it wasn't for the howling.

Both he and Lilia quickly scanned around, a little shaken by the simple sound.

It was just a wolf, right? They can't travel that fast… Right?

Once again, it was the driver who seemed unphased by this and simply chuckled," You'll see in a minute, won't you? Unless… Of course… You want to stay out here with the wildlife and rabbits…"

Another howl came, Hecter scowled and held his arms, but the driver did put up a point.

He really was the only reason they got out of the city alive, and he wasn't sure as was Lilia if they'd be all right with no transportation. Sure, they could steal the cab but something about this driver… Made it feel safe, despite the hair prickling at the back of their necks. What choice did they have? They surely wouldn't survive long without some kind of guide… Well, maybe Lilia would survive by herself, but she had grown a lot taller than before so if she needed a hiding spot right there and then, she'd probably be a goner since they'd all probably be too damn small and Hecter… He was a brawl of a man, he certainly would get killed and he wasn't fit or fast enough to either run away from a rabbit for your whole life or beat the shit out of 'em!

Growling, Hecter headed to the cab, -the point being made and he being defeated for the time being- the sound of the metal swinging open and all the compartment unclenching their grasps could be heard before he pulled out what few bags of luggage they had and quickly stalked off to meet them.

They were down to two bags, and it took a moment for Lilia to realize that she should be helping too seeing one was hers and it wasn't fair if he had to carry both of them!

That is, she would of helped with the man didn't tighten his grip on her arm, which, of course, came a glare she shot at him who only smirked. She's let this one slide, this defeat, but she'd get back…

Out of the blue Making a yawn/sigh, speaking of her doll, where did she put it exactly? She reached –with her free arm- into her pocket quickly; glad to feel the precious item. Relieve filled her and she let out a breath of relief she didn't know she was holding this whole time. Grasping the doll, she pulled it out slowly, letting it stay limp in mid air with only her, as it's supporter.

Hecter now at her other side –with his hands full with two suitcases- looked at her peculiarly, he didn't say anything, but only one look to Lilia staring at her doll with such fondness and using his common sense, he realized what exactly had been so important to her. That being realize, he gave her a look, and the look on his face said it all. That-was-what-you-risked-your-life-for?! Type of Look. She merely shrugged her shoulders in response, uncaring at his question, instead, bringing the doll to her chest in a child-like way.

Ugh, Hecter needed a smoke, a cigar, pot, drugs, anything. It didn't make much sense of someone being a lord an' all that without their subjects, right? Too bad there was nothing he could do about it.

Still, that didn't help the itching in his throat, his stomach lurching, and his organs going haywire –okay, maybe it wasn't that dramatic- and it didn't help that he had to carry the two bags of luggage. Oh gods, they were heavy.

"Don't fall too behind," the taxi driver –or little shit head- called in his mocking voice, as if reading his thoughts from just a moment ago.

He snorted. Did he look like he was in the business as some deliver boy or whatever they're called?! Sure, sometimes the owner of the hotel would get him to help him with people's luggage and such … If they were low on hands… And would get payed a good sum seeing it sometimes occurred weeks on end…But that wasn't the point!

He huffed, wondering how the hell he got into this again. Oh wait, right… It started with the lil' drug addicted kid and then this girl who he found on the street…

Oh how now he regretted ever feeling sympathy for the child. If only he left the girl in the rain for whatever creatures to claim her, he would still be at home, smoking his pipe.. Tool… Instrument… Whatever! His pot, happy?

Though, that's not how he really felt, he was rather glad, but, his dignity or whatever it was wouldn't allow him to think like that. It surely would have trashed his dignity if he admitted he was happy of meeting the girl, but he didn't admit it though, so that was a start.

His huffs quickly became pants, his arms tiring quickly and his feet coming to a dragging pace. Oh how he couldn't wait to get out of here… Whatever that meant.

"Better speed up, delivery boy," taunted the driver (who to his unexpected happiness) got smacked on the head by Lilia, which in turn caused him to rub the back of his head emitting a soft 'owww,' from Lilia's accuracy and speed.

He smirked at this, however, behind that smirk, was a small, but real smile underneath.

It was a circular room. It was small, about 30 meters in diameter and 94.2 meters in diameter. Drapes were furnished against the window, letting only small thin strands of light through the gothic folds of the fabric. These were the first aspects noticed about the room, or to the person that is.

It was small, but comfy, the person decided. After the slight pause to examine her working surroundings she quickly made do with her time and went to a small table on the opposite side of her and flipped through some of the many documents, quickly skimming folder after folder. Content, she walked to the other side of the room (clockwise) towards a desk. Intent on getting done business as fast as possible.

Upon looking at the desk, it housed a simple computer. Simple to them, that is. It was a sleek design with acronyms and codes one could barely understand on its sides. Neon green strands wrapped itself around the surface, flashing every now and then recruiting more information each second.

It was a wireless thing, running completely on it's own energy catching airlines. On top of the mechanism was a blank screen, merged with the technology; a metal flank guarded the small circuits that connected the screen to the device.

Walking to the machine, she quickly pressed the power button. The monitor came to life only showed meaningless words on the screen, accessing information to the hard drive below it. A gentle hum came from the machine and all at once the constant neon blinking lights stopped, only to light completely over the veins. A constant, yet gentle light.

Crossing her arms, she tapped her foot," Hello to you too," she replied dryly.

"Nothing passes your eye, eh?" sure enough, a voice rebated from the dark room. It was masculine, sure enough. The words were like sickening nectar, too sweet for one to drink oozing out from his voice. And the ghost of a joke was right behind it.

In a moment, the body appeared. It was covered in dark cloaks –or was it sheets?- wrapped around it's body, it was unmoving on the ground, unyielding and stiff to the touch. It was a small lump of flesh it seemed, barely 5 inches off the ground. In a moment later, it seemed to grow, the cloaks spiraling faster and faster before it just suddenly… Stopped.

Scowling, the woman pulled off the –now confirmed- sheets off the body. Wrinkling her nose at the wrinkles of fabrics. Sure enough, -yet again-the male was covered in supposively innocent water.

Smell stated otherwise though, and told her better. Mixed with water was the vulgar scent of vinegar. Blood and sweat swirled into a nauseating stench on the older man which he tried his best to cover by going into whatever hell of a lake he went into to wash the remains of whatever bodies was left on him, but he should of known she'd know better and so she just shook her head in disapprovement, her hand clasped on the side of her head.

Oh, she knew, she just knew by now the man was wearing a goofy, -yet very, very, very nervous smile- while scratching the back of his head, knowing all too well he was figured out.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to go out playing so late," the woman scolded, flicking a strand of silvery beige hair from his face, her expression quickly softening into a light smile before continuing in a teasing tone


"How many times do I have to tell you not to call me Yeshu Mom?" pouted the young man closing and tensing in a child-like way while the woman just laughed before shaking her head again, this time, in amusement.

" … You know… If Mother caught me calling you Mom, well, I think she'd fucking kill us," it was true. It was something Mother would consider a taboo. She was their only mother. Yes, she was their mother and God. She was their creator and ruler. Their only redeemer and savior. She allowed them to exist; she brought flesh to their bones and sight to their eyes. She was their only. And they knew that.

… But that didn't mean they couldn't talk and play behind her back.

"You worry too much Yeshu, for someone who kills so easily too, if Mother caught you doing that so soon… Well, let's just say it wouldn't be too pleasant… Nor if her right hand man caught you…." they shuddered.

"That'd be worse," the boy mused, confirming the fact.

"What'd be worse?" inquired a new voice.

"Oh, just that the pizza man'll come to life and come to eat us all,"

"W-what? O.O" Oh the poor soul… Was he ever so good at making convincing statements? …Dorothy bless his soul.

"As I said, the pizza man'll come to life and eat us-"

"Nevermind the ramblings of a crazy lil' boy-"

"I'm not a lil'! boy! If you must know, I'm 18-"

She shrugged, making him pout yet again even more.

"O-okay," replied the voice. The voice was defiantly female, and sounded rather awed out by the passed statement. Walking towards the barren light of the window, her features became more distinct. She looked to be about 18 or so years old in all. She had feathery, velvet orchid hair that fell crispy just above the shoulders. A black coat was draped over her skin figure covered with a purple tee shirt and rough jeans. The jeans were grass stained and yellow from smoking -the very stench could be scented a mile away, the acrid perfume quickly dispensing the damp feeling earlier- to top it off with big hiking boots that stood a good inches below her knee. The heavy bulky material had the jeans folded above it, and leather black and brown gloves covered the girl's arm, only showing a side of her palm.

Resting on the wall, she flicked the top of her lighter, the amber glow quickly eating away at the dark before reaching clumsily into her other hand and pulling out a white stick. Gingerly, she placed it in her mouth before igniting it and took a whiff of smoke, sighing in content before placing her lighter back in her pocket. A wrenching wind of the damn stuff ran through the room, lingering in place as if to stay, before taking another whiff she asked mumbling from the thing in her mouth," Waz 'a 'an?"

She frowned, listening to the purple hued girl, more to the item wrapped around her neck if anything, but she didn't say anything, instead, she questioned ," Where's the others?"

Another whiff of smoke, then," 'Ey sent me to come here seeing they can't make it, with all the trouble an' all that's been happenin' lately an' those corrupted files an' such, an' of course, tracking down 'at girl. Seeing all the troubles 'ev been having, they thought I was responsible enough to take this on my own and report the information," she rolled her eyes, taking the tobacco filled item out of her mouth" they're so uptight, you know? Honestly, they act like senile old folk who expect someone to send them to a retirement home or somethin'," no one had any comment about that. It was true that the trio was the most laid back from the rest.

Instead, the boy –dubbed Yeshu- pressed for information," Surely it can't be that bad, I mean, it's only a few times we've had technical difficulties and-"

"It's why we've met in person," the seemingly most logical person in the group –the motherly figure- replied.

They all frowned.

"This really IS becoming a problem, isn't it? I haven't received much reports from your end, Siko, but I've heard that there's been a few disfigured –aren't they always disfigured? - rabbits found around the perimeter, well, dead disfigured rabbits that is, correct?"

Siko -the orchid hued girl- nodded in response, taking another breath of the killing substance, more focused on the task at hand than the conversation.

"Sooo…" he decided to continue, not really knowing what to say, luckily, the veiled woman finished his thoughts yet again.

"The plan to kill all humans isn't going so well, correct?" again, another nod came from the smoker.

She frowned. It was odd… Sure, the rabbits were inferior and weak compared to them, but they still could hold their own against enemies, especially the new, 'improved' rabbits. Unlike passed ones, they didn't burn so easily, they didn't walk so slowly, their speed was phenomenal compared to themselves, their upper body strength could easily tear people apart and they were nearly bullet proof! So how-?

"And it doesn't help the mother went into her damn coma for planning who the hell knows what without telling us, whether that's good or bad. I know Mother is a bitch sometimes and strict but… I…" she paused for a moment. No, no, this wasn't like Siko. The spirit she knew never paused. And for that moment, the spirit broke, and Siko looked at them, fear vibrant in her eyes and the tears all but welling to fall down," I… I feel so lost without her presence… So cold…" Siko shivered, strengthening the statement.

They all felt lost and alone without mother, she knew that…

In usion, they all shivered, and she, the veiled one so lightly, and ever so gently asked the skies," Where are you Mother…?"

No matter what, Dorothy was their mother, and they loved her deeply.

And all was silent. There was no more need for words for the deed, and plan was set.

They'd leave after dawn.

And they listened, trying to find comfort away from their hells. And found the sound of water mixed with blood falling onto the ground the most comforting thing in the world at that moment.

"It's a little cramped, I know, I hope you don't mind-"

"It's cramped?"

Lilia asked, she was in awe big time. Awe, for one to find such a place in the middle of nowhere and awe for second how large the place was. She merely shook her head. Her voice was light with awe and only a small, innocent question came from her at that moment, almost like a child.

Hecter, was completely phased by it and simply gawked and gonked at the supposively 'cramped' house.

Scratch that, hotel.

A fucking huge hotel at that. Hesitantly, Lilia walked closer to the building, as if it wasn't real, and gently placed a hand on it, placing her fingers on small crevices and bumps of the architecture wall. Tapestries and paintings glistened around the outside.

Pale, white walls were dominate with splashes of a tinged pink that blossomed over the empty paintings.

Illustrations of angels and golden vines ran around the house as if to protect it. Looking at the paintings of angels, the brunette ran a hand over one of the many ones. The angels were small, and looked like children, but each had small wings and a cloth to cover their private parts and all were doing separate actions.

Some were somersaulting on the pink clouds, had small bows and arrows and some were just sitting down. Slowly glancing up, she looked at the over head letters that recited," Fall land Forest Inn," the young man simply scratched the back of his head.

Indeed, the taxi driver seemed to have many faces or masks. When they first met him, he was a kind, good heartened fellow who seemed to be a gentlemen, while his other seemed sinister and mocking, making fun of the very nature his other side held, but in a twisted way, still acted like a gentlemen. Right now, he was back to how they first met him when they came to the building, modesty was evident and he seemed rather nervous now.

Walking towards the door, he opened it up and walked in expecting Lilia and Hecter to follow, however, in a few moments' notice, he realized they didn't move.

"Are you coming?" he wanted to curse himself for asking such a stupid question, of course they probably weren't planning to come inside! It's not everyday you trust a random taxi driver with your life after all… Or when you treat them horribly… And when you more or less harress them… And taught them… And make fun of them… And the list went on. But he knew they probably wouldn't trust him.

Indeed, he was correct. They certainly didn't trust him.

The black haired man narrowed his brown eyes in suspicion, taking back his stubborn stance yet again.

"Why should we trust you again?" asked the brunt. The teenaged girl –Lilia was it? – Seemed too much in awe of the building. As if it was the finest piece of art she'd ever seen, dimly refusing the man's offer, but alert enough to know what was going on… Slightly, the trance broke in a second after tracing the wall again and she seemed to come to a conclusion herself.

"We should probably go in Hecter," she wore a grim expression, showing she'd prefer not to go.

"W-what did you say? I thought you were on my side," Hecter stuttered ever so slightly, withdrawn from her answer and simply watched her as Lilia bit her lip, it was interesting, and surprising at the same time. Both he and Hecter thought she'd stand for him, maybe send a glare to him (the one who lead them there), and not actually agree with the taxi driver. It seemed to be a surprise to the girl as well seeing how here eyes were slightly wide for a moment. Her resolution seemed to shake for a moment, but the determined grim look was set back on her face.

"We're better somewhere sheltered and if we leave, where would we go? We both know it's best to stay with this man and we don't exactly have any money either, now do we? Back when I was alone, I could hide easily from Dorothy's rabbits because they weren't so advanced, they only had normal human capacities besides their powers, and you could tell how strong they were, if it wasn't for Dorothy's dominant control," she clenched her fists," I'd gladly take the taxi or run for it, but that can't be done, I'm sorry I got you into this mess Hecter, but it looks like you have no way out for Dorothy will surely be after you now too, and if she catches you…" she looked almost close to tears.

"I don't know what I'll do!" she was in tears, only one fell though. A glistening droplet ran down from her cheek, but the fiery look didn't leave her.

This time, Hecter gave in, taken aback from Lilia's sudden reaction. His mouth was left open as if to say something, but nothing came out.

Walking inside, he held the door open for the both of them, before walking inside, and quickly paying for a room before leading his two passengers to the diner before leaving them.

Well… This was a start, Lilia mused. She quickly recovered from her almost-to-be breakdown and was yet again filled with a sense of wonder. Menu, huh? When was the last time she ever went to a restaurant? (Not including the run-down one she hid in, but a restaurant that had life to it, even though, there weren't few people here) Never mind a first class restaurant. She shook the thought away, no, she should be more focused. She needed to be focused. Still, she couldn't help but let her mind wonder…

No, how many times would she have to tell herself this? She was so taken in by everything in this building, everything making her think to the now distant past seeing everything seemed so new to her, actually seeing other people was amazing to her. It made her think, did she really see anything or done anything these last few years? No, she hadn't done or seen anything really like this for over at least 2-4 years. Excluding her last year of recovery, she'd been on the move from one place to another, never staying in one place too long, and all the places –if she was lucky- that she entered were usually run down or boarded up. It was a marvel how she'd been able to dodge Dorothy's rabbits in the same city for such a long time.

Well, that wasn't the case anymore. Dazed for a moment, she didn't hear a voice, she heard a buzz though. Looking up quizzically, she came to face to face with a waitress.

"Are you ready to order?" she asked, arching her eyebrow up. Flushed, she looked to Hecter, who stared at her anticipating for her to order, turning more red than before, she quickly read the first thing outloud she saw," C-can I please get… Salmon and Sardines?" she slapped herself for that one.

"Would you like the lemon sauce or tomato sauce?"

"L-lemon please,"

"And to drink?" the waitress asked, jotting down the meal before turning back to her.

"W-water please,"

Again she scribbled it down before tearing the note off and walking off," Okay then."

Lilia's flush still didn't go down until the next five minutes or so. Thinking she looked well enough, she glanced around the place before frowning," Where did the other go?" she really needed to find out their driver's name. It seemed a little silly to trust someone literallywithyour life without knowing their name. She'd slap herself for that one too.

"He went to talk to the damned manager or something, apparently he and that guy go way back, and just so you know, I'm only in here eating this damned food because I didn't want to deal with a crying child," so he was still stubborn.

"This just doesn't seem right," he continued talking more to himself than to her," why the hell would there be such a fancy hotel in the middle of nowhere?"

She didn't know how to answer to that, she was about to try and answer, but was luckily interrupted by the return of their waitress with their food. Lilia took one glance at her food before wrinkling her nose in disgust. If there was one thing Lilia hated, it was sardines. But, trying not to act like the 'immature' child that she was, she took a bite of her food…

… Before almost throwing up.

It was a nice night. The moon was shining a glistening veil of stars, the wind was great, the temperature was wonderful, the birds were singing.

Scratch that, it was a wonderful night.

… A wonderfully hellish night, that is.

In this paticular room which probably had the best view of the moon, the best furnished room, the best private fire place, the man was stressing out, tearing through document to document and throwing papers upon the floor before screaming in frustration, tearing at what little hair he had.

Due to viewer aggression and this being rated T for Teens, I'll leave off the swearing of the sailor he had and just say the words ;3

"Where the HELL IS IT!!" he bellowed like a sailor. Hearing rustles and flutters of paper, he looked toward the door of a leaning figure.

He opened his mouth, but just left his jaw hanging. Words tried to come out, but only wind escaped his throat. For a moment, he was completely silent before he raised his fingers, and said a simple," Y-You!"

For beside the door layed a young man. He looked to be about 22 or so, and tauntily waved the papers in front of him. He was wearing a uniform that looked like something a police officer would wear with navy blue pants, polished black dress shoes, a dark shirt with a tie and a dark blue cap. But the blonde hair and brown sincere eyes didn't get passed him.

He laughed heartedly," Looking for these?" he asked.

"My boy, why didn't you tell me you'd be coming this way?!" he yelled, before giving the boy a deathly bear hug.

Literally a deathly bear hug.

"Ah! Can't. BREATH!!!!!" he gagged and joked.

This time it was the man's turn to laugh heartedly while the other wrapped his arms around his neck, as if to check if he was still alive.

"Sorry that the notice was… Well… Short," he replied, taking off his hat to fan himself some air.

"No problem, come in, come in," the stout man insisted, leading the taxi driver to a seat opposite of his own.

"Now tell me Retren, what brings you here? I haven't seen you for over a year now," he asked, taking a sip of what magically appeared coffee (;D).

He shrugged," Here, there, everywhere, just been driving passengers all over the damned city and got a big order," taking a sip of his also magically appearing cup of coffee before continuing," 'take me as far away from here as I can' or something to that effect, so, here we are," he finished, putting down his cup before crossing his legs and looking earnestly at the man.

Instead, he frowned, narrowing his pupils to slits before asking," You didn't actually bring anyone here… Did You…-?"

"No, no, only passengers here," waved off Retren to try and calm the middle aged man before him.

It did the opposite.

"Retren, you're not saying that-!"

"I had no choice, rabbits were chasing us, had nowhere to go almost out of gas, enough for you?" he asked.


" I didn't have a choice! I couldn't just kick them out you know, especially when those things are chasing them! And didn't you tell me to come here in need?!"


"Look, only this night we're required here and preferably some gas too, I know this was probably a mistake leading them here, but I'll take care of it, I'll use the phone issue what's happened and everything SHOULD BE FINE! Don't worry so much!"

The sincere atmosphere shattered quickly to a full blown argument. It seemed he always had that touch with people for some odd reason. Then again, he and the manager –Ram- always got into heated up conversations.

"I'll be DAMNED if I let you get off so easily-" he rose out of his chair looking down upon Retren who quickly stood up, getting into what looked like a battle position. It seemed this argument was worse than usual.

"And only stay the night," the man finished, laughing again. The blond fell on his back anime style, his foot twitching before getting up.

"Y-You're not kidding?" he asked nervously before feeling an arm wrap around him… Yet again cutting his need of oxygen. Quickly turning shades of blue and purple and muttering for 'oxygen!' the man laughed heartedly.

"Of course not! I insist you stay two nights! Just take this one to rest and rejuvinate, besides," he lowered his voice to a dangerously low leve," I want to see those passengers…" he stiffened," Especially if one's a female! Hahahaehehe- Err, Retren?"

Oh… How should he have forgotten what a pervert he was? Though, it was more than just his leaching nature he was curious in the passengers.

No, he'd want to know what they were first. And he knew, with a sense of disgust, knowing him, it was for a deeper reason. It wasn't really out of generosity, but his own greed. And he knew he'd have to keep a close eye on his passengers and Ram at all times.

Who knows what the bastard may do to them?

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