The Undying Blood: Dracula 2007

Chapter 1

The story continues.

May 6, 2007

It was seven years ago and I, Mary van Helsing, have been the guardian on the burnt remains of the prince of darkness. I have been having the dreams that I had thought were burnt with the creature at his demise. I'm wandering the forests outside the Carpathians and I am dressed as though I am a peasant with my hair nearly down to my waist. A wolf is at my side as I am led to a small river. A body of a young girl floats to me. Her sadness is written all over her face and she clutches what seems to be a handkerchief with the initials J.I. I look at my fury companion who seems to weep at the sight of this young girl.

Hair obstructs full view of what it is that she truly looks like and as I remove the stray locks from her face I see who she really is and I fall back in terror. The girl is I. the wolf looks at me more intently that before. It's eyes glowing with a small golden speck around its pupils. The face is so familiar in this beast that I cannot help but feel drawn to it. The magnetism in this beast makes me weak and causes me to fall. The wolf begins to jump on me and sniffs my hair and licks my face and soon before my very eyes he transforms into this man. This charismatic man with intense black eyes and delicate features that seem to shine with a luminescence that only the dead carry with them in the afterlife.

"Who are you?" I ask as the man leans in.

He smiles at me carefully and then leans in to whisper in my ear.

"Shh…close your eyes and you will know me."

Then an intense pain explodes throughout my body and I wake up in a cold sweat. With David at my side I dare not wake him and tell him what I fear. The thing that walks like a man but is secretly a monster and kills others to live eternally. The man who's blood flows in my veins still. I fear that though we have killed him, because I live, he does as well.

But what should I do if the dreams are real and the spirit of Dracula sill figures in me? I just don't know if I could fight it this time for in my blood lurks the desire to be with him once more.

Somewhere in the Iranian desert.

A man wanders and the sun ways heavy on his mind. Never had he experienced such a heat when he had lived in the mountains of Romania. He had been instructed long ago by the tales of his forefathers to go to the place where the origins began. The great race that had evolved from the first men that was ever permitted to walk the planet. There he would find the one, the immortal goddess who fed on the life of men to make her followers immortal. It was the dream of all the followers ever to be blessed with the power and birthright to resurrect the long forgotten Queen of Man.

The winds whipped and ravaged his face as he crossed the endless dunes and scorching desert sun. He then made it to a small oasis, the water was filled with small fish and pure water that had seemed to be naturally filtered by it's seldom touch by the hand of man. I looked down into it and then cupped his hand to cradle a drink of the water. As his hand reached down into it the water turned pitch black and began to boil. A piercing scream let out from the waters and began to make the Earth surrounding the oasis shake and tremble. The trees surrounding the waters shriveled and sank into the ground as if they were being yanked and killed by some unseen force.

The man screamed and attempted to flee but the ground beneath him released strong plant roots that wrapped themselves around his ankles. He struggled to get free but he was thwarted every time he tried to cut loose. Behind him he heard the sounds of troubled breathing and then the sound of raspy whispers.

Then all there was left on the desert sands was crimson life splattering the area where he once stood. The seemingly safe paradise he had stumbled upon and turned into a seeping waste land that ended his life had reverted back to it's inviting oasis. Left with the only sound of a small female laugh that echoed as the black waters resumed their clear state.

London, England. Van Helsing Antiquities.

The door opened to the office of Mary who was filling out her normal order and purchase forms that were finally downsized to a small pile when the door to her office opened and in peered her husband David. She smiled at the unexpected visit and he returned her smile with a grin and a flash of a large bouquet of orchids and ferns. She waved him over and he entered the room and made his way over to her desk and kissed her gently on the lips.

"Happy anniversary my love." He said warmly.

Mary smiled and her eyes were wide with shock at the beauty of the flowers he had presented to her.

"Oh David, They're positively remarkable. Thank you."

David placed the orchids in a vase with some water and sat them on her desk as he sat across from her. She signed the last of the papers and then focused her attention on the man in front of her.

"So my love, what's the word on that dagger that good old Mr. Mcfarlen has been so stubborn to let go of?"

David pulled up his briefcase and opened it to reveal the prized blade. It had small Romanian art styled dragons intertwined and breathing fire made out of amber and crimson rubies.

"Spectacular! Now where are we off to tonight for our celebration?"

David smiled and then leaned in as he took hold of her hands with love and then he spoke.

:"Well I figured since you haven't been to Chez Montegue in such a long time I would take you there for the finest food you have come to love."

Mary's eyebrows bunched in confusion.

"But that restaurant is practically impossible for just any admission for dinner? How did you?"

David smiled and then began to chuckle.

"Well lets just say that since the moment we had our first date there I have kept in contact with the owner and now he owes me a favor so."

Mary smiled with content and then leaned in to kiss David who quickly received him and the passionate kiss between them sparked a surge of the love they had for eachother. David broke away and then smiled warmly as he stood up.

"Well then, off we go."

Mary looked at her business attire and then shook her head.

"No David I simply cannot go in my work attire, I'll look like a fool."

David smiled and then opened the door a flurry of people pulling racks of designer dresses of all colors and fashions. Mary's face lit up in delight and she quickly began to rummage through the different dresses. She saw black ones, blue ones, pink ones, green ones, but then one in particular caught her eye; s short, high slit dress that had a plunging neckline. She showed it to David who quickly nodded in approval. She walked behind a curtain and began to change into the dress that she quickly fell in love with, her shadow of her well shaped body showed through as a shadow that David could not help but fine incredibly enticing. She then reemerged looking more beautiful than David would have expected, though to him, there was no creature in the world who possessed such beauty and elegance as she.

"Good lord, you look positively ravishing."

Mary smiled and seductively slinked over to him and then took his hand.

"Shall we?"

David nodded and then walked with her out of the room and into the main lobby where the night security waited. Mary noted that David still held in his hand the blade that he had showed her and she quickly halted as she saw it. He looked back as he noticed her ceased movement and raised an eyebrow.

"What is it Mary?" He asked with a bit of concern in voice.

Mary said nothing but pointed to the blade in his hand and he quickly smiled and acknowledged her meaning and quickly went to the wall safe. The security measures equipped had been enhanced since Mary's father had run the business to keep the security breach from the last time had occurred. As the door to the vault opened and David disappeared into the deep catacombs of the building he made his way to an area where cold and dark stone surrounded by skulls the undead lay to rest for all of eternity. He found the correct slot where many daggers similar to the one he held rested in their secure place. He gently placed it in a slot next to the others. Beneath the daggers was an inscription in Latin that loosely translated to "All who seek to rest the dark prince must learn to use the ends of these blades wisely."

"There you go you little bugger."

David soon marched out and made his way to Mary who was waiting anxiously as he emerged. The doors behind him clicked and snapped as the locks sealed the vault and David and Mary soon made their way out to the city streets and soon called a cab to pick them up.

Meanwhile in the vault.

The darkness and the dampness of the vault was enough to chill anybody who entered it to the bone and the spiders who dwelled within it spun large webs of silk that hung from every wall and passageway. The sound of squeaking rats and the tiny patter of claws scraping against the hard stone echoed down each corridor. And as the darkness seemed to reach it's darkest, the sight beyond a great stone door lay the coffin of the dark prince. Inside, his burnt body lay motionless and without much resemblance to the being it had once been. A mist began to seep into the coffin and the sprinkles of crimson life dotted the crisp ashes of the body and with each drop the body began to regenerate. Burnt skin burst with life and pale color and then the body was completely submerged in the blood. It covered the body and formed a pulsating cocoon of flesh and muscles as it pulsated and morphed the body within. Then as the cocoon evaporated into motes of dust a man lay bare in the coffin. His black hair glistening and his eyes shot open with a blackness that no light could enter. A raspy voice escaped his lips as he looked up and longed to see the face that he had dreamt to see once more.