Chapter 6

A walk to remember.

David walked the lonely palace halls, his neck throbbed and he felt so weak that at any moment he could have collapsed from it all. He could scarcely remember the last 48 hours of the past but it all seemed so familiar to him. Candelabras of great antiquity lined the seemingly endless path lighting the way through the ethereal darkness. He stopped to examine one further and upon the handle two snakes intertwined met in the middle where a ruby as red as blood itself rested as it appeared like the snakes were attempting to consume it.

"How peculiar." David whispered silently.

"Quite…this castle has been known for over a millennia for strangeness." Said a female voice from behind.

David was startled and turned quickly to see who was behind him but as he looked down the vacant hallway an eerie laughter echoed. The hairs on the back of his neck began to stand up.

"Aw…" Elizabeth cooed.

David stared at her for a moment before he felt her touch along the wounds she had left from when she had bitten him.

"What do you want?"

Elizabeth smiled and made her way behind him fluidly. It made him uneasy at the thought of her being able to move so quickly without his senses taking notice until after she had moved.

"I came to see how you were faring after our little encounter earlier…hope I didn't bite you hard and drain you more than what was comfortable."

"B…but what are you talking about I can barely remember what happened. You bit me? Am I going to die?"

Elizabeth smiled and shook her head.

"I cannot hurt you more than I could hurt myself. At least for now…my son doesn't want you dead for the sake of your precious Mary."

David looked at her and was extremely aroused but for some reason something was wrong with him. The urge to take her was overwhelming but he lost all sensation in his body when the thought of her and him appeared.

"That's normal my love…you've lost a lot of blood to achieve that sort of fullness." She then chuckled and he looked at her with confusion.

"What have you done? Blood counts for that sort of thing but I feel somewhat emasculated…like I am no longer a man."

Elizabeth smiled and grabbed at his crotch. He was startled and her grip was a bit tight for his taste.

"Ow! What are you doing?"

She then released her grip and smiled.

"Well your organ seems to remain intact so I'm assuming you're just recovering from your draining."

"Again, what does blood loss have to do with this I mean there is testosterone in the process somewhere."

"I know…yours was a bit tangy for my taste but it was what was drained besides your blood my love."

David then moved back slowly, this creature was more than vampire alone and yet she seemed more powerful than the other one. Then the lore of demons and evil spirits came into mind and then the answer was clear.

"So you're a suc…"

Elizabeth then hissed at his attempted accusation.

"I will not be called that archaic label of man. I am the immaculate and I am more than you or any mortal can comprehend."

David nodded in appeasement and tried to avoid eye contact.

'Do not fear me David…I am here for you, whether or not you believe me is your prerogative."

She then began to walk away and David soon stopped her.


Elizabeth turned and smiled.

"I want to know more about you…"

Elizabeth nodded and took hold of his hand leading him down the hallway.

AN: Sorry for the shortness of the chap I am a bit pressed for time at the moment what with school being back in session and homework up the wazoo so I hope you liked this chap in the least and if you want more I can add to it bit by bit as time goes on but don't expect anything quick. Thanks again for your read.